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31. All Hogwarts students should take care to keep away from Harry Potter towards the end of the school year in order to avoid injuries and possible death.

- Hey, how did Lucius Snape manage to get something on here? (Ron)

- Maybe he taught his owl to write? (Harry)

- Draco? Write? (Ron)

32. This posting forum is not to be used for uttering, writing, implying or otherwise communicating death threats or threats of harm.

- Dumbledore certainly knows how to take the fun out of things. (Draco)

- He's a lot more fun than you. (Hermione)

- Oh, this coming from the frizzy-haired wonder who spends her evenings in the library looking for hair smoothing potions! (Draco)

33. All students situated within 1 seat/row of a Weasley in a potions class should come wearing water-proof, fire-retardant robes.

- Neville's hair is growing back quite nicely. (Lavender)

- Filtch hasn't seen Mrs. Norris for a few days, though. (Hermione)

34. Students are forbidden from practicing flying charms on their common room floor rugs.

- Who was that singing songs from "Aladdin" anyway? (Cho)

- They flew by too fast for me to see them. (Ron)

- I think it was Blaise and Pansy. (Harry)

- What??? (Draco)

35. The Room of Requirement is not to be used as a Lookout Point for students who are unable to keep their hormones under control.

- I'll meet you by the lake instead now, Ginny. (Dean)

- I'll be waiting for you. (Ron)

- Dean, don't write our meeting spots here. (Ginny)

36. Tricking the elves such that they end up banging their heads against doors, walls and other solid surfaces is not tolerated.

- …rather, it is encouraged. (Draco)

- 10 points from Slytherin for their lack of decency. (Professor McGonagall)

- If they all lost points for that, they'd be in the negative. (Ron)

- 10 points from Griffyndor for stating the obvious. (Professor McGonagall)

- Who shoved up a broom up her… (Ron)

- Mr. Weasley! (Professor McGonagall)

37. Do not encourage Peeves!

- The PTA – Peeves Therapy Association – will meet tonight to discuss coping with Peeves and his latest round of practical joking. (Cho)

- The PTA meeting will be followed by the PGA – Peeves Gone Association – to discuss means and methods to rid us of him! (Ginny)

38. The Forbidden Forest is just that…a forest and forbidden.

- How many times must we explain this to the slow learners? (Professor Snape)

- Until they learn. (Professor McGonagall)

- We're going to be doing this for a long time, aren't we? (Professor Snape)

- Survival of the fittest, Professor. (Professor McGonagall)

39. Please do not entertain ideas of turning the squid in Black Lake into Hogwarts' largest calamari.

- The 7th year's beach party has now been cancelled. (Lavender)

40. Hogsmeade is a priviledge, not a right.

- It's a privledge that's alllllll right! (Goyle)

- Was that a complete sentence? (Ron)

41. Please do not tell the first years that the Sorting Hat made a mistake and that they are no longer welcome in your House.

- Yes, please. And would a prefect from Slytherin please come and remove your little hatchlings from the Hufflepuff common room? (Cho)

- Must we? Consider them a gift. (Blaise)

- Thank you for the thought, but we wish to return your gift. They're screaming more than baby Mandrakes. (Cho)

42.Do not keep relocating or removing Mrs. Norris' litter box!

- Dobby is most unhappy with the person who put it in the kitchen. (Dobby)

- I thought my meal was a tad crunchy last night. (Blaise)

- Mmmmm...kitty crunchy surprise. (Ron)

43. The betting pool on how long the next 'Defense of the Dark Arts' professor will cease immediately.

- The pool is now closed, kiddies. (Fred and George)

- But to the bets placed still stand? (Ron)

- Of course. Who ever picked last week obviously did not win. (Fred and George)

- That was me. (Neville)

44. First Years : Please use extreme caution when an upper year invites you to play Wizards Chess. You may be drafted into playing a pawn.

- Who ever convinced young Creevey to play one of the white pawns, would you please return him from wherever you sent the captured pieces? (Angelina)

- My knight took him fair and square! (Draco)

- Slytherins don't even known the meaning of fair! (Ron)

45. Avoid seemingly shallow puddles of water on the floor.

- Who knew Luna couldn't swim? (Neville)

- I did. (Luna)