Sitting at his desk next to Ashley in Miss Applebee's class watched as she came in with a well-built man wearing a fireman's uniform. "Class we have a special guest today, this is Fireman Newman.

He's here to talk to us about the upcoming fire safety week," Miss Applebee said.

"He is so cute," Aisha said, leaning close to Kimberly.

"Totally," Kimberly muttered back.

Leaning close Logan muttered to Tommy, "I think you got competition man," and Tommy shoved him straight shaking his head with a smile.

"Thank you Miss Applebee, the best way to fight fires is to prevent them from happening. This week you'll learn some helpful ways to keep your homes and your surrounding area's safe from fire. As you'll see most fire prevention is just common sense," Newman continued and Logan noticed Kim acquire a dreamy expression on her face.

As he rolled his eyes Miss Applebee said, "Fireman Newman is going to select the Fire Safety Captain from Angel Grove High School based on the essays you've written."

"Now I was very impressed with all of your essays two of them was outstanding but only one could be chosen."

"Say no more!" a voice behind Logan said, and moaning he looked back at Bulk and Skull.

"As Fire Safety Captain I think it will be best if we all take the rest of the week off from school. To think what fire really means to us," Bulk said, and Logan's face fell into his hand.

"Bulk… Skull… Sit… Down!"

After they slowly regained their seats Newman continued, "the student I have selected is Aisha Campbell," and at once she let out the breath she had been holding.

"Wow I am so excited!" she said, eagerly.

"That is so great!" Kimberly said.

"Congratulations," Billy said enthusiastically.

'And I wonder who that other essay belonged to?' Red Dragon said amusement lacing his voice.

'Personally I don't care I get enough of fire already,' Logan replied.

The next day again Logan was sitting in class. Only this time it was Aisha giving the lecture.

"Like Fireman Newman said, most fire prevention is common since. This morning we are going to talk about the hazards of overloading electrical circuits," she said, before turning to Miss Applebee's desk behind her, which was covered in electrical appliances.

After picking up a blow dryer and a curling iron and plugging, them in she then faced the class. "Never plug too many things into one outlet. Like if, you want to blow-dry your hair and use a curling iron, also and if you want to put on gel first but you know you're going have to blow-dry it out. Then you want to use a curling iron again just on the ends…," she started.

"Wait you put gel on before you curl?" Kimberly (who was wearing a plastic fire hat) asked, interrupting and Logan sighed shaking his head.

'Women,' he thought and as if sensing his thought Ashley slapped his upper arm.

"Well girl I do, but you can gel after you curl…," Aisha said.

"Ladies can we get back to the fire safety lecture?" Miss Applebee said.

At that, an embarrassed smile appeared on Aisha's face. "Sorry," she and Kimberly said, then were interrupted by the sound of paws coming into the room and turning Logan's jaw dropped.

"Bulk and Skull you're late," Miss Applebee said, as they led a Dalmatian puppy on a leash as it struggled mightily to break free and explore its surroundings while they wore what looked like firefighter jumpsuits and gear.

"That's future firefighter Bulk,"

"And future firefighter Skull,"

'Gods above the city is going to burn to the ground with them on the job if they ever get on the job,' Red Dragon said.

'No kidding,'

"Take your seats, Aisha in the middle of a presentation!" Miss Applebee said, as the duo swaggered up to her desk.

After laying a small metal box on the desk, Bulk said, "and I'm sure it was a fascinating one. But we've got a presentation of our own, move over for the professionals," as he looked at Aisha and Logan's face disappeared behind his head.

"I can't watch, I can't watch," he moaned quietly out then peeked between two fingers.

"That's ok Miss Applebee, this should be interesting," Aisha said, stepping back.

At that, Bulk stood straight smugly. "Well as official members of the Angel Grove Wannabe Firefighters Club. We've prepared a special slide of the dangers of my father operating a barbeque," he said, and Logan's eyes closed.

"yeah so pay attention!" Skull said, as he tried to set up the screen and Bulk plugged in the projector.

"these slides represent a famous event the 1993 Bulk Family Barbeque. Also, know across the county of firefighters as… The Big One…," he said, dramatically and people chuckled.

'That was no laughing matter,' Logan thought in a exasperated tone.

'Yeah gave you nightmares for a week after you stepped in to help,'

'DID NOT!' Logan snapped as Skull continued to struggle with the screen.

"Bulk you really should use another plug," Aisha commented as he moved to plug ion the project in the same jack as the blow dryer and curling iron.

"Hey! I know what I am doing! Okay!" he said.

"Ah guys that looks really dangerous," Billy commented nervously and several people moved cautiously back in their desks.

Waving it off Bulk put the plug in. Almost at once three things happened there was a short-circuit with a shower of sparks as a blue streak of electricity ran through it, the class was on their feet back into a corner, and Aisha after unplugging he adaptor grabbed a fire extinguisher and emptied it one the desk. When the white cloud settled showing the danger had passed everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

"Alright class back to your seats," Miss Applebee said, waving them back.

"And remember guy's water and electricity don't mix," Aisha said, putting the now empty canister down.

"Now that was just a test to see how the class would react to a real electrical emergency," Bulk said, quickly sweat covering his forehead.

"Actually guys that was real good demonstration of what not to do," Aisha said, looking at him.

"Amen to that," Logan muttered retaking his seat loosening his grip on his powers.

"Aisha I am so proud of you," Miss Applebee said, and the class applauded and cheered their agreement.

'Why do I have a feeling this is going to go to her head?' Logan shouted as she beamed at the class in pride.

Later at the Center Logan was sparing with Tommy and Kim. After blocking an attack from Tommy, he spun with it throwing a kick knocking Tommy to the mat. As Tommy rolled to his feet, Kim flipped over Logan twisting through the air to kick him the chest knocking him to the ground. Rolling back onto one knee, he faced them as they stood side by side in a stance.

Leaping at them, sideways he wrapped his legs around Tommy's neck while grabbing Kimberly. Twisting he sent the three of them to the mat. Spinning on his back, he held them at bay as they tried to retaliate. Back on his feet, he hand prang back a few times, as they grasped each other's arms and swung each other at him.

Back on his feet, he leapt up nailing both in the chest with a split kick knocking back to the mat. As Kimberly looked up at him Tommy rolled forward tackling Logan to the mat. At once Logan wrapped his legs around him grabbed his arm and locking up the arm pressed him to the mat.

The two looked at each other for a second then Tommy tapped out. After Logan loosed the grip of his legs, Tommy shot up trying to pin him. Still holding onto his arm Logan brought his legs up and brought him down into an arm bar.

After he tapped out again, Logan shifted one of his legs and Tommy rolled for him. At once Logan wrapped his free leg around his neck and gripped hard with his thighs. Again, the two looked at each other and Tommy tapped out.

Letting him go Logan brought his legs close as Tommy drove forward then was lifted off the mat by Logan's feet. Shifting his weight Logan sent Tommy to the mat and had him back in an arm bar. Tommy let out a frustrate groan then tapped out again.

Smiling Logan rolled back onto his knees looking at his friend as he laid still on the mat. "What style was that again?" he muttered.

Laughing Logan said, "Ju-Jitsu," patting Tommy on the chest.

Sitting up the three turned and watched as Aisha moved through the Center a clipboard in hand. "How do you think she's doing?" Tommy asked.

After looking over at her Logan muttered, "I think in some ways she knows her stuff. But I also think she's got a lot to learn and things could quickly go to her head. So I suggest you guys keep an eye on her," and looked at Tommy.

He sighed and nodded and Logan turned as someone tapped his shoulder and smiled. "Hey Peter time for our weekly sparring already?" he asked, and Peter nodded not saying anything.

A few minutes later Logan and Peter were locked in a fierce sparring match. After ducking under a flying side Peter rolled forward and they both turned and threw roundhouse kicks at each other. Meanwhile Tommy now wearing a plastic firefighter's hat like Kim as he helped Kimberly and Billy pin up posters for Aisha while she worked with Ernie checking things off.

"Well that should just about do it," Billy said, putting his hands in his pockets.

"Did you put up any in the hallway?" Aisha asked, facing them.

"Not yet," Kimberly said, and Aisha thrust some flyers at her.

"Can't afford to let anywhere out, not with something as important as fire safety," she said.

"Okay sorry, well do that," Kimberly said, looking at Billy who nodded.

As they walked into the hall, Tommy looked at Aisha. "Um listen me and Logan have to go to the park and meet the guys for a run, so okay if we take off,' he said.

"Well if you're going by the mall can you put some flyers up?" she asked, handing him some.

"Sure no problem," he said, taking them.

"Oh and at the library… the gas station… and the video arcade, thanks. Come on Ernie lets go see how the kitchen looks," she said, ticking them off with her fingers before the two turned and walked away.

"You know I'm starting to think Logan's right she's taking this a little too seriously," Tommy said.

"I agree," Billy said.

"Oh come on you guys I think this is a great opportunity for her and I think she is doing a fantastic job," Kimberly said, taking the hat from Tommy's head and placing it on Billy's head.

"Well I suppose you're right," Billy Said, adjusting the hat.

"Well I got my work cut out for me so see you guys later," Tommy said, shaking his head.

"Bye," Kim said, as he walked over to the railing stuffing the flyers into his back pocket.

"Come on Logan we got to go meet Rocky and Adam!" he called looking at him.

"Just… a… sec…," he moaned out as Peter held him in a forward choke on the ground.

For a few seconds the two looked at each other with Peter arching his eyebrows and putting on a sly grin nodding toward the matt. "Not… a chance," Logan managed out grasping one his wrists.

He then shifted his hips snaked one leg up and slammed Peter against the mat in a arm bar. For a couple seconds Peter struggled against him then with a moan tapped out. Smiling Logan rolled back onto his knees and propping himself up Peter looked at him.

He pointed at himself then at Logan before tapping the mat.

"Yes you had me but then you got over confident, then I had you," Logan said, smiling and getting to his feet and followed Tommy out of the Center.

As the group of boys ran through the park toward the Library Tommy turned to Logan. "Why does Peter gesture like that…? I've heard him talk when he helps us teach?" he asked.

Arms pumping Logan looked at him. "Because of his shyness he prefers to watch and gesture. I indulge him," he said, turning his head back toward the path.

"But how do you understand him? I can't half the time," Adam said.

"I know ASL or American Sign Language, so it helps," Logan said, as they rounded a corner near the playground.

Just then in front of them a horde of putties appeared. "What are they doing here?" Adam demanded as they skidded to a stop.

"Cruising for a bruising come on!" Rocky barked, and the group rushed forward.

In the midst of the putties, Rocky dropped into a split ducking under a strike and nailed the putty in the center of the Z. Regaining his feet, he spun towards another throwing a tornado kick knocking it to the ground. Then after kicking away a punch, he leapt up nailing the putty with a kick before facing another.

Throwing a high sidekick to the putty's head, he was knocked off his feet as the putty ducked down and kicked his leg out from under him. Curling up and leaping to his feet, he nailed it with a sidekick knocking it to the ground. Blocking and grabbing the hand of a putty, he flipped it to the ground before turning and ducking under a punch threw a spin kick, which the putty ducked under then nailed it with a turning sidekick.

Turning he deflected a blow from a putty before close lining it sending it flipping to the ground. Stepping forward and grabbing a kick thrown at him behind his back, he swept a putty to the ground before his group all converged on him trying to bring him down. Leaping up from the middle of the pile, he sent them all to the ground.

Fighting another part of the horde Logan and Tommy after doing a couple handsprings they leapt up throwing kicks sending putties spinning to the ground. Turning Logan blocked a punch to him nailing the putty with a few of his own before flipping it onto its back. While he nailed one with a spin, kick then another with a turning sidekick beside him Tommy nailed one with a punch then another with a hook kick followed by a roundhouse.

Near the playground, Adam rolled across a picnic table before throwing a kick hard into the Z of a putty knocking it off the table. Regaining his feet, he slipped past a putty nailing it with a punch before leaping off the table. Turning to face another putty, he was nailed by a punch across the face sending him to the ground.

Before he could get back up two putties grabbed him by his ankles and flipped him over and he landed on his feet. Nailing both with a spin kick.

Meanwhile Tommy and Logan after blocking a kick with a kick and a raised knee nailed putties in front of them. Before throwing kick to putties behind them who caught them. Before they could do anything the two leapt up spinning Tommy nailing his with a kick to the head but Logan's ducked under the kick but was nailed by the sidekick he followed up with.

Then grasping forearms they swung each other through the air nailing several putties before breaking apart. Running forward they leapt up nailing one with a kick another with a punch before hopping onto a picnic bench. Whipping around they faced the putties.

"You thinking what I'm think?" Logan asked.

"Hell yeah!" Tommy barked.

Leaping forward they each nailed one with a flying sidekick shattering them. Behind them, Rocky and Adam flipped over the picnic table landing beside them facing the last four putties. The two groups charged each other and the four nailed the putties with various blows sending them flipping over themselves and shattering.

The danger past the four relaxed. "I don't get it what is Lord Zedd up to?" Adam asked, bent over hands on his knees.

"Trouble I'm going back to the Center to check in with the other," Tommy said, standing straight.

"I'll come with you!" Logan said, the two took off.

The two didn't stop until they reached the Center and darted inside finding Kimberly and Billy sitting at the bar and Aisha on the other side. "Boy are we glad you're still here, we were running through the park when the putties attacked us," Tommy said, in an undertone looking around.

"Oh man Lord Zedd is up to something again," Kimberly moaned.

"Are Adam and Rocky ok?" Aisha demanded worried.

"Yeah they're still in the park,"

"Well I'm glad everyone is alright… are those my flyers?" in the same worried tone Aisha said, snapping out the last part her voice becoming stern as Tommy turned around.

After looking at them, Tommy nodded. "Yeah we never made it to the mall," he said surprised, and his eyebrow arched.

"We were a little busy," Logan, said a little exasperated.

"Well you better hurry if you're going to make it to the library… hey are those exercises properly posted?" she said, and moved off leaving the others stunned.

"Man she's really into this," Tommy muttered and Kimberly chuckled while Billy nodded.

"Try obsessed, she needs a serious priority change," Logan muttered exasperated.

After looking at him, Kimberly nodded in agreement. "Well I gotta get back to the others Logan…," Tommy started.

"I'll see if I can get in touch with my dad," he said, then moved away slipping a hand into his pocket where the rod was.

A short while later Tommy, Adam and Rocky were once again running through the park on higher alert. Suddenly a scream went out and the three skidded to a stop.


"Did you guys hear that sounded like someone called fire?" Tommy demanded.

"Sounded like it came from over there!" Adam barked, pointing and the three darted in that direction.

When they arrived, they found half that section of the park was in flames. "What the heck is going on?" Rocky shouted over the roar of flames.

Almost in answer, a monster whose face was hidden by a veil riding a white horse appeared in the midst of the flames. "RANGERS BOW DOWN BEFORE THE WILL OF LORD ZEDD OR I WILL FRY ANGEL GROVE TO A CRISP!" she commanded.

"Well see about that! It's Morphing Time!" Tommy called.




At once, the three charged Flame Head Monster. "What did you forget your marshmallows!" she demanded lifting the veil and a torrent of flame shot at them sending them tumbling through the air as the ground exploded beneath their feet.

As Tommy started to climb to his feet, she fired again and he rolled away in time to dodge the blast. "Ha! You're not so hot!" he barked, then leapt through the air kicking her off the horse to the ground.

"Alright Tommy! Let's put out this match stick!" Rocky barked, then backed away in shock as Flame Head stood and he saw that her head and face really was one big flame behind the veil.

"Man what a hot head," Adam muttered.

As Flame Head picked up the veil and replaced it she called, "you Rangers really burn me up! You should have told Zordon to get you fireproof boots! Because there's only going to be a puddle when I'm done with you!" and in a flash of light a sword with flame edges appeared and she drove the tip into the ground.

At once flames erupted around them and standing back to back, they found them surrounded. "Man we have to cool her down!" Adam barked.

"I'll say but right now we could use a little help!" Rocky barked.

"Ask and you shall receive!"

Looking up they were in time to see Logan in his Ranger form drop from the sky and land right in front of them on bended knee. "Now who threw the barbeque and didn't invite me!" he barked, standing and shifting to a stance.

"Ah The Mighty Red Dragon Ranger! And what do you hope to do!" she barked, jabbing her sword at him.

"I plan to extinguish you!" he barked, jabbing his finger at her.

As Flame Head started to roar with laughter Logan muttered, "Tommy whatever happens when this battle is over don't touch me!" and Tommy looked at him.

"Why?" he asked.

"Just do it!" Logan snapped and stepped forward the flames dropping as he walked through them.

"You want a piece of me Flame Head! Well here I am! Hit me with your best shot!" he shouted at the monster slapping his hands against his chest before spreading them wide.

"WITH PLEASURE!" she shouted and lifting the veil unleashed a great torrent of flame.

"RED DRAGON!" Tommy shouted stepping forward as the flames engulfed him.

In the middle of the flames Logan stood arms spread wide as the flames danced around him oblivious to what was happening around him. Then after what seemed like a few minutes, the flames began to die down. Opening his eyes saw his sensor readouts glow almost blindly bright.

'Power Levels at 650 percent!' Red Dragon reported as Logan saw Flame Head step back in shock.

"My turn!" he growled flipping his palms down and concentrating.

Moving them through the air, they seemed to shimmer as he traced a circle through the air. "RING OF FIRE FULL POWER! ENGAGE!" he called thrusting his arms forward and the funnel of flame shot at the monster.

She blocked it with her sword and the two stood staring at each other. "My powers also come from fire you fool! You can't hurt me that way!" she barked, laughing.

"Perhaps not now but you gave me a heck of an edge!" Logan barked, and he focused.

At once, the flames around him shot to his hands and was absorbed into him until only scorched earth remained and his forearms started glowing. 'Make that 850 percent we can't take any more! Or we'll short out!' Red Dragon barked, in warning.

With a cry, Logan transferred the flames into the funnel and with a roar and what seemed a wave, it shot forward with more power. At first, it didn't seem to make any difference then a crack appeared in the blade of Flame Head's sword. Then another and another.

"What's the matter? Can't take as much heat as you thought!" he barked.

For a second Flame Head just stared at him before the sword shattered and with a cry, she was knocked off her feet and sent soaring into the sky. Ending the spell Logan dropped to his knees breathing like he had just run a mile. Turning he looked around him and saw Rocky, Tommy, Adam, and Aisha fighting putties and frowned when he saw Aisha was trying to fight them all herself.

As she defeated the last putty with the three looking at her stunned. "I think I'm going to have to have a little talk with her," he muttered.

'Well good because until we vent this heat out we can't do much else,' Red Dragon said.

Shaking himself out of his stupor Tommy spotted him and rushed over. "Red Dragon are you…?" he started to ask hand out stretched.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" Logan barked, in warning as he jerked back from Tommy.

At that, Tommy stepped back hands held up and before more could be said, the four were teleported out. "Well… let's follow Zordon's advice," he muttered and opening a portal leapt through coming out in the Command Center.

As they looked at him he called, "Power Down!" and he demorphed to his altered form.

At once Kimberly stepped forward but Tommy blocked her. "It's ok you guys can touch me now," he commented patting Tommy on the shoulder to make his point.

"We'll that's a relief but why…?" Tommy started to ask then froze when he saw the melted parts of the floor. Where Logan had been.

"That's why. I absorbed so much heat and flame I would have hurt you," he said, and watched as Aisha walked up to Zordon.

"What are we doing here? We need to get back to the park! The monster could burn down the whole city!" she barked.

"Aisha I let you go to the park so that you could learn a valuable lesson. Many times in life situations arise that require clear thinking and to be brave enough to seek the help of others," he said.

"Zordon I'm responsible! I agreed to be Fire Safety Captain!" she said.

"You accepted that position under ordinary circumstances. But now you must realize that we are in great danger. It is your responsibility as a Power Ranger that team work is the only way to defeat the forces of evil," he replied.

"That's right there's no I in team," Tommy said.

"Yeah we're always there for each other," Kimberly said, placing a hand in her shoulder.

"Always," Billy said, nodding.

"All for one and one for all," Logan said.

After looking from one to another Aisha lowered her head. "I guess I have a lot to learn about being a Power Ranger," she muttered.

"Not so much about being a Ranger Aisha. But fire, that's a different story all together," Logan said, and she looked at him and he walked forward.

She looked at him for a few seconds before. "Come on guys its Morphing Time!" Kimberly barked.



Once morphed the Rangers were teleported out and walking to the viewing globe Logan watched as they battled Flame Head. "What was that comment all about?" Zordon asked.

"It means that I'm going to have to have a talk with her later," he answered taking out the rod and pressed the end to his arms and he turned back to normal as Flame Head grew and they summoned their Zords forming ThunderMeagzord.

He then watched as after they nailed Flame Head with a torrent of cold air they destroyed her with a slash from the Thunder Saber and full power. And before they could teleport back, he opened a portal and was gone.

That night Aisha laid in bed her mind on the day's events. Then suddenly there came a knocking at her window. Sitting bolt upright she stared at it before slipping from bed her Donald Duck nightshirt shifting and peeked out through the glass and saw nothing but the night sky.

Frowning she opened it and poked her head out.

"Thanks I was starting to get a cramp."

With a start, she leapt back into a stance facing the window. "Do you mind if I come in? I won't if you don't want me to," the voice said.

She was silent as her eyes scanned the window suspiciously, as moon light poured into the room from it. "Slowly… but any funny stuff and I'll kick your butt," she warned.

"I expected nothing less Aisha," the voice said, and her eyes widened a bit then a second later Logan in his altered form pulled himself into the room from the side of the window.

"Red Dragon what are you doing? You nearly gave me a heart attack!" she snapped quietly.

He shrugged. "Well the last time I visited Tommy he said, I should knock," he said, and she rolled her eyes.

Turning she threw up her arms. "Great next time I see him I'll kill him for this now what do you want?" she demanded facing him.

At that, he smiled. "To show you something. Now get dressed you won't need that night shirt, where were going," he muttered opening a portal and she blinked.

After she got dressed and they stepped through the portal, she shivered with discomfort on the other side. "Man I feel like I just walked though static electricity," she muttered then took in her surroundings.

"Where are we?" she asked, taking in the flame scared room of the apartment.

"An apartment building in Mariner Bay. There was a fire here a couple years ago they're about to tear it down and rebuild. Now tell me what you know about fire," he said, looking at her hands on his hips.

For a second she looked at him then quickly told him everything she knew. For a few seconds he was silent before he nodded.

"As I thought you may know how it's made and how to prevent and fight it a little. But when it comes to understanding it you don't know jack!" he said, and she blinked.

"Then why don't you enlighten me," she retorted.

Arching an eyebrow he raised a hand and snapped his finger and a flame appeared and with a flick of his wrist he pointed to the floor and at once the flame shot forward to land on the floor where it grew and she stepped back in surprise. Her face glowing in the dancing flame light.

"It's a living thing Aisha. It breaths, it eats, but above all it can love, and hate," he said, as they watched the flame with a dancing beauty grow across the floor and up the frame of the blacked door.

"And the only way to understand it is to think like it. To know that this flame with spread up that frame and across the ceiling not because of the physics of rising heat but because it wants to," he continued pointing as the flame move with a growling whoosh.

"…and yet the only way to really beat it is to love it back a little," he finished and fisting his hand the fire instantly died.

"Come there's more to see," he said, opening another portal and they stepped through.

"Where are we now?" Aisha asked, looking around the desolate eerie grey wasteland as she stepped over a fallen tree.

Looking down at her from his own tree Logan grinned. "What you don't recognize it?" he asked, and when she shook her head, he pointed over her shoulder.

Turning around her jaw dropped at the sight of the mountain, which looked like the top part, had been ripped away. "Mount St Helen," he gasped in wonder.

Nodding he stepped next to her. "A few years ago this was lush forest. Full of life beauty and majesty. Then she… well… in a phrase blew her top.

And a giant pyroclastic cloud destroyed everything in its path for miles. The results you can see around you," he said, waving his hand.

Turning on the spot she took in the ash darkened ground and lake in the distance. The trees ripped from the ground by the force of the eruption. Turning she jumped off the tree and followed Logan as he walked away.

"So why are we here did you bring me here to show me the destruction fire can do? If that's the case I learned that from what was left of the apartment," she said.

Smiling he looked at her. "Close but not quite. It is true if left unchecked fire and reap untold destruction… as we see around us… but it can also bring life," he said, and she stopped in her tracks at this.

After a few seconds, she shook her head and followed as he walked on without her. "How can you say that with what we see around us?" she demanded.

Stopping he turned to face her. "Because if we were to dig just beneath the surface," he said, kneeling down and started to dig just beneath the ash.

Kneeling down in front of him, she watched as he kept shifting the ash and dirt. Then her mouth opened in wonder. As he uncovered a small lively green plant growing in the midst of this destruction.

"You see the very heart of fire its true essence is energy. Now because of what happened here in a few year's time this forest will grow anew and stronger and healthier than before. This ash will fertilize this ground feeding the earth along with the fallen trees and in time, this will be a lush meadow.

That lake down there soon all the toxins in it will be washed away as the ash in it soaks it up and washes it away. Fish will flourish in it as the logs in it settle to the bottom and algae grows on them.

Not all this would have been possible without the volcano or the fire. The forest would have grown and rotted away to desolation. And this…," he said, waving his hand at the destruction.

A short while later a portal reopened in Aisha's room and the two stepped through. "I never thought that fire…," she started and he nodded.

"I know," he said, and she looked at him.

"How is it that you know so much about fire?' she asked.

At that, he looked at her. "Because I am the Red Dragon Ranger, my element is fire, so it's my job to know. And now to bed with you," he said, and with a wave of his hand a portal open and he was gone.

The next day after school at the center Aisha sat with everyone at a table. "I just want to say I'm sorry about being so bossy lately," she said.

"Can we get that in writing?" Logan asked, and both Kimberly and Ashley cuffed him.

"Well sometimes taking on a big responsibility can be a little over whelming," Billy said, as Logan chuckled looking at the girls.

"Don't I know it," Aisha said, smiling then everyone turned toward the doors to watch Bulk and Skull trudge in looking very depressed or in Skull's case almost mournful.

"Hey what's the matter with you two? You looked bummed?" Tommy asked, concerned.

"They kicked us out of the Wannabe Fire Fighter's Club," Bulk muttered.

"Oh how come?" Kimberly asked, and Logan gave a discreet sigh of relief at the news.

"Something had it to do with against regulations to hide in a lake during a fire," he said, and everyone at the table chuckled.

"They took away our pooch," Skull whimpered.

"Will you shut up about the dog! And worse yet we never got to see a Power Ranger!" Bulk snapped.

"Well you two guys are just in time for our surprise!" Ernie said, going into the kitchen.

Frowning Aisha looked at Kimberly who clapped her hands in excitement. "We wanted to show our appreciation for all your hard work during fire safety week," Kimberly said, and a grin spread across Aisha's face as Ernie came out with a cake bearing a fire engine and lit candles.

On it in red icing were the words:


Almost immediately, both Bulk and Skull started screaming. "FIRE! FIRE!" and springing into action Skull grabbed a pitcher of water and threw the contents against Bulk's head drenching him from the shoulders up.

While everyone laughed, Aisha blew out the candles and Ernie looked at Logan. "Shouldn't you be doing something?" he asked.

Shrugging he climbed to his feet and walked down to hop onto the stage. "Hey everyone how you doing today?" he said, into the mike after switching it on.

After they gave their affirmation he called, "well this one is for recently and thankfully retired Fire Safety Captain,' he said, and a few people laughed and he saw Aisha roller eyes and shake her head despite the smile on her face as he slipped on his guitar.

Sliding the guitar into place, he started strumming the tune. "It's just a ball of dust Underneath my feet It rolls around the sun Doesn't mean that much to me

Take a chance on the edge of life Just like all the rest I look inside and dig it out 'Coz theres no points for second best

There's a raging fire in my heart tonight Growing higher and higher in my soul There's a raging fire in the sky tonight I wanna ride on the silver dove far into the night

'Til I make you take me on your mighty wings Make you take me on your mighty wings across the sky Take me on your mighty wings Take me on your mighty wings tonight

With just a little luck A little cold blue steel I cut the night like a razor blade 'Til I feel the way I wanna feel

There's a raging fire in my heart tonight Growing higher and higher in my soul There's a raging fire in the sky tonight I wanna ride on the silver dove far into the night

'Til I make you take me on your mighty wings Make you take me on your mighty wings across the sky Take me on your mighty wings Take me on your mighty wings tonight

Oh I wanna make you take me on your mighty wings Make you take me on your mighty wings across the sky Take me on your mighty wings Take me on your mighty wings tonight

On your mighty wings Make you take me on your mighty wings across the sky," he sang and Aisha beamed while the crowd roared.