A/N: Well, the response from my first oneshot was pretty good. So here is another that I wrote pretty recently. It's called "Remembrance" (stupid title, I know) and it's a Naruto oneshot that focuses on Sasuke's relationship with the late Sakura Haruno. This is highly controversial stuff, so I hope people don't flame me for writing Sasuke this way. He's pretty OOC. You've been warned.

I…I love you so much! These were the five words had been haunting him wherever he went since that day. Yes, he had always known the truth. But that didn't mean he had abided by it.

He stared at the bench, which was bare except for a few fallen petals off the Sakura branches above. If he had known that this would be the outcome, he wouldn't have waited.

It was then that he noticed the scarce daffodil patch behind the tree, and the lump that had been dwelling in his throat grew twice its original size. He reached for one of the elegant, white flowers and felt the soft petals in his hand.

"If only you knew," he murmured. A droplet of water then fell onto the petal, and he looked up to the cloud-stricken sky. The rain fell harder, but he did not care about getting wet. He would give anything to spend just a few more seconds with her.

In a flash of anger, he crumpled the delicate flower in his hand and watched it fall to the ground. His heart raced when he saw its new appearance: ripped and dirty. He quickly picked it up again and tried to gently smooth it out on his palm.

The tears that he had been holding back ever since that fateful day came rushing out, falling onto the broken petals. He looked down at what he had done, crying, and in a faulty voice, said the words that he'd wanted to say his whole life.

"I loved you so much."

A/N: M'kay. Well, there you have it: a little twist on the whole "if-one-of-the-characters-of-Naruto-had-to-die" thing. R&R please! And read my other Avatar fic. I will be posting a Naruto series soon.