Trick or Treat By Tsuki

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Summary: Trick. SasuNaru

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BE WARNED: This is yaoi/slash/gay/boyxboy! IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, DON'T READ IT!

To my dear die-hard SasuSaku followers: I haven't forgotten you. ;; I do like yaoi better than SasuSaku now, but I'll continue my stories…. Sometime…

"Dobe, come here," Sasuke ordered. Naruto sheepishly walked over to him and sat down.

It was All Hallows Eve (the day before Halloween) and the team had the day off. Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto had all decided to hang out in the forest for a while, but Sakura needed to go get ready for a party (which she did invite them both to, but they refused) that she was throwing. So, Naruto and Sasuke were alone.

"What, teme?"

Sasuke thought for a moment then spoke up again. "Tomorrow is Halloween, right?"


"And you love playing pranks, right, dobe?"

"Right…" answered Naruto, wondering where the heck Sasuke was going with this.

"So, let's do a trick for once," Sasuke said as if it were the most casual thing in the world.

"Ooh, like what, teme?! Egg someone's house?? Tipi?? What?!?!?!!?" Naruto shouted, suddenly excited.

"No, far worse. It'll be a trick on the entire town. But we really have to convince them. It'll be the scare of their lives. Each and every single one. Are you in?" asked Sasuke, confident of the blonde's answer.

"Of course!! But… what are we doing?"

Sasuke grinned and whispered something in Naruto's ear. Why he did that when they were completely alone in the middle of an empty forest, he didn't know.

Naruto was stone cold for a minute before realizing what Sasuke had just told him they were going to do.


The very next day…

Ding Dong!

Sakura, a fully clad in a slutty rubber devil costume, ran to her door. She opened it and her jaw dropped. "S-Sasuke-kun?!?!!? Naruto?? You came?!"

Sasuke, dressed as a vampire, and Naruto, dressed as a seductive zombie slave, both nodded and pushed right past Sakura.

Sakura, baffled, shut her door and followed them.

A bunch of girls crowded around them (more so Sasuke) and asked what they were supposed to be.

Sasuke turned to face Naruto and lifted his chin towards his own. "We're a vampire and his lover," Sasuke said so seductively that Naruto almost melted into his hand.

"No way! Why are you gay all of the sudden?!" Ino screamed. She was a slutty French maid.

"They're not," Sakura said, "it's just their costumes… I hope."

"You don't believe us?" Sasuke asked. "I'll show you, then." Naruto gulped hard as Sasuke's lips gently touched his own.

The legions of fangirls there screamed and the room was thrown into chaos. Sakura ran around, trying to calm everyone down, it was just an act, but she couldn't easily hide her own distress. By the time she had checked on Sasuke and Naruto again, they were devouring each other on her couch.

"GIRLS… STOP!" Sakura screamed. They all turned their attention to the couch.

And suddenly… as if struck by lightening, the girls realized… this was hot… WAY hot…

And so, from that point on, every time Sasuke and Naruto were seen together, they had now yaoi fangirls that begged them for some action.

…which they never denied.