I do hereby disclaim any rights or responsibilities for the characters in this drabble…especially the ever-confident, incorrigible monk for whom I hold great fondness.

Author's Note: This drabble is a response to my Live Journal Inuyasha Halloween Drabble Challenge under the selected theme, "Trick or Treat?"


The Monk's Trick


"So tell me how this works again, Lady Kagome?"

"It's simple. You show me a trick, and I'll give you a treat." She held up a bag of assorted goodies, shaking it enticingly.

"I see," Miroku mused. "What kind of trick?"

"That's for you to decide. You perform a trick—any trick—and if it's good enough, I will give you a treat."

"I don't suppose making something disappear would satisfy you?" he asked, tapping his bead-covered palm enquiringly.

"Nope. I've seen that one before. You need to come up with something new."

Miroku struck a thoughtful pose, and soon eyed Kagome with a glint. "I have just the thing. I can make roses bloom out of season. I can see stars shine in the midafternoon. And I can influence the pull of gravity."

Kagome quirked one brow skeptically at his boast. "Really? Let's see it then."

Two quick strides and the monk closed the distance to the miko. His kiss was gentle, but thorough. He didn't pull away until Kagome's knees buckled. Then, Miroku crouched down on level with the flustered girl. With a gentle hand he caressed her cheek. "Roses," he murmured teasingly. Tipping her chin up to catch her gaze, he playfully tapped her nose before indicating her eyes, "Stars." And with a sweeping gesture towards her current, crumpled state, he smugly concluded, "Gravity."

Wordlessly, Kagome proffered her bag of sweets.

"Why, thank you, Lady Kagome," he nodded graciously. "This has indeed been a treat."