Hi guys! This is the start of my grand, epic,-blah, blah, blah,- fic! Lol, I might be a little slow on the updates, because I'm also going to be starting a different one.

I am beginning this story after writing 'Closely Ballroom'. It is NOT a sequel. The entire style is going to be different, and well, there is not going to be ANY dancing. None. Zip. No dancing.

But I do want the RELATIONSHIP that was established in Closely Ballroom to carry into this one. Hence, the confidence, closeness, friendship, bonds, and let us not forget that KISS! (If you haven't read it, you might want to.) But the dance classes, well they probably didn't even happen in these characters past. I dunno.

Hope I didn't just totally confuse you.:) lol, Enjoy!

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Maddie Fitzpatrick grunted as she tried to lift a huge box of candy bars up onto the counter.

Giving up, she straightened with a crack. She simply had no arm muscle. Moodily, Maddie gave the big box a kick.

Just then London came hurrying over to the candy counter.

"Maddie!" She shouted as she stumbled to a halt.

"What now London?' Maddie asked feeling more and more frustrated. You could always count on London to show up at the worst times. 'I'm kind of busy right now."

"Well, excuse me.' Said London huffily. 'I was just going to ask you if you wanted to go shopping for prom dresses this afternoon."

"Aw, thanks but I can't.' Maddie replied. 'I'm saving up for a car, so I'm just going to wear the dress that I wore for junior prom. That is,' Maddie stated. 'if I go at all."

London looked shocked. "Why wouldn't you go?" She asked incredulously.

"Well, for one I have work that night,' said Maddie. 'and two, I don't have a date."

"Well.' Said London crisply. 'I can fix both of those things-Moseby!' She called.

Mr. Moseby looked up from his desk.

"Maddie can't work tomorrow night." Said London with authority.

Mr. Moseby opened his mouth to argue, but seemed to find it easier not to disagree, since he turned back to his files.

"There.' Said London. 'Now all we need to do is buy you a dress."

"Oh, London thanks but I couldn't let-"

London held up her hand. "London's decided."

Maddie stopped.

"Okay.' She said. 'But I still don't have a date."

"Oh.' Said London thinking for a moment. Then her eyes lit up. 'I can fix that too!"

London turned and scurried away.

"Wait,' said Maddie, feeling wary. 'how are you going to fix that? London?' She called. 'London!"

London was gone.

Maddie fumed as she turned back to the troublesome box of candy bars.

She didn't even want to imagine London finding a date for her. Maddie felt humiliated just thinking about it.

Besides, she didn't want London to find her a date. Maddie already knew who she wanted to take her to her prom.

But Esteban had never asked her, so what was the big deal?

A question that had been nagging at her brain entered her mind once again.

Why didn't he ask her? He was her boyfriend. Well, no, he wasn't… at least not officially.

That brought another question to the surface of her thoughts. Why wasn't it official?

Didn't he like her? That kiss suggested he did.

She had always felt a strong bond of…well, love, friendship, whatever, to him. And she knew he felt the same way. They were best friends. And, well he had kissed her…


But he did kiss me.

And where is he now?

Well, we both been very busy, and it's only been three weeks.

ONLY three weeks?!?

Be quiet.

He probably just…slipped. Messed up. Let his emotions get carried away.

Well, that would mean that he felt at least something for me.

Maybe. Maybe not.

Maddie shook the pestering thoughts away, and heaved the box of candy bars up onto the counter with all of her might. Maybe it was best if London did find a date for her. Someone she didn't even know. Just a guy she could go with for the night as a friend. Then she wouldn't have to get worked up about how it would affect you-know-who and their 'possibly existent' relationship.

Thanks for reading! Sorry if this chapter seems a little…blah, but as always, the story gets more exciting as it goes on.

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