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Title - New meaning to 'Underneath the Underneath'

Pairings - ItaNaru

Warnings - Yaoi, boyxboy so if you don't like it then don't read it.

Plot - Naruto gone mission on his 18th birthday, few days later Tsunade finds Sarutobi's private scrolls along with a journal that belonged to Naruto. She soon finds out the truth of the Facade that is Uzumaki Naruto.

Chapter 10 - Entry 10

Tsunade's eyes softened as her fingers traced over the framed photograph that was sitting in her lap. In the picture there she was herself next to her was Naruto with his trademark grin. 'How many years have you faked that smile? How many times have you actual meant that smile?' Tsunade raised her head and looked at Iruka. The chunnin himself looked sad yet calm. He was the only one to ever come close to the real Naruto.

'Thank you Iruka.'

'A defense mechanism meant to protect the emotional state of someone who is unbalanced.' Shikamaru closed his eyes deep in thought. 'And another balance between Naruto and this village which was broken' He opened his eyes and looked directly at Iruka 'One that you broke.'

Tenten's eyes saddened at the description of Konoha that the ten year old child had given. 'Are all of us really that horrible in your eyes?'

Asuma smiled as he thought of his father. He remembered coming that day to give his mission report in and to see his father so different. He saw the light in his fathers eyes shine brighter then they have ever before. 'Iruka you gave my father hope and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.'


Many events have taken place since the last time I have written here.

Two days ago Sarutobi-sensei came to me and we spoke.

He gave me the name's of the jounin sensei available and asked about the information that I collected on the academy students. Sarutobi-sensei requested information on which students had the most potential and my opinion on who they should be paired up with.

Usually it is left up to the jounin to pick their own students but Sarutobi-sensei wants to know who would work best together. Who better then the one spies on all of them of course?

Though the message was clear to me.

The Neo-sannin are needed.

Yuuhi Kurenai was one of the jounin who stood out to me. She is a rookie jounin who only managed to graduate the jounin exams due to her high level genjutsu skills. My data states that her taijutsu skills rank high-chunnin borderline low-jounin as well as her ninjutsu skills. The only reason she made jounin was due to her genjutsu. According to my data her taijutsu and ninjutsu are sorely lacking. Her high-jounin genjutsu skills are good but not enough. Genjutsu at jounin level does not make up for taijutsu and ninjutsu in chunnin level.

Hyuuga Hinata - Potential, but it has remained untapped. Her father's attitude has stunned her growth dramatically. Her weakness lies in her low self-esteem and nature to heal then to battle. She will do well in the area of genjutsu. Her bloodline is also a good trait for a medical department. Her taijutsu in high-genin level, and her ninjutsu is good for academy student. Her bloodline should be able to eliminate enemy genjutsu for now.

Inuzaka Kiba - His weakness lies in his self confidence. His taijutsu is high-genin and ninjutsu skills are mid-genin. His genjutsu skills lack somewhat. Though his senses are superior they may become a weakness later on. Due to the Inuzaka bloodline there is a high probability of him becoming a Hunter if he survives.

Aburame Shino - He is already at low-chunnin level. His taijutsu is mid-genin, ninjutsu is high-genin and genjutsu is high-genin. His a mind of a tactician. His bloodline is powerful and IQ level is higher there normal ninja. All traits of a Hunter in the making.

All three due rather well in the taijutsu department so it should make up for the lack of taijutsu for the jounin. Yuuhi's genjutsu skills make up for the other lack genjutsu.

A Hyuuga, an Inuzaka and an Aburame.

A tracker team.

The InoShikaCho legacy will remain. The girl has potential but due to her pathetic fan-girl front it is weakening her in an alarming rate. Due to her bloodline her potential for the integration department is retentively high. The IQ of the Nara may be below mine but in short terms he is nothing short of a genius. Though his enthusiasm leads much to be desire. Choiji's natural potential can be better produced in that of a well rounded jounin.

Sarutobi-sensei wants me to graduate this year and choose two others who have the most potential to become the nest generation of sannin, the neo-sannin. It is mostly likely due to the fact that Jiraiya-san has told Sarutobi that he will only train me and no one else.

Haruno Sakura has potential to surpass Tsunade. Though her chakra level is that below of an average academy student her control is almost as good as mine when I was a chunnin. The only thing that is holding her back is her unhealthy obsession for the foolish Uchiha. In this period in time she is currently what is labeled as an Uchiha fan-girl. She has no training and is practically worthless. If she continues to behave the way she has, I have no doubt that she would die on her first real mission.

The one with the potential to surpass Orochimaru is Uchiha Sasuke , Itachi's little brother.

If pointed in the right direction that is.

The only problem is getting the Uchiha under Orochimaru's wing. My data states that Orochimaru is obsessed with learning every jutsu in he world. Sasuke is supposedly the last 'loyal' Uchiha but easily manipulated with that pathetic ambition of his. Easily enough to be manipulated by Orochimaru.

Orochimaru has just prove one of his usefulness to me.

As for Jiraiya-san as I have motioned before he wont train anyone else besides me due to the fact he wants to honor my 'father's' memory.

Surprisingly enough Iruka also recommended the same teams which makes it easier for me.


So much has happened in such short amount of time.

Ever since I've spoken with Sarutobi-sensei about the strange emotion that Iruka invokes in me his eyes have changed. Upon examining the changes in him I decided that it be for the best to test out my theory.

Throughout the testing of my theory the aura that usual surrounded me has lowered. The aura that Iruka admits celans the other constant aura that has surrounded me since birth.

I find myself welcoming it.

Itachi has also noticed some particular changes in my behavior and confronted me about it. It was for the first time I was truly confused.

I told Itachi about the strange reaction that I been having around Iruka. I also explained my decision to test my theory thus by welcoming Iruka abnormal behavior and examining what makes him different form all the other humans that have tried to get close to me.

Strangely enough Itachi admitted a dark aura with killing intent in the air which resulted in choking the other Akatuski members. He then glared at the air and quickly left.

Itachi hasn't talked to me since.

I really need to read more books on human behaviors…………

I'll just leave Itachi alone for now.

Iruka takes me out to eat ramen with him at least every week. Somehow I find myself without missions those days. When I asked Sarutobi-sensei if he had anything to do with this he smiled and began reading this strange orange book while giggling?

Strange, is it something type of infection that males get when reaching old age? Due to my studies there are many males that read those orange books while giggling, one being the copycat. I don't comprehend it.

When I asked Iruka a large concentration of blood showed in his face and he made a false excused while stuttering and left in a hurry. When I asked Kyuubi he just laughed and told me that I will learn when I was older.

I must go to the library soon.

Tomorrow I have to take the genin exam. Though I believe I should fail once again for I sense a traitor within the leaves. I already spoken with Sarutobi-sensei and we've agreed that it be best to draw the traitor out by giving in the bait.

Mizuki, the suppose name of the traitor.

Uzumaki Naruto Age 12

No matter how serious the situation was she couldn't stop laughing. He was so dense. Even when becoming so powerful he was still dense. Soon laughing irrupted form the other females and as well as Jiraiya.

Even though it hurt, they still laughed/

Whether the situation was funny or for the fact they were so saddened that laughter irrupted as defense. Who knows really? After all human are strange.