A Chase to the Past

: Red Ranger

Element: Fire

Weapons: Dragon Sword, Dragon Swords, Draco Blaster, Dragon Ninja Sword

Special Attack: Ring of Fire

Zord: Fire Dragon Zord

Allison Skyhawk: Blue Ranger

Element: Water

Weapons: Dragon Trident, Dragon Spears, Draco Blaster, Dragon Ninja Sword

Special Attack: Water Strom

Zord: Water Dragon Zord

Ian Scott: White Ranger

Element: Ice

Weapons: Dragon Axe, Dragon Axes, Draco Blaster, Dragon Ninja Sword

Special Attack: Ice Form

Zord: Ice Dragon Zord

Rachel Oliver: Green Ranger

Element: Earth

Weapons: Dragon Staff, Dragon Hand-bos, Draco Blaster, Dragon Ninja Sword

Special Attack: Earth Arise

Zord: Earth Dragon Zord

Jake Ryan: Black Ranger

Element: Rock

Weapons: Dragon Shield, Dragon Tofas, Draco Blaster, Dragon Ninja Sword

Special Attack: Rock Avalanche

Zord: Black Dragon Zord

: Purple Ranger

Element: Air

Weapons: Dragon Whip, Dragon Bow, Draco Blaster, Dragon Ninja Sword

Special Attack: Wind Lash, Tornado Arrow

Zord: Wind Dragon Zord

: Silver Ranger

Element: Light

Weapons: Dragon Sword, Dragon Lance, Draco Blaster, Dragon Ninja Sword

Special Attack: Light Orb

Zord: Silver Dragon Zord

Thousands of years ago, the earth lived in peace with man and dragon living as one. Life was simple and happy for both races then everything changed when a black dragon named Dragon and his followers attacked both human and dragon alike. Their goal was to enslave humanity and bend the dragons to their will by obtaining the dragon crystal that was once in the possession of the first Gold Dragon.

The only hope for peace lied in seven warrior wizards, seven dragons, and the hopes in the return of the Gold Dragon to rewrite all wrongs. For six days, fighting was fierce then on the sixth day, all six dragons were mortally wounded. In their last minutes of life the dragons and wizards used and combined their powers to lock away Dragon and his forces.

The dying dragons fearing the return of Dragon the dragons transferred their powers into seven gems. The wizards knowing what power resides in the gems hid them in the emergency of Dragvox's return. Until they were found and their secrets reveled to five ordinary teenagers, a man, and a woman in the rising of Dragon and with the guidance of the last of the wizards, they rose to the challenge to become The Power Rangers Dragon Riders.

An exposition rang though the afternoon as the new generation of rangers battled the general of their mortal foe: Leviathan. He was as big as a man and a dragon that stood on two legs. However, it wasn't the half-starved half to death looked about him that sent a chill down the spine it was the feeling of a river of evil and death that flowed from him.

"You can't possible hope to win" the Red Ranger said as he and the Silver Ranger and the final member of the team dodged the laser fire and fired their lasers at Leviathan.

The Ranger's uniform was all red, black, blue, silver, white, and green except for a gold belt with a black leather laser holster. From the center of the belt rose two gold lines that ran together then ran around the neck of the uniform. He had a neck collar and gold pointed shoulder pads that connected to a shield on their chests. The helmet had a rectangular wide angled V shaped visors with various kinds of teeth extensions designs over the visor. A over lapping metal plated mouth piece, and just above the visor was a set of red eyes and a gold top of a European dragon. On the forearms just before the gloves was two bands of gold ran a little before, after the morpher, and with the same on the other arm. The silver ranger had the extension of an over coat with a tall collar.

The lasers never made it as a light erupted between the lasers and Leviathan and then the lasers reversed course power intensified. It hit the two rangers and they were thrown backwards and the White, Blue, Black, Purple, and Green rangers rushed to them they shield the two on the ground as they struggled to stay morphed. Then they all looked up as a figure stepped from the light.

He was a black Dragon a little bit bigger than Leviathan with broad and powerful muscles. Like Leviathan, he stood on two legs with his wings partly extended. It was Dragon.

"I beg to differ Rangers," he said then swung his hand around and a beam of light sot from his hand and a portal opened.

There was another flash of light and everyone turned to see an old man with a long silver beard in long robes and a staff in hand appeared. "You will not succeed Dragvox," the man said stepping forward.

This man's name was Narvock he was the last of the original seven wizards and was the mentor to the Rangers. However, he was quite old he still and the fighting skills of a man in his early twenties.

"Narvock get out of here!" the Red Dragon Ranger yelled

Dragvox snarled, "You have meddled in my plans for far too long old Wizard," he said then he charged him slashing down at him.

Narvock blocked his blow with his staff and the two fought on for twenty or so minutes. They jumped they spun threw spells at each other but neither could get a good shot at each other. Then as Narvock block another of Dragvox's blows Dragvox's tail swung around slashed him on the side.

"NOOO" the rangers yelled as they saw and rushed over to their mentor and advisor fell robes stained with blood.

Then they looked up as Levitation and Dragvox moved towards the portal and Levitation stepping through. Then on the threshold, Dragon stopped and turned to them.

"You rangers have been a thorn in my side for far too long and now I will see to it that you will never interfere again," he said then stepped through the portal.

Narvock grabbed the Red Rangers arm and everyone looked at him. "One of you must hurry and stop him. He has opened a time portal and he has gone to the past to stop one of you from becoming a ranger. One of you must follow them and stop them from achieving their goals," he sputtered.

"But what about our powers? The dragon gems wouldn't have been found where they went" Red Dragon Ranger said.

Narvock chuckled. "You powers are already activated the only way you would lose them is if you are destroyed in your ranger form. Now you must decide quickly who should go we the portal is shrinking!" he said pointing

The Rangers heads whipped around and they saw that he was right the portal was slowly shrinking into nothing.

One by one, the Rangers helmeted heads turned to look at the Red Ranger he looked at his teammates. "Me? Why me?" he asked them.

"You are the best fighter among in this team,"
the Silver Ranger said.

"But…" Red Ranger said.

"We don't have time for this just go Red Ranger," Allison said.

Red Dragon Ranger looked at her then slowly stood and faced the portal. "Wait Red Dragon Ranger" said the Silver Ranger.

Red Dragon Ranger turned to face him and the Silver Ranger handed him a large envelope. "You'll need this" was all he said.

After looking at the envelope then turned and jumped through the portal. He was surrounded by white light then he was out. Standing on a rock ledge with a rock quarry at the bottom. He swung his head left and right seeing no sign of Leviathan and Dragvox anywhere.

Then he heard small explosions below him he raced to the edge and looked down to see an extraordinary sight greet his eyes as they went wide and he dropped the envelope. The original Red and Green rangers battle it out.

Red Dragon Ranger watched in both horror, fascination as the Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger drew his blade blaster, and the Green Ranger started playing his Dragon Dagger. He watched the Red Ranger shoot at the green ranger a few times but the laser blats just deflected off the green ranger and hit him instead. It was then that he saw the sword at the Green Rangers side.

The Sword of Darkness! This is the battle when the first Green Ranger turned good Red Dragon Ranger thought as he watched the Green Ranger step forward.

"And now Red Ranger it is time for me to destroy you I must be victorious for my queen!" he said then twirled The Sword of Darkness and planted the tip into the ground send an energy blast at the Red Ranger blade blaster thrown to the side.

I can't interfere if I do I could destroy my present Red Dragon Ranger thought as he watched the Green Ranger walk forward to the fallen Red Ranger twirling The Sword of Darkness at his side.

"The end of the Power Rangers is near" he said raising the sword for the final strike.

Clenching his gloves, hands into fists he leapt from the ledge and did a flying side kick on the Green Ranger calling. "FLAYING DRAGON FIRE POWER KICK"

His foot was incased in flame and he knocked the Green Ranger to the ground about ten feet away and giving time for the Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger to roll to safety.

Who am I kidding I can just sit by and do nothing especially when a fellow Ranger is about to be killed he thought as he and the Green Ranger rolled onto their feet.

The Red Dragon Ranger and the Green Ranger circled each other while behind his helmet the Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger stared bewildered in the crushed rocks of the quarry. "What's this a Ranger trick?" he said pulling raising both the Dragon Dagger and The Sword of Darkness.

Red Dragon Ranger smiled behind is visor. "No trick Green Ranger" he said then glanced at the Red Ranger on the ground.

"You alright Jason?" he asked concerned.

"Who are you? And how do you know who I am?" Jason demanded staring.

Red Dragon Ranger couldn't help but chuckle. "You wouldn't believe me even if I told you but for now I'm the ranger who's saving your butt," he said then he and the Green Ranger charged each other.

When they reached, each other Red Dragon Ranger jumped over a slash from The Sword of Darkness rolled forward and swept the Green Rangers feet out from under him. Before he could deliver another blow, Green ranger rolled onto one knee slashed him in the chest causing sparks to fly from his armored chest then the Green Ranger slashed out with The Sword of Darkness. Red Dragon Ranger was launched off his feet spinning in the momentum of the sword slash to land hard on the rocky ground.

"That was pathetic ranger how can you even call yourself a ranger when you fight like that" green ranger said walking brandishing his sword.

When he was beside Red Dragon Ranger raising his sword to deliver a final blow Red Dragon Ranger struck by raising half his body off the ground and double kicking him in the chest.

"THING ARN'T ALLWAYS WHAT THEY SEEM" Red Dragon Ranger yelled as the Green Ranger doubled over and Red Dragon Ranger rolled across his back and ran towards Jason when he saw what he was doing.

Enraged Green Ranger chased after him but suddenly Red Dragon Ranger leapt to the side and Jason drew his fingers along the Power Sword and a red light appeared where his fingers had been. He then swung the sword pointing the tip at Green Ranger and the beam of light shot forward nailing the Green Ranger flipping him off his feet and knocking both the dragon Dagger and the Sword of Darkness out of his hands. Red Dragon Ranger rolled onto one knee and looked back in time to see Jason draw his blade blaster.

"It's all over Tommy" he said then shot The Sword of Darkness as Green Ranger reached for it and it vaporized.

Tommy, as in Tommy Oliver?! Red Dragon Ranger thought as the Green Ranger uniform shimmered and evaporated from the teen body now lying out cold face down on the ground.

Soon the rest of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers team showed up and the Pink, Black, Yellow, and Blue Rangers rushed over to Red Dragon Ranger. "Are you alright?" asked the Yellow Ranger kneeling down placing her hand on his shoulder.

Red Dragon Ranger nodded. "I'm fine Trini," he said as he stood and Trini's hand tighten on his shoulder.

"How do you know my name?" she asked.

He looked at her than looked over at the Blue Ranger Billy. "Zordon you never mention another Red Ranger who is he?" he said.

"I don't know Billy but my sensors tell me he has a different ranger power than you," said a voice I was guessing was Zordon's.

That is when Tommy began to move and the other rangers grouped together then Jason looked at Red Dragon Ranger. "If you're not demorphing because your secret I already know Jason, Billy, Zack, Trini, but you, you I don't know," he said pointing to each in turn and stopping on the pink ranger.

They looked at each other. . "Alright guys lets Morph," Jason said then they gripped their Power Morpher's on there belts and they demorphed.

"You destroyed the Sword of Darkness," Zack said grabbing Jason's arm who nodded.

"Rita's spell is broken!" Zack cheered pumping his arm as I stared dumbstruck at the Pink Ranger.

Kimberly I thought in shock.

As Tommy started to climb to his feet, Jason rushed over and kneeled down. "Are you alright Tommy?" he asked helping him.

"What happened to me?" Tommy said raising his torso off the ground.

"You're no longer under Rita's power," Jason said to him.

Tommy started to get to his feet but stopped. "My heads spinning" he said and Red Dragon Ranger stepped forward to help Jason get Tommy to his feet.

Tommy looked from Jason to the helmet of Red Dragon Ranger then into the open air. "What have I done?" he said then looked at Jason.

"You weren't in control of your actions Tommy you shouldn't blame yourself," Red Dragon Ranger said.

"He's right Tommy what you did you did under Rita's influence you own the power to do what you see fit with it. Fight by our side and we can defeat Rita" Jason said as the other rangers came forward and Red Dragon Ranger took a few steps back step back from them.

"After everything that I did to you and happened?" Tommy said.

"Tommy we need you," Jason said and Tommy looked away at Red Dragon Ranger who watched the team closely.

He then turned to Jason. "It's where you belong...," he said as Tommy looked at the other team members.

"Will you join us Tommy..." Jason said and extended his hand.

Tommy looked at it then up at Jason then finally grasped it and the two shook. "What about him?" Tommy asked pointing his thumb over his shoulder at Red Dragon Ranger.

Jason looked over at Red Dragon Ranger then stepped forward. "I don't know who you are but you've got some nice moves will you join us?" Jason said extending his hand to Red Dragon Ranger.

Red Dragon Ranger looked down at the and that was offered to him then back up and shook his head. "I'm sorry but I can't and I can't explain why and even if I did you wouldn't believe me but if you ever need my help I'll be there," he said then turned his back to them.


Red Dragon Ranger turned his head and torso to look at Kimberley. "At least tell us who you are," she said.

He sighed. "That information I can't give you Kimberley but know that I am a friend" he said then turned back around.

"But if it's still a name you want call me The Red Dragon Ranger" Red Dragon Ranger said then started running then in a streak of red and gold he vanished.

Unknown to the Power Rangers in the quarry Red Dragon Ranger had doubled back to where he had started and after picking the envelope back up off the ground, he watched the team below. He watched as Jason joined his team and them all morph and give their vows as Power Rangers. He then watched as they combined the original Dragon Zord with the Triceratops, Mastodon, and Saber-tooth Tiger Zords to from Dragon Zord in Fighting in Mode.

After that he looked at the envelope a in his hand I think I know what this is he thought then after taking another look at the Rangers below he streaked away.