Fire Nation Family Therapy

A fan fic spoofing Fire Lord Ozai and family

Note: I'm going to add some more people (cough) Princess Ursa (cough) Yeah this'll get better. Angel is my friend's OC. If we ever get our fic up, she'll make more sense. And I think for the sake of this story I'll be a KatAang shipper.

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Chapter Three: Enter the Estranged Fire Lady

Everyone stopped what they were doing to turn and stare at Zuko in shock. Ozai dropped his magazine losing the page he had been reading, Katara let her dice drop and Azula stood in shock.

"Fight me instead." Zuko told Azula glaring at his sister.

"Are you sure that you want to fight me?" Azula spat back.

"Yes, I am."

"Can you take it outside?" Talia begged.

"Zuko, you should show your sister some respect." Ozai added.

"Ozai I think you're going overboard." Iroh reprimanded his younger brother flinging a die at his head.

"And what are you going to do about it old man?" the younger of the two men taunted.

Iroh's response to his younger brother's taunt was to lightening bend at Ozai's head piece causing it to look like an overcooked brownie.

"Mom always liked you best." Ozai whined.

"Enough of these distractions!" Azula shouted as she fired a series of lightening blasts at Zuko who dodged them quickly, Angel made her way over to the table with Iroh and Katara.

"Azula I hate you! Dad always treats you better!" Zuko yelled back as he returned his sister's fire.

"That's because I'm better than you!"

"Am not!"

"Am too, no one wants to kill me!" Azula taunted reminding her brother of how their grandfather had supposedly ordered Zuko's death.

"At least no one in her immediate family." Angel quipped causing Katara and Iroh to laugh.

"I heard that comment you're next!" Azula yelled her tone threatening

"Young lady we don't use that tone of voice with people." All eyes turned to see Fire Lady Ursa (1) standing in the doorway scowling at her children.

"You! What the hell are you doing here?" Fire Lord Ozai demanded angrily as he overcame his shock at seeing his estranged wife.

"I was invited. And, Ozai, I see that you still can't control Azula."

"Like you're one to talk Ursa, you ran off when they were children." Ozai returned smugly.

"I had no choice! You were threatening to kill Zuko if I didn't leave and stop babying him!" Ursa accused angrily.

"So that's why you left?" Zuko asked trying not to cry.

"Oh look at the bawl baby finding out that daddy really wanted to kill him." Azula mocked earning her some joint waterbending on the part of Angel and Katara who had decided to put their differences aside and attack a common adversary. Besides Katara was thinking that maybe she and Aang would look sweet together. (2)

"Hmm, run away or have your favorite child die. I know which one I'd choose." Katara spoke up. Angel and Talia nodded in agreement.

"Well you were too hard on Azula." Ozai complained.

"I don't think we were hard enough! That girl has some serious issues and instead of addressing them you encouraged her!" Ursa shot back. "You're the root of everyone's problems!"

"Listen woman!"

"Oh shit did he just call her woman?" Angel asked

"Well she just told him he's the cause of everyone's problems." Katara said.

"It's gonna get ugly now." Zuko predicted.

Ursa turned to look at Zuko and saw the ugly scar on her son's face. "What happened to you Zuko?"

"Agni Kai when I was thirteen." Zuko replied sounding sheepish.

"Yeah, against dad!" Azula exclaimed happily unaware of what was about to happen. "Zuzu refused to fight so dad called him a coward and said he'd learn some respect and pain would be his teacher."

"Is this true Ozai?"

Not giving her father the chance to reply Azula added. "That's nothing, if Zuzu had fought him, dad would have charged him with treason and Zuzu would have been executed as a traitor." (3) Azula seemed morbidly pleased with that news.

"So, Ozai this is how you act towards your own son in my absence?" Ursa asked as two small balls of flames formed in her fists.

Ozai nodded smugly. "And what are you going to do about it?"

Ursa smiled. "Seeing, as you enjoy doing Agni Kai against family members. I'd like to challenge you to one right now." (4)

The other assembled fire benders, Ozai included fell over in shock, none of them knew that Ursa could fire bend. Meanwhile Katara and Angel began cheering.

"Yeah go Ursa!" Katara yelled.

"Kick his ass!" Angel encouraged.

"Just do it outside." Talia pleaded.

"Well, Ozai? Are you going to back out of a challenge?" Ursa asked noticing her estranged husband's reservations.

"Hell no. I just hope you don't mind looking like your son." Ozai replied trying to psyche his wife out.

"We'll just have to see about that. Now let's go outside so we can spare this young lady's office further damage.

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Well, thanks for waiting and not flaming me too bad about my friend's OC. I hope everyone likes this chapter a bit more. And I had to make Ursa a bit OOC because of the way this story is heading.

1.) Well the writers never specified in Zuko Alone if she dies or not. Ursa just left and this is AU so I decided that Ursa would be back, and now she can fire bend.

2.) Zutara shippers please don't hunt me down. Actually just read my profile and it'll explain my pairing ideas.

3.) That's just a theory of mine. Let me know what you think of it.

4.) I've never seen it specified that Agni Kai are only for men in the show, so I think women can declare them too.