"Where's mommy?" Three years old Aliel asked his Uncle Tucker and Aunt Jazz while sitting in a chair in between them. It was the first time he had to wear formal clothes and Aliel was pulling and stretching his tie all the time. That was uncomfortable!

He had tried phasing out of his tie twice, but Uncle Tucker would fix it back quickly before anyone noticed so Aliel was stuck with that tie for hours now. He had also turned invisible for a while, when Tucker was talking to his wife and Jazz was fixing her hair. He ran to the party organized indoors and stole a few muffins and candies and returned quickly to his seat before they noticed he was gone. To have ghost powers when you're a kid is very convenient.

"She's coming soon." Jazz said, fixing his clothes. "You're so cute, but stop pulling your tie. You want to look handsome for your mommy don't you?" Aliel nodded, sulking. "Then, don't pull your tie. If you be a good boy it will be over sooner."

Danny hated formal clothes too, but that day he wouldn't complain. He saw Aliel pestering Tucker and chuckled softly, waiting for Sam to arrive.

All the guests were sitting in the middle of a beautiful garden to celebrate Sam and Danny's official reunion. They choose to have the cerimony in the middle of a garden in a historic building. Danny wanted it to be Sam's dream coming true. He was anxious. They had lived like a married couple for three years now, but to make it official still made him nervous. They shared a bed, the house bills and slept wrapped around each other every night. Nothing was going to change except a ring on their fingers.

They had moved out of their houses and had bought a bigger one, where they had been living together with Aliel. They were a family! Sam would take Aliel to the art gallery twice a week and teach him about art, and then Danny would teach him how to make little rockets to play with.

Saturday morning Danny and Aliel would have a guy thing. Danny took him to the park where they played basketball and just returned home in time afternoon coffee, because Danny would buy Aliel hamburgers and candies for lunch. They never told Sam that, of course, but she knew more than they ever assumed.

On Sunday, they would have a family day out. They'd have picnic in a park, go to the fair, visit the zoo or spend the day at the beach and go back home driving the old Mustang that Danny had finally fixed. It was the kind of life that made them the happiest family.

"There she is!" Someone said and everyone looked down the flower isle to see Sam walking by herself, coming out of the trees that were behind them.

Danny's breath caught in his throat when he looked at her. She was wearing a Goth bride dress, just like she said she would. It was dark purple with a thin black lace floating around the skirt. She was wearing a tight corset and the skirt seemed to go on forever. ( http:// i83. photobucket . com / albums / j304 / perasanjubz / gothic-wedding-dress . jpg ). Her hair was tied up in an elegant knot and she was wearing a mix of light purple and pink make up. Danny had never seen her so beautiful before.

When she told Jazz and Maddie about her choice to have a gothic wedding dress they weren't sure about the idea. But Sam was the most beautiful bride there was and nobody was going to speak badly of her gothic dresses ever again.

"Mommy!" Aliel called when he saw her there. Sam looked at him and blew him a kiss, which made him sit down quietly and watch his beautiful mommy slowly walking to his daddy.

"You're… stunning." Danny chocked put when Sam stopped by his side, holding his hand in hers. She grinned at him and didn't answer.

After the cerimony, everyone left the garden and entered the old castle for the party. Aliel ran straight to his mommy who was receiving compliments from her guests and jumped on her lap.

"Off!" He said angrily, pulling the tie.

"I should've known you'd be exactly like your father." Sam laughed, putting him down to take his tie off; she glaced up to see Danny on the other side of the room taking his tie off too. They couldn't be more alike. She could count on her fingers how many times she had seen Danny wearing a tie.

"Wanna play. This is boring!" Aliel complained, making Sam pick him up again so he was very comfortable on her lap and made sure they wouldn't be separated for the next hours.

"Hey, Sam." Danny finally got rid of the old ladies (Sam's aunts) that surrounded him and made his way back to his wife and son. It felt so good to call her his wife! "Oh, I see you two are busy." Danny said, seeing Aliel sulking on his mother's lap, being very possessive of her; he scrowled at everyone who got near her.

"You know what? He's a mini version of you." Sam said to Danny. "I can't believe how jealous he is."

"Hey!" Danny pouted pretending to be hurt. "I'm not jealous. Well… not anymore. You married me." He laughed, kissing her on the lips. "You're trapped now. You'll have to bear with me forever."

"Yeah, I'm doomed." She answered playfully.

"I wanna an ice cream." Aliel said, getting the attention back to himself.

"Well, we can go get one afterwards. If you be a good boy and let your mommy enjoy the party." Danny said glancing up to Sam who gave him a small smile.

"What a cute family!" Tucker joked, stepping close to his best friends and hugging them. "We need a picture." He said out loud, calling the photographer.

Danny stepped behind Sam, who was still holding Aliel. He wrapped his arms around his wife's waist, pulling her closer to him. The three of them smiled at the camera at the same time, letting it capture how happy they were at that moment, how perfect their lives were and how wonderful their future would be.

"I'm going to propose a toast to the happy family." Tucker said, leaving them for a second and going to the punch table where he got a flute of champagne.

Danny got a flute for Sam, but she didn't accept it, making him frown. She never refused champagne.

"Can you hold him for a second?" Sam said, placing Aliel on Danny's arms. Next, she walked to Tucker who had just gotten everyone's attention and interrupted him before he even started his speech. "Sorry to interrupt you Tuck, but I have some great news to share with everyone tonight."

Danny, puzzled, sat down in a chair, with Aliel on his lap, waiting to hear what his wife had to announce at that time. Knowing her it must be something important or she would never choose to talk about it in the middle of their wedding.

"As everybody knows, Danny and I have been living like a family for three years now and just today we decided to have a real celebration. But tonight we have more than a reason to celebrate." She looked at Danny and gave him one of those adoringly shy smiles that were so rare to see.

"Danny…" She said, "I'm pregnant again."

The End

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