Setting: Post Season-7 of Buffy and after The Peacekeeper Wars mini-series for Farscape
With thanks to Cylon One for the Beta: sorry, but it's still a one-off...

The "W" Word

A billion stars lit the sky, while the multicoloured glow of a nearby nebular cast strange shadows across the warm metal deck. Xander shifted slightly, cramp threatening to envelop his legs. There was a dull thumping from somewhere behind the thick door behind him, but he ignored it: they'd earned some alone time. He felt his partner shift, and long grey hair spilled across his chest, tickling him.

"Morning, sleepyhead." He smiled, running a hand over an expanse of pale skin, hidden under a thick blanket, "Sun's coming up; time to get up."

"We're on a living ship, traveling at... a really high speed in low orbit of a Commerce Planet." A sleepy voice responded from somewhere under the covers, "It is dawn every half-arn." There was a yawn, "I have told you all of this without actually waking up. G'night."

Xander managed to extract himself from the makeshift bed and started to search around for his scattered clothing.

"It's time to get up, isn't it?" The muffled voice asked, "Dren..."

"I wouldn't let Aeryn hear you say that: you know what she's like about bad language when Little-D's around." Xander laughed as he found his jeans and started to pull them on, "Anyway, you wanted to go down to the surface today and do some shopping with the few credits we have left from our take of that last cargo job."

"Frell!" Chiana exploded out from under the covers, and Xander took a good look at his current girlfriend's naked form as she rushed around, trying to find her clothes.

They had met shortly after Xander had made the mistake of using the 'W' word in public while talking on the phone to Willow. He could remember the conversation clearly and occasionally cursed himself for saying "If there is someone out there who's perfect for me, then I wish I could meet them..." out loud in a public place.

A strange voice from somewhere behind him had answered "Wish granted!" and everything had gone white.

He'd woken up, not far from where he was now, with several weapons pointed at his head. Looking up he'd seen a tall woman with raven black hair, holding a large and above all deadly looking, pistol in each hand. She'd said in a language he didn't understand, but the tone of her voice had been clear enough: movement equaled death. A door had opened to admit a slightly older, and somehow familiar looking man, also holding a large, deadly looking pistol, and a slender, grey skinned woman.

It took one look into those pale grey eyes for Xander to understand what was going on and fall hopelessly in love.

"We probably should stop doing this," Chiana pulled her top over her head and started to fasten the clips that held it in place, "this is supposed to be a communal space."

"It's also the only room on this ship that's anything approaching soundproof, and has a lockable door." Xander pointed out with a grin, "And we have had complaints about the noise..."

"Remind me again, Erp-man; what does 'Yahoo!' mean exactly?" Chiana asked with an impish grin, "The translator microbes don't seem to understand it..."

"Watch it, you!" Xander playfully threw a pillow at her, "Come on, time to face the music."

"Can we dance?" Chiana asked as she linked her arm through his and headed towards the door. It opened before them, revealing an irked Aeryn; pulse-rifle in one hand, son cradled in the other.

"Good morning, Sunshine." Xander walked passed her, ignoring the daggers she glared at him, making Chiana giggle. "So, what time's the transport pod heading down today?"

"You might not live that long." The former Peacekeeper all but snarled as her two crewmates walked off, "So help me, if we weren't short handed..."

The End