"Pick the one you want, she's your fiancée," the father of the three daughters announced, after introducing each of his precious children to the pigtailed girl.

"Mr. Tendou..." Ranma swallowed, nervously, "This... REALLY isn't a good idea!"

"Oh, he wants Akane!" The eldest one, Kasumi, proclaimed.

"Definitely Akane!" The second eldest one, Nabiki seconded.

"Guys... you're not listening to me here," Ranma attempted to interject

"ARE YOU KIDDING? WHY WOULD I BE-" The youngest one, Akane, retorted rather loudly.

"Well, you hate boys, right?" Nabiki countered, "You're in luck, he's half girl!"

Ranma sighed, before glaring balefully at her pop, "Ah, forget it, you'll find out soon enough. I'm just gonna go to bed."

"Hey, don't you have anything to add to this? Or are you just happy about it, you pervert!"

Without turning around, Ranma walked up to the guestroom, waving the response off.

"Hmph," Akane snorted, changing into her nightclothes, "The nerve of that jerk! Well, I'll show that... that boy! By the time I'm through with him, he won't want to marry ANY girl, much less me or my sisters!"

Satisfied in her plan to make Ranma's life hell until he relented on the engagement, Akane threw herself into bed, and turned off the lamp in the nightstand. With a contented smile, she began to drift off.

Immediately, Akane shot up, looking around her room warily. "Funny," the raven haired girl whispered to herself, "guess I'm just hearing things..." Refluffing her pillow, she attempted to sleep again. Her attempt was once again disturbed by a whisper that was just at the edge of her hearing. With a growl, Akane sat up, "Nabiki, if this is your idea of a joke..."

Unable to cease the twitching of her eye, the youngest Tendou pulled herself out of bed, and headed for her door, aiming to give her dear sister a piece of her mind. just has her hand reached the exit barrier to her room, it swung open, taking the girl by surprise, and almost causing her to trip backwards onto the floor.

"Akane, you know keeping me up at night becomes expensive, right?" Nabiki growled, glaring at her sister.

"What? You're the one playing pranks!" Akane accused, before blinking, "Right?"

The middle Tendou sister favored her youngest sister with a contemptful glare, "Of course, Akane, I would be in here financially threatening you if I was pulling gags. You know full well how serious I take money."

"Must you two make all this racket? We have guests, you know?" Both girls turned to Kasumi, who looked back at the two of them with a distressed expression.

"So, if it wasn't you, and I'm pretty positive it wasn't me, then who...?"

Akane growled, "I knew that jerk was going to be trouble!"

"Oh my, I thought he seemed such a nice boy, too." Kasumi commented, disappointed by the possible conduct of their current visitor.

"Well, if Ranma thinks this is a proper way to address our hospitality, then I think he needs to learn otherwise," Nabiki finalized, before turning towards the door across the hall. With her two sisters in tow, she marched up to the door, and quickly pulled it open, to have it immediately shut on her.

Blinking in slight confusion, before her face schooled into an even further irritance than before, Nabiki moved to force the door open, and found it not budging. "What the? Ranma, if you're holding the door closed, there WILL be hell to pay!"

"Here, let me," Akane demanded, more than willing to pit her strength against the pigtailed jerk's. As soon as she began, she discovered how difficult a task it was. "Leggo of the door before you break it, you jerk!"

With that, the door quickly slid open, revealing an irritated and tired pigtailed girl at the threshold, "What the heck you guys want? I'm trying to sleep here!"

"Cute," Nabiki countered, "We were trying to do the same thing, before somebody snuck into our rooms, and decided to enact Yotsuya Kaiden for our bedtime entertainment.

"What?" Ranma enquired, blankly staring at the three girls, "What does that have to do with me?"

"What my sister's trying to say is that we would appreciate it if you stayed OUT of our rooms, pervert!"

"Hey! I ain't no pervert, and I've been in my room trying to sleep. Why the heck would I want to sneak into you guys' room anyways?"

Even Kasumi felt the sting of that comment. Fortunately for Ranma's physical and financial well being, she managed to swallow the unpleasant sensation, and force herself to understand that the pigtailed girl didn't mean it as it sounded, before her sister's concluded otherwise. "Are you sure you've been in the guest room the whole time? We don't mean to accuse you, but, well..."

"Hey! Don't apologize to this jerk! He saw me naked!"

"You walked in on me, you uncute tomboy!"

"Ugh, let's not start this!" Nabiki interjected, severely wanting to get back to bed, "From one of his previous comments, I doubt he even likes girls, Akane."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Ranma enquired, vaguely feeling that she was just insulted.

"Let's just go back to bed, I think this was all a misunderstanding," Kasumi mediated, "Good night, Ranma."

"If I catch you in my room, 'Hell' won't even begin to describe what I'll turn your life into," Nabiki interjected, before heading back for her room.

"That goes double for me!" Akane stated, before stalking back to her room. Kasumi gave Ranma one last glance; both in apology and subtle warning, before going to her room.

With a sigh, Ranma closed his door, glad his father hadn't woken up, "Thanks, thanks a lot."

With a roll of her eyes, Ranma sulked back to her bed, knowing that their stay was going to be a problem, "Whatever"

Ranma looked down at the plate Kasumi prepared for him, and then around to everyone else's, "Um, not that I'm complaining, but what gives?"

"Yes, why is the boy getting larger portions than me-er- the rest of us?" Genma demanded, already planning a strategy to gather the majority of his son's meal so everything was 'fair' between them. Both Nabiki and Akane raised an eyebrow at their eldest sister, more than aware of the fact that she was not prone to giving extra portions to anyone unless she felt guilty about something.

"Well, I... that is," Kasumi started, wringing her hair. The younger Tendou sisters' thoughts were confirmed at her nervous habits. Nabiki rolled her eyes, as Akane silently fumed that their sister was upset about 'questioning' their guest last night. Nabiki was more than suspicious, but decided to leave the matter by until Ranma gave her solid evidence, and Akane was only slightly held at bay because neither of her sisters took action yet.

"Um, what's up?"

With a deep breath, Kasumi forced herself to continue, "I deeply apologize for the three of us disturbing you last night, Ranma. I regret, as a hostess, such conduct on our behalves."

"Oh, come on, Kasumi! You know he was messing around in our rooms last night! Don't apologize to the jerk!"

"What's this? Ranma, were you in my daughters' rooms last night?" Soun mildly demanded, for some reason not carrying a certain 'vengeful father' tone that one would have suspected.

"Ah..." Ranma began, rather nervously, "I-It was nothing... really..."

Nabiki narrowed her eyes, taking his sudden nervousness as that solid evidence she needed, and already began formulating plans on how to make him suffer, "Calm down, Akane, we weren't sure at the time that it was him."

"You don't think it was just a coincidence that-"

"The wind was pretty audible last night, Akane," Nabiki interjected, giving her sister a subtle glare and hoping she would take the hint.

"Are you sure, Nabiki? it was supposed to be rather mild last night after the rain died down," Soun enquired, trying maintain hope that Genma's son had taken a healthy interest to his daughters.

"Yes, I'm sure, Daddy."

With a sigh, the Tendou Patriarch went back to his paper, deciding he would question the young man on his daughters later. Before he picked back up on the last word he read, he recalled something important, "Oh, and Ranma, today you will be attending school with Nabiki and Akane"

Akane looked at her sister, dubiously, "Um, Nabiki, are you sure about this? I could just pound him until he goes away..."

Nabiki chuckled, as she reclined back into her desk chair, "My dear little sister, always wanting the instant gratification." Looking down at her nails, the middle Tendou sister continued, "No, invasion of my privacy, especially by a stranger, deserves a more... creative and lasting punishment."

"So you're going to marry the guy and truly make his life horrible?" Akane asked, blandly, "I think that's probably going a bit too far..."

"No, I'm not going to marry the fool, Akane," Nabiki consoled, mentally thanking her mother for her intellectual contribution to the gene pool, while Akane took after their father. "The way I figure it, if he's traveled, he's probably got at least a little money built up somewhere. I get into his good graces, let him wine me and dine me, before forcibly breaking him both emotionally and monetarily to where I then simply tell Daddy that he's just simply not favorable husband material. Sure, Daddy may cry about it for a month or so, but he'll get over it."

Akane blinked several times throughout the silence that proceeded, before shrugging, "Well, better you than me. Speaking of the jerk, Kasumi's still kissing up to him."

Nabiki rolled her eyes, "Well, you know how Kasumi gets when her conscience gets a hold of her. Just let her kow-tow until we get rid of him if it helps appease her guilt."

"But you really think the jerk deserves it?"

Nabiki turned back to finishing her homework, "I'll have him more than make up for it.