--- thaw.

Spring. It comes after winter. One of those undeniable facts that Leon knows.

Yuffie likes spring. She likes to dance in it, to breathe it in and shout whenever she defeats another pesky Heartless Aerith discovered trying to spring-clean Hollow Bastion.

Leon decides he likes spring, too.

Summer. It's hot now. Or as hot as it gets in a draughty castle, anyway. Summer follows on the very tail end of spring – never very close, actually, because of the chill that is always invading every corner of the castle.

Again, Yuffie likes summer. A lot. It's hot, and that bothers him; it's humid, and that makes him sweat; it's uncomfortable, and that's the worst of all, because although Leon's often uncomfortable, he tries not to show it, but it's so hard when it's like this. But again Yuffie likes it, and whoops as she jumps into the waterfall with a great big splash and the revealing combination of a bra and her knickers. Cid laughs at that, and Cloud hides his face beneath his cloak. Leon simply turns away, but finds himself watching her, fascinated, out of the corner of his eye.

Leon can't really help but like summer, even if it is in Hollow Bastion.

Autumn. Autumn's when he gets to watch an exasperated Aerith cut the bangs that have grown long and shaggy over the warmer months out of a certain complaining ninja's vision. Autumn strikes him as kind of gloomy, because it's the onset of winter, but Yuffie always finds one way or another to get him to rake up leaves with her, and then push him into piles of every colour imaginable. And Leon always manages to lose his balance, because, well, she's a damn sneaky ninja and has many tricks at her disposal.

Autumn makes him smile, then. Only because it makes Yuffie smile, though. No other reason.


Winter is when Leon closes up. Winter is when everything freezes over. Winter is a plague of Heartless and Aerith growing sadder as her bulbs refuse to grow and Cid cursing at the clouds that prevent him from taking his Shiva out for a spin and Cloud going off for days on end to train alone.

Winter is when Yuffie pulls on a pair of worn skates with a look of concentration and bullies and cajoles everyone else into doing the same, and then she takes them all skating, and more often than not they are left near the brink gazing in wonder at her sudden flawless grace on the ice, and the look of happiness in her eyes at something so simple as having fun with them all.

Winter, Leon decides, is best of all, probably, because this is when Yuffie crawls into his lap at three in the morning in the Library and goes to sleep there, while no one else is watching. Winter is when Leon gets to murmur those words, and he builds up to it all through the year.

"I love you."

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