The Dragon ninja

Author: This is my second attempt at a Naruto story. Don't really know the pairings yet. Hope you like.

"Kyuubi" talking/ inner Sakura

"Normal talking"


The sun had just risen an hour ago in the village called Konoha. A boy is standing on the Fourth hokage head on the hokage monument. The young boy is about 153.6 cm tall. He has a tan face that is adored by three whisker like scars on each cheek. His eyes are a dark shade of blue that seemed to be a deep as the oceans. The young boy is wearing large black hooded cloak that covered all of his small body. On the back of his cloak is a design of a dragon spiraling around.

"And so another day begins." He said lowly looking at village. He turned slightly glancing behind him feeling a presence behind him. He saw a girl who looked to be the very young, about his age. The young girl is about 150 cm in height with a slender build. She has long red hair reaching her waist and her irises are a lightly shade of blue then the young boy's. She has on a sliver quipo dress that has a slit at her hips. She has on black latex shorts on that are visible from the sides and black shinobi sandals.

"Naruto-sama, you have less than 30 minutes before you have to go to the academy for your test." She said with a slight bow.

"Alright" The boy known as Naruto said lowly. Naruto reached up grabbed the hood of his cloak before pulling it over his head. It fixed it so the top half of his face was hidden by the shadows the cloak created. "Kairi…I may be home a little late. If I'm not home before five. Presume that I have eaten and make yourself something to eat."

"Hai, Naruto-sama." Kairi said bowing lightly.

"And have a nice day." Naruto said a second before leaning off the cliff. Kairi stared for a second before a bright smile appeared on her face.

"Hai, Naruto-sama." She said. He fell face first down the mountain as his cloak flapped loudly above him. He made a few hand seals under his cloak as he gathered chakra below him.

When he got to about half way down the mountain he flipped over causing his cloak to fly up above him.

"Kaze sanpo no jutsu." He whispered. Suddenly he stopped in mid air knees bending as thought he landed on the ground. He jumped forward and continued his descend before he stopped again. He continued his act jumping and stopping in mid air until he landed softly on the ground. The moment he landed he started to walk as if he was walking the whole time in the direction of training ground 66, it was near the Inuzuki clan land not that anybody knew he used it. As he walked he saw people opened stores and giving him cold stares. He heard the people make low whispers of "Isn't that the demon kid" or "I heard he destroyed Hibiki's yard a few weeks ago" as he walked passed them. He ignored the rumors not caring how false…or true they may be and continued walking in a speedy pace.

After a eight minutes he crossed an old bridge and walked into his training spot. The spot was surrounded by trees on one side and plains on the other. A river ran through the training area giving a many people a chance to learn water type jutsus. He opened his cloak showing what he was wearing. He had on a plain red shirt and black pants with white dragon designs. On his arms he has white gauntlets and shin guards. He has two kunai pouches on both the right and left side of the back of his pants. On his right leg is a blue kunai holster.

Naruto took a deep breath as he turned so his left side facing the tree. He spread his legs shoulder length apart and crouched down a little, resting his weight on his right leg. His left arm was bent upward in front of him while his right was bent so that his arm was pointing at her near his stomach He took another breath as he started charging charka into his gauntlets and shin guards. After a few seconds they started to glow a dim white color and He brought back his right arm. "Hikari bakufuu" Naruto said throwing a punch. A white ball came from the gauntlets and shot off towards the tree. He watched as it hit the tree break it in half as the light from his gauntlets and shin guards disappeared. The ball continued through five trees and hit a sixth one denting it.

He got out of his stance as the trees landed on the ground with a loud thumb. He walked over to a nearby tree and focused a small amount charka into his gauntlets and shinguards so not to destroy the tree on his first hit. They started to glow white once again as he got into his taijutsu stance. He drew back his right arm once again before starting to rapidly punch the tree. After 100 punches he stopped panting lightly. He got out of his stance as the tree collapsed into broke large pieces of splinters. He stared at the remains as he felt liquid fall run down his hands.

'Kyuubi.' Naruto thought

"Yeah, yeah I know" A deep masculine rumble of a voice said in his mind.

Naruto lifted his hands and watched as red chakra flashed over his wounds. He watched as steam rose from his knuckles and his wounds healed over. 'Thanks' He thought dropping his hands from to his sides.

"Yeah, yeah." Kyuubisaid yawning.

Naruto put his hands together into a tiger seal and his gauntlets and shin guards disappeared in a flash of light. Naruto fixed is cloak to hide his clothing once again and made another seal. He disappeared in a swirl of light a second later. Naruto landed on the academy grounds about ten minutes later. He looked around and saw some of the other students entering the academy. Naruto walked toward the academy doors and walked in. He walked down the hall as some of the students began to enter their classroom. He entered the classroom that had the number 210 above the door and saw only a few students sitting down. In the middle row were two boys. One wearing a grey shirt and black long shinobi pants and blue ninja sandals; his charcoal black hair was tied to the back resembling a pineapple. He recognized the boy to be Shikamaru Nara. The boy next to him was his friend Choji Akamichi a rather plump student wearing a white shirt with green short pants, unruly brown hair and blue ninja sandals. Across the room was a raven haired young boy with a blue shirt and a fan insignia on the back and white short pants with blue ninja sandals who's name was Sasuke Uchiha. He walked up to the back right corner of the classroom and sat down. He laid his head down and closed his eyes waiting for the class to begin.

'Hey Kyuubi what type of jutsu are you going to teach me after the test?' Naruto asked.

"You know a lot of fire and wind jutsus so I think I will teach you one water and one lightning jutsu today." Kyuubi replied shifting in his cage.

'That's good' He thought. 'Hey why did you attack Konoha?' Naruto thought.

"I not telling you right now" Kyuubi replied.

'I've been asking for three years straight…When are you going to tell me?' He thought.

"How about you stop bugging me? You'll know when the time is right." Kyuubi replied.

'Fine, Fine' He thought in replied. 'Hey, Kyuubi how long have you been alive?" Naruto


"Why do you want to know?" Kyuubi asked

'Well I just wanted to know' Naruto replied

"I don't remember at this point. I never really counted." Kyuubi said.

'You're that old?' He thought.

"….Yes." Kyuubi let out with a slight growl.

'Then how in the hell did….'

"Naruto!!" He heard someone yelled interrupting his train of thought.

He looked up slightly to see a man wearing a chuunin uniform and had shoulder length brown hair tied messily in a high ponytail. He also had a wide horizontal scar across his face.

"Yes Iruka-sensei" Naruto said lowly keeping his face hidden from the teacher's and student's sight.

"Pay attention." Iruka yelled. Naruto nodded and took a quick glance around the class. He noticed that the class had fill up during his conversation with the Kyuubi.

"Okay first we are going to have a review." Iruka said. As he started reviewing Naruto fell asleep. Iruka saw Naruto sleeping and threw a scroll at him. Sensing the scroll he moved over dodging the scroll.

"Yes" Naruto said lowly without looking.

"I said Pay attention" He yelled. Naruto yawned quietly and fell asleep again. Naruto sleep throughout his lesson. "NARUTO!" Iruka yelled. Naruto lifted his head to look at Iruka.

"That's it your taking the test last." Iruka yelled

"Okay when I call your names you are to go the exam room." Iruka said still angry. "First is Ino Yamanaka" Iruka said. A girl with blonde hair and with aqua colored eyes wearing a skintight purple shirt with fishnet sleeves and purple skintight shorts and blue ninja sandals stood up and walked out of the class. After five minutes she entered the class with a Konoha forehead protector.

"I did it, I did it" She yelled. Iruka followed and stood at the door.

"Next is Sasuke Uchiha" He said. Sasuke got up and walk toward the door. After in less than a hour everyone in the class had went except Naruto.

"Finally Naruto Uzumaki" Iruka said. Naruto got up and walked out the door to the exam room. He saw Mizuki sitting at a table. Mizuki was wearing a chuunin uniform and had shoulder length white hair. Iruka sat down next to him and looked at Naruto. "Okay Naruto do the clone jutsu"

"As you wish" Naruto said. He put his hands together in a seal. "Bunshin no Jutsu." Naruto said. In a large puff of smoke about 50 Naruto clones appeared around him. Both of the chuunin's jaw drop at the sheer number of clones.

'To make so many…I didn't think he would be able to…' Iruka thought.

'How could he? Damn there goes my plan. I guess I'll have to do it myself." Mizuki thought forcing a smile.

"So do I pass?" Naruto asked.

"Y…yeah. You did a great job" Iruka said smiling. Naruto walked over a quickly to a forehead protector and walked out of the room. He entered the room silently and walked to his seat. He sat down and laid his head down.

Iruka soon came in with Mizuki a few minutes after him both sporting smiles. "I am proud of each and every one of you. You have shown exceptional skills as a leaf shinobi, so congratulate your selves because it's only going to get harder from here on out" Iruka said.

"Now before I dismiss you I would like to announce the rookie of the year" Iruka said.

"I bet it's Sasuke-kun" A girl said happily. She has long pink hair with a ribbon holding her hair back. She has green eyes and she wore a red shirt with black sleeves that slightly passed her elbows with a white ring on the stomach area and an open neck area, a red mini-skirt that reached about six inches above her knees with black short pants underneath and blue ninja sandals.

"Sorry but it isn't Sasuke. He was one of the ones that had the highest points. Out of 400 he got 379 one point less than last year's rookie of the year." Iruka said. All the girls in the class jumped up nearly hysterical.

"Sasuke-kun is the smartest and strongest in the class if he didn't then who" Ino shouted. Everyone was listening hard to hear who got higher than Sasuke.

"The rookie of the year with the highest points is…" Iruka said stopping. "With a total of 385 points is Naruto Uzumaki" Iruka said. Everyone turned and looked at a sleeping Naruto."Damn It Naruto, STOP SLEEPING!" Iruka yelled. Naruto raised his head and looked at everyone staring at him.

'Why is everyone staring at me' Naruto thought.

"If Naruto would have did all of the first part of the exam instead of going to SLEEP he would have a perfect score." Iruka said. Everyone looked at Naruto completely speechless. The one person who always gets the lowest scores in everything is the rookie of the year.

"There must be some kind of mistake" A boy said.

"I went over it three times…there is no mistake. You are all dismissed." Iruka said. Everyone in the class got up and left silently. Everyone gathered outside and met with their parents. Naruto walked over to the tree outside the academy and sat on the swing. He quickly tied his forehead protector to his arm underneath his cloak as he swung. He watched as the students were congratulated by their parents. He heard a few say things like "That my son" and "I'll make you your favorite diner". He saw an old man known as the Hokage speaking with Iruka in front of the crowd. The Hokage had a hat on with the kanji symbol for fire in the middle; he wore a white cloak with the kanji symbol for Hokage on the back.

'Hm….I wonder what I should do? I told Kairi I would be home a late tonight.' He thought.

"Hey kit it time for training so go to a secluded spot" Kyuubi said.

'Okay but let me get something to eat first' He thought in replied. Naruto got up and left the academy ground. He walked for five minutes and got to Ichiraku's ramen shop. Naruto sat down in the middle and looked at the old man making ramen.

"Hey Naruto what do you want today?" The old man said cheerfully

"Beef flavor ramen" Naruto said.

"Okay coming right up." He replied. After eating about ten bowls of ramen, Naruto checked the clock.

'So it 7:00 I guess I could start training now' Naruto thought as he took out his wallet. He paid the old man and left the shop. He walked to into alley and jumped to the roof. He started to run at a fast pace through the village and came to a forest. He ran into the forest for ten minutes and came to a river. 'How's this spot' Naruto thought.

"Good now come to my cage" Kyuubi said.

'Okay' Naruto thought. Naruto sat down and closed his eyes. He started to mediate and after a few minutes he was standing in a dark room with a huge cage in the middle. "What now" Naruto said. Big red eyes appeared behind the cage.

"Okay first things first. Do you remember the lesson about using your charka to attract water?" Kyuubi asked.

"Yes" Naruto said. A scroll came from the cage toward Naruto and he caught it.

"Then this shouldn't take too long. Open the scroll." Kyuubi said.

Naruto opened the scroll and read the first words out loud. "Suiton Mizu gufuu no jutsu" He said. He read over the scroll. He looked up at the Kyuubi.

"Now try it" Kyuubi said.

Naruto opened up his eyes and stood up. He walked closer to the water and opened his cloak. He started doing slow paced hand seals. After a long sequence of seals Naruto ended it with the tiger seal. "Suiton Mizu gufuu no jutsu" Naruto said as the water started to rise. The water started to spin and rise into the air. The water started to lose it form and splashed all over Naruto.

"Good for your first try. Now try it again" Kyuubi said.

Naruto did it again and got the same results.

"This is going to take longer than I thought" Kyuubi said.

Hokage's Office

"Hokage-sama someone has stolen the scroll of sealing." A chuunin said. He got up from his seat and walked over to the chuunin.

"Gather all the chuunin and Jounin on the roof in five minutes." He said calmly.

"Hai." The chuunin said. The man turned around before running through the door. The hokage walked to the window and looked out the window at Konoha. He sighed and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Training ground

"Good you mastered that jutsus pretty fast considering how you started off. It only took an hour. Okay Naruto now…"

'Wait I somebody is coming closer.' Naruto thought interrupting Kyuubi as he looked in the distance.

"Then lets wait and see who it is." Kyuubi said. Naruto nodded placing his hand up against the tree.

'The person should be here soon.' Naruto thought. After a few minutes a large number of kunai came flying at Naruto. He moved out the way dodging them and saw Mizuki jump to the floor with a scroll on his back. Naruto stared at Mizuki and the scroll on his back. 'I recognize that scroll. That's the hokage's scroll of sealing.' He thought.

"Really maybe we should return it" Kyuubi said with evil smile.

"Naruto Uzumaki what are you doing here?" Mizuki asked.


"Answer me boy" He yelled.

'Kage Bunshin no jutsu' Naruto thought making a seal under his cloak. Ten clones appeared and charged at Mizuki with the real Naruto.

"Oh please like your bunshin's could work against me." Mizuki gloated. All of the Naruto's ran forward toward Mizuki barely making a sound. 'I just have to wait for the…' His train of through stopped when the first clone reached him and threw a punch. "hm a faint…" He's sentence stopped as he was hit hard. He flew back hitting the ground losing the scroll in the process. He got up quickly as the clones continued to come towards him. 'Wait…' He thought seeing the grass move. 'Fuck these are not normal clones!' He thought as he got ready.

After a few minutes of fighting, Mizuki stood panting looking around the area. "That was easy, now where is the real Naruto." Mizuki said between pants. He turned around and saw Naruto with the scroll he had stolen tied to his back. "How did you? Give me the scroll back" Mizuki said glaring at him. Naruto made another seal.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu." He said quietly. 20 clones appeared in a puff of smoke each having a scroll. All the Naruto scattered off indifferent directions as the real Naruto ran back to his original training spot.

"Naruto open the scroll" Kyuubi said.

Naruto untie the scroll and opened it. The first jutsu he saw was the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu.

'I already know that.' Naruto thought. He looked at the next jutsu was the Bunshin Daibakuha.

"That's a good one to learn" Kyuubi said

Naruto started reading on how to do it.

Two hours later Naruto was sitting against a tree, panting heavily. "Bunshin Daibakuha was harder then…expected." He said lowly. H when he sensed a familiar presence. He stood up and closed the scroll. He said Iruka jump down from a tree and landed in front of Naruto. He looked at him before looking at the scroll in his hands.

"Naruto don't tell me you stole the scroll." Iruka said with a shocked looked. Naruto shook his head.

"Then whom" Iruka said. Before Naruto could answer Iruka sensed danger and pushed Naruto out of the way. He was hit with a kunai in his leg and shoulder while the other three kunai hit the tree behind him.

"YOU LITTLE BRAT I GOING TORTURE YOU FOR MAKING CHASE ALL THOSE CLONES!" Mizuki yelled pointing at Naruto. Naruto stare at Iruka pointing at Mizuki.

"He did it." Naruto said in his normal low tone. Iruka looked at Mizuki glaring hard.

"I see…" Iruka said pulling a kunai from his shoulder.

"Brat..hand over that scroll." Mizuki growled.

"Naruto! Run don't let him get the scroll!" Iruka shouted.

"Iruka-sensei it would be better if you didn't say useless things." Naruto said walking right in front of him. "And you Mizuki…if you want this scroll…then come down here and get it." Naruto said. "Or do you not have enough balls to do so?" Naruto asked. Mizuki got angry and put on a sinister smile.

'I know how to get him' Mizuki thought. "Hey Naruto how about I tell you a secret. There was a law placed by the third Hokage about you" Mizuki said as Iruka pulled out the kunai.

"DON'T!" Iruka yelled.

"It was placed 12 years ago after the incident occurred" Mizuki said.

"A law?" Naruto said.

"It is a law that you only you, Naruto can't find out about" Mizuki added.

"What law?" Naruto asked.

"STOP, MIZUKI!" Iruka yelled.

"The rule is not to say that Naruto is not the monster fox" Mizuki stated. "In other words you are the Kyuubi no Yoko that killed Iruka parents and destroyed our village." Mizuki said as his smile became wider.

Naruto remain silent as he looked at him his hood hiding his eyes. He tilted his head slightly so his hood would hide his smirk.

"No one's even going to recognize you!" He yelled. "Even Iruka hates you!" He added taking out a large shiruken and spinning it. "Die Naruto" He said throwing it.

"Naruto get down" Iruka yelled as the shrunken came closer. Iruka tried to run towards Naruto but fell and grabbed his leg. Before the shiruken could hit Naruto it had disappeared.

"What happened?!" Mizuki yelled.

'Where did it go' Iruka thought.

"Looking for this" Naruto said taking the out the shiruken.

'But how I didn't see him move.' They both thought. Naruto dropped the shiruken and did a T like hand seal.

"Kage Bunshin no jutsu" He yelled as a hundred clones appeared in a puff of smoke. "I'll make you pay for hurting Iruka-sensei." Naruto said.

"Yeah right. I'm way more powerful than you demon bo…Ah" He was interrupted by a kick to the back of the head. He hit the floor hard and looked around as the clones came in closer.

"Nooo" He yelled as they started to beat him up. After a few minutes Mizuki was out cold and Naruto dispelled his clones. He walked over and grabbed the scroll and then to Iruka.

"You know Iruka-sensei, running while your leg is like that could worsen the wounds." Naruto said looking at his leg.

"Heh…Yeah I know." Iruka replied smiling. 'I can't believe that he beat Mizuki so easy' He thought.

"Can you walk?" Naruto asked calmly.

"Yeah." He said standing up. He grabbed the scroll and Naruto grabbed Mizuki by his collar and they walked toward the village.

Hokage Tower

The hokage was sitting in his seat looking at his crystal ball that showed Naruto and Iruka walking to Konoha. "It seems that Naruto does care for someone else" He said. He got up and walked out of his office. He walked outside to a group of chuunin and Jounin.

"We can't find the criminal" One said.

"It's alright Iruka and Naruto has both the scroll and the criminal" Hokage said with a smile.

"Who is the criminal?" A chuunin asked.

"It seems like it is Mizuki" He replied. "You are all dismissed" He added.

"Hai" Everyone said and ran off.

"Naruto, you are really interesting" He said to himself.

Naruto and Iruka

"Naruto, why do you keep on your hood?" Iruka asked.

"To keep my face hidden" Naruto replied.

"Why?" He asked.

"For personal reasons" Naruto said.

"Can I see your face?" Iruka asked. Naruto smirked and took off his hood. Iruka stared for a good minute before smiling. "No wonder you hid your face. If you didn't I'll bet you'll have more fan girls than even Sasuke." Iruka said.

"I doubt that" Naruto replied frowning.

"So Naruto what are those personal reasons?" Iruka asked.

"I only show my face to the people I trust with my life." Naruto said.

"So you trust me" Iruka asked

"Yea" Naruto replied putting on his hood back on his face. After thirty minutes of walking they were near the Hokage tower. As they got closer that saw the Hokage and two ANBU members.

"Hello Iruka, Naruto what took you so long?" The hokage asked.

"Well I sort of hurt my leg" Iruka said. One of the ANBU members came to Naruto and took Mizuki. The other took the scroll from Iruka and handed it to the Hokage.

"Okay take Mizuki and place him in a cell and bring Iruka to the hospital. Naruto you should go home and get some rest." The hokage said. Naruto nodded and waved goodbye to Iruka and the hokage. He walked and turned around a house and made a hand seal. He disappeared in a swirl of light and appeared in his room. There was a middle sized bed with red sheets and two pillows. He took off his cloak threw it on a chair. He opened the door and saw Kairi sleeping on the couch in her white nightgown. He smiled softly and picked her up bridal style. He started to walked back to his room only stopping to adjust her. When he reached his bed he laid her down on it gently and put the sheets over her.

Naruto sighed at her before he turned around. He headed towards the door and walked out the room grabbing the door knob on his way. He closed the door and walked down the hall to the living room. He got to the couch before laying down on it. He looked up at the ceiling and thought about team arrangements.

'Hey Kyuubi who do you think I will get paired with' Naruto thought.

"Most likely the Uchiha brat. For reasons you should know." He replied.

'No thoughts about the other one' Naruto thought.

"Nope" Kyuubi stated. "Now go to sleep".

"Yeah, yeah." Naruto said out loud. He fell asleep a few minutes later thinking about who was going to be his teammates.

Kage Bunshin no jutsu- Shadow clones jutsu

Suiton Mizu gufuu no jutsu- Water release: Water tornado jutsu (original)

Kaze sanpo no jutsu- Wind walk jutsu (original)

Bunshin Daibakuha-(Clone Great Explosion)