My life is shit.

Or is it just the family I thought I knew my whole life is shit

It was just days ago I found out that I may be part of the Evans family, and here I am on my bed pondering what happened for us to separate just like that? Sharpay is definitely my twin & Ryan has similar distinguishing features like us. So now it's up for those two to find out the truth about the three of us from their parents…whenever they get back to wherever they went. I would ask my own 'parents' about this but considering 'Dad' has got some high blood pressure issues, I don't want to put him through something that can give him a stroke. Hmm maybe if I'm in the mood to talk I'll go ask dear 'Mommy' of mine.

Oh by the way, the fun times with London were short-lived. The very moment we came back from the mall, Moseby was at my house's drive way with all her luggage and took her back before Mr. Tipton fires him and what not.


I really sigh a lot huh.

Well I've got nothing better to do so I might as well go ask 'Mom'

I got up from bed and dragged my feet down the stairs heading to the kitchen where Mom is cooking up dinner.

As I stand by the doorway of the kitchen, I just watch her busily multi-tasking of chopping the vegetables and stirring soup at the same time. She finally took notice of my presence when she turned around and faced me.

"What are you just gonna stare or help your dear old mama chop these onions?" she says with a grin.

I smiled back and took the knife from her and started chopping slowly.

Thinking carefully of how I should approach the question to her, I don't want to give off a negative feeling talking to her about this. Even though it would be cool to be part of the Evans and finding out who my real family is… I kind of dread the answer of knowing how my parents could lie to me and not tell the truth. I mean...I'm old enough to handle it right?? Is it guilt holding them back or what?! Or...or what if the Evans hated me to the point they gave me away?? Why?!?

"Dear you're killing those poor veggies" says Mom interrupting my thoughts.

"Arghh!!" I yelled out in despair and slamming down the knife the table shakes from the force.

I looked about the kitchen and the onions looks like it have been diced repeatedly with no mercy. I guess I was vigorously attacking it… I looked up to Mom who had stopped cooking and she has that concern look in her eyes.

"Is there something bothering you Madeline?" she asks with that soft motherly tone of hers.

Breathe in … Breathe Out … Compose yourself Maddie…this is it.

"Mom…can I ask you a question?" I say with a determined look on my face.