Halloween Special

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Author's Note- I have been dying to try a Halloween special so here you go Happy Halloween.

"Come on Bulla, let's go already"

"Alright, alright, I'm here lets go"
The two got in the car and drove to the city where the best haunted house was suppose to be. They arrived and were greeted by Goten, and Pan. "well it's about time we thought you got scared away"

"no, Bulla had to take forever like always"

"Shut it Trunks"

"How about everyone shut up and walk!" yelled Pan as she ran to the entrance.

They walked to a dark foggy room and steeped on bones, as they walked through the first floor they slowly started to hear moans and groans coming from all around them. Pan and bulla stayed arm locked together and behind the guys. Then they reached a fork in the house "This is where we break up, two go left, and two go right"

"No way lets all stay together"

"Come on sis this isn't that bad and what would dad say if he say you trembling?"

"I don't care we stay together"

Trunks stubbornly agreed and the four went to the left. They were half way through it when Pan started screaming, she kept feelings hand touch her on her back and head. Pan ran ahead screaming "I can't stand this!" She ran far enough ahead that the others couldn't, see her. They got to the stairs, "Pan will you wait up, please?" Bulla walked in slowly and with caution. Sadly she felt her head get wet, when she wiped it off she noticed it was blood, she looked up "AHHHHHHH!" There on the ceiling was Pan a knife through her stomach and head, both legs and arms were missing. "Oh My God!, Goten get Bulla out of here!" Goten went to move Bulla but she moved faster and went into the hall and threw up. Goten walked back in and helped Trunks take her off the ceiling and put her down. Trunks took his coat off and covered part of her. "Can we go please Trunks, I don't want to stay any longer?" Bulla asked as she slowly walked in the room. "Yeah let's go guys" Bulla turned around and had the door slam in the face. They tried to open it but it was locked, they couldn't even blast it open. "Damn it let's try to find a window or something we can escape from" stated Goten. Bulla was grasped by Trunks and the three walked upstairs.

Ten minutes went by and they found nothing not even a fire escape. "Goten take bulla I'll walk ahead and see if I can't find something, stay and follow slower to make sure I didn't miss anything" "No, Trunks please don't I don't want to lose you too" "Bulla don't worry I'll only go as far as you can see me when I get too far give a yell and I'll wait until I'm back in sight okay?" She still wasn't convinced but Trunks started walking. Everything was going alright until Bulla yelled for him to stopped. She was worried but saw Trunks standing there was waiting. When they got closer did they realize that a sword was coming up from the ground and right up the middle of him. Goten held her close as she cried and shook in terror. Once Trunks was moved and the two walked on. Staying close and keeping their eyes open to watch anything, and ears listening for an little sound. "Bulla a window look!" he grabbed her hand and ran towards it. They blasted it open and got ready to climb out, bulla went first and safely made it to the ledge below as Goten escaped a hand came from behind him, try as he might he couldn't escape from the ghouls grasp. The ghoul took his other hand and placed it on Goten's head trying to snap it. It was inches away from snapping when…

Bulla snapped awake, her heart was pounding, dripping in sweat and out of breath. "It was just a dream, oh I hate Halloween"


There you have it folks my Halloween Special. It took me about an hour to write I really enjoyed writing this so please Read and Review.