Meredith spritzed herself one last time with the new body spray she had picked up at the mall, lavender scented. She tossed her self half upside down and worked a little bit of gel through her hair, and bounced upright to check the effects. Her hair obeyed. It fell around her face and down her back in light waves, full of life. It was a miracle how well beauty products could work for tired interns.

She adjusted her top, she had gotten a new outfit, horribly expensive blue jeans that hugged her slim figure like a second skin, and a soft off the shoulder sweater that covered up a very skimpy strapless demi bra. And the panties, what there was of them.. matched.

She figured she would do. Derek had only seen her dressed up a handful of times, a date or two back in the old days, and the prom. Normally he saw her in scrubs or old jeans and holey t-shirts, with less than brag worthy hair. She hoped she would knock his socks… and his pants off.

Taking a last spin in front of Izzie's full length mirror, she nodded to herself. Izzie walked in and whistled. "Woooo, what the hell happened to you Mer?"

Meredith blushed. "Oh, just wanted to uh.. well… Do you like it?" she asked.

"Derek?" Izzie asked knowingly.

Meredith nodded ashamed, was she so transparent? Izzie chuckled. "Relax, I won't tell Cristina yet."

"Gee thanks, you're the best Iz." Meredith kidded. 'Giving me a chance to get lucky once before you tell her?"

They both laughed together. Cristina could be a little bossy sometimes. But she really did only want her best friend to be happy.

"You know, no need to fear Cristina anyways, if Derek hurts you again I'll kick his ass. And I could too."

Meredith nodded. She'd kick his ass too. But they had resolved to start this all over again and do it right, so she wasn't going to dwell on negative things. She blew Izzie a kiss and headed to her car, her heart pounding in her chest. It had been too long since she had taken the all too familiar drive to the trailer. She pulled over towards the shoulder as a cab came down the small lane that led to the trailer. She wondered briefly if they were lost. Not much traffic came up here.

Shrugging it off, she checked her reflection for the four hundredth time before she pulled up and parked next to Derek. Finally, she got out and headed to the trailer. Stepping onto the porch, she could hear the shower running. She fought her desire to jump in with him, not wanting to ruin the effect of all her dress up. She guessed she'd sit on his bed and wait for him she decided, as she tuned the knob and walked in.

Stepping into the trailer, she heard the water turn off and smiled, getting ready to greet him and see how he reacted to her look. Then her eyes fell on a pair of high heel clad feet, and she followed them up a pair of very nice legs to a very hot brunette who was sitting perched on Derek's bed staring at her with a smirk. Meredith's heart sank to the floor and hit China. Before she could do anything, which she wasn't even sure she knew what she wanted to, the bathroom door opened and Derek walked out clad in a towel and stopped short as his smile faded to a look of pure shock. Their eyes met briefly and the brunette piped up, "Hey sexy." And Meredith whirled around, grasped the doorknob and ran frantically to her car, as she heard Derek yelling her name. She looked up and saw him on the porch, towel firmly around his hips, and she drove off as fast as she could.