Maddie's POV

I can't believe it! My family and I are moving! All because of that booger of a brother of mine complains how his new braces hurts from the weather in Boston….the freaking WEATHER?? Pfft what kind of darn reason is that?? Anyways here I am, Madeline Margaret Genevieve Miranda Catherine Fitzpatrick….god that was long…stuck in this car for HOURS traveling to our so called new 'home' in some place called Albuquerque, New Mexico. Sigh…I miss everyone back in the Tipton, I wonder how they are going to cope without me….heehee I bet Zack is missing me so much now.

Our car suddenly came to a stop in front of a nice looking average house, coming out of the cramped car I stretched while observing the peaceful neighborhood until I heard my brother's squeaky little voice.

"HAHA you have to carry all this J-O-N-G-K! JUNK!" yelled Liam. "It's spelled J-U-N-K you doofus!" I retort back. Argh I don't even know WHY I'm related to such an annoying…THING! Getting back to work, my parents and I arranged ALL the furniture in just one day. Unbelievable…good thing it's a weekend and YES I get my own room awaaayyy from that booger.

While everyone else is eating dinner, I stayed in my room too tired to move and also because I'm mad at my parents for moving here. I do NOT want to strike up a conversation with them right now.

Hmm…Saturday tomorrow…what to do….check the mall?

Sharpay's POV

Looking out my window I see new neighbors across from us. Pfft better not be another nerd trying to steal my musicale….ew that little boy is making disgusting faces….thank god Ryan is not like that. Iroll my eyes from the thought of Ryan being a disgusting brother. Hmmm that girl looks familiar...OMG maybe its that popular actress Ashley Tisdale!! I love her! But having your favorite actress living across from you seems impossible.

I hear my door open and in comes Ryan "Hey Sharpie, what you looking at? Stalking people now? Just to see if they know any information how to get the next musical?" Ryan said sarcastically.

"Ha-ha very funny, just seeing the newbies moving in across from us" I say with not having my eyes roll this time.

"Mom & dad are leaving for another business trip tomorrow, what do you want to do?" asked Ryan with a look like he's trying to read my mind. And being twins of course….

"HIT THE MALL!!" we both yelled at the same time.

Hey all….this is asheravel attempting to make a fic. This is my first time EVER doing these kind of stuff so constructive criticizing is welcome XD and um..hope you like it? ehehehe