Ranma breathed a sigh of relief, as he watched the ambulance take Kasumi off. When they heard Kasumi was alright, but suffered a mild concussion when she threw herself out the window. Apparently, the Tendou girls were a hearty bunch. Of course, it was suggested that she stay at a hospital to ensure no other complications arrived, then put under psychiatric observation for... well... jumping out a window on the second story in the middle of the night.


Ranma winced, hearing the arctic chill in his self-nominated fiancée's voice; considering the glares the girl had been favoring him with, he was sure this wasn't about to be a pleasant conversation, "Yeah, Nabiki-san?"

"You had something to do with this, didn't you?" Nabiki accused, stabbing her index finger into his chest.

"Wh-what would make you say that?" Ranma stuttered, attempting to feign innocence.

"Because Kasumi was okay until you showed up!" Akane added, storming up to the two, "Now out with it, what did you do to our sister before I beat it out of you!"

"I didn't do nutt'n, I swear!" Ranma pleaded, trying to quell the girls.

With a sly smile that didn't reach eyes that were colored with malice, Nabiki stepped closer to Ranma, trailing a hand down his chest, "Why, Ranma, you wouldn't be trying to keep secrets from your future wife, would you?"

Right then, a vase holding flowers by the doorway crashed to the ground.


Laying her head against his chest, Nabiki began to make small circles on his stomach with her fingertip, "Because, you know honesty is important to a marriage."

Ranma gulped, finding himself pressed against the wall, "M-married?"

"Why, yes, married," Nabiki's sly smirk dropped, "And when I find out what you did to my sister, while we're married, well, let's just hope it never comes to that... for you." With that, Nabiki slapped Ranma's forehead, causing the back of his head to dribble off the wall, before she stormed off with Akane following.

"Do you have to act so shameless?" Akane demanded, somewhat queasy from her sister's performance.

"The psycho's going to come after one of us, Akane," Nabiki proclaimed, sounding more than ready for the pigtailed boy's retaliation.

"Let him," Akane stated, with her own resolve, "Once I pound him flat, we'll force Dad to throw them out!"

"I think Kasumi deserves a little more vengeance then that," Nabiki commented, smirking evilly.

Nabiki smiled lazily, quite satisfied with the results of her campaign against the younger Saotome. When not being attacked by one half of the school, he was shunned and jibed by the other half. Completing the day, Nabiki suggested that Akane cook dinner, who adamantly refused to cook for 'the pigtailed creep', until she stated that it was for them only, since Kasumi was out of commission for the time being. With some quick maneuvering, Nabiki ended up treating her sister and distraught father to dinner after a 'necessary' visit to Kasumi, while the Saotome's were left with the home cooked meal.

Judging from what was left of it and considering the speed the ate, it must have taken them a while to register the toxicity levels of the meal. With a chuckle to herself, she went to her door, and sighed at the sounds of agony coming from the guest room. "Must have been something special," Nabiki considered, as she stripped out of her comfort clothes, and donned on a oversized shirt for bed.

As she sat down on her mattress, and pulled the blanket back to slip under it, the lights flickered, and died. Blinking, Akane sat up, and went out her room to investigate. She looked around, finding the lights in the bedrooms and the hallway also out, "Great, probably a blown circuit or something." She turned to head back into her room, before pausing, and turning to look at the stairway.

Standing at the top of the stairs, stood a little girl around six or seven years of age, dressed in a dark colored outfit from what Nabiki could see. The girl's eyes were hidden in shadow, only showing her youthful lips fixed in neither a smile or a frown. "Who are you?" The little girl didn't answer, and instead turned to the stairs, and started down them, before suddenly tumbling forward.

Nabiki's eyes went wide, as she raced to the head of the stairs, looking down at the body of the girl laying at the base, staring up with large, porcelain eyes and her head at an angle the human neck wasn't meant to hang at. "Oh gods, oh gods, oh gods," the middle Tendou sister repeated, as she rushed down the stairs, hoping against all evidence that the girl wasn't dead.

The middle Tendou daughter reached the bottom of the stairs, cautiously nudging the body, before prodding its neck, "No, oh no, you can't be dead, please, please!" Her mind finally sought reason, that she needed to call for help, that she needed someone to-


"YEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" Nabiki screamed, shooting back from the body that suddenly sat up and would have been face to face with her, if head hadn't flopped to the back of the girl.

She scrambled backwards on her backside, before blinking, and realizing a body wasn't there. Shifting her eyes back and forth, she began to sit up; she was so sure that it had been real. "Must be the stress getting to me," Nabiki thought, as she sighed, and began to sit up, just as she felt something gracing the sides of her neck.


Nabiki heard shouted impersonally close to her ear, as she felt a pair of small hands grip tightly to her neck from behind.

Nabiki screamed, attempting to pry off the surprisingly strong hands, while sitting up and swinging around in attempts to dislodge the girl. The girl's body slammed into the walls with enough force to baulk any six or seven year old, yet the pasty faced girl held fast and relentlessly. The middle Tendou sister desperately slammed her back into the walls, attempting to crush the girl, and threw herself backwards onto the ground. When that failed to work, she took a running start from one end of the hall, and ran to the otherwith the ghostly girl flapping behind her like a cape, before leaping, spinning, and slamming back first into the far wall.


Nabiki ran up the stairs, turned around, and threw herself down them, tumbling painfully to the bottom, before she ran into the host room with the TV, and flipped over the couch, landing on her back on the floor in front of it. She then got up, and threw herself backwards through the back door, shattering it. With her momentum, she tumbled off the porch, before frantically looking around, and jumping backwards into the fish pond.


coming up for air, Nabiki looked around, before spying the tree in the back yard.

Akane, Ranma, Genma, and Soun watched, as Nabiki climbed the tree, and threw herself off of it onto her back, before climbing it again, and repeating the process. "You sooooo have something to do with this, too," Akane stated with a hooded gaze, as he looked at Ranma while pointing to Nabiki. With a slump, the pigtailed boy looked to his father, who shook his head. With a growl, Ranma socked his father with a nearby stone lantern, hoping that kept him out of commission long enough for him to explain

They all watched, as Nabiki ran towards the stone walls surrounding the Tendou grounds, somersaulted forward, and slammed into it with her back. she slid down the wall head first, before springing to her feet, running into the dojo, and coming out with a kai bo, slamming it into her back as hard as she could.

"You guys think we should stop her before she hurts herself?" Ranma enquired, just as Nabiki started picking up stones from around the fish pond, tossing them into the air, and bending over so they landed on her back.

Akane wanted to ignore the situation, actually, but it was her sister, "I guess, we better do something before it's-" Everyone flinched, as a rather large stone missed Nabiki's back, and landed on the back of her head, "-hurts herself."

To everyone's surprise, Nabiki stood up again, and ran into the dojo. "Now what?" Ranma asked, before his eyes widened at the sound of well oiled steel sliding out of a scabbard, "WHOA!" He broke for the dojo before anyone else moved, and was already wrestling the sword from Nabiki's hands before she could use it to slash at her back, "ALRIGHT, UCCHAN, ENOUGH'S ENOUGH!!!"

"My Ranchan."

Ranma groaned, as Nabiki blinked, looked around, and realized she was being held firmly by a rather strong pair of arms, "Uh, what am I missing here?"

Ranma sheepishly let go, before standing back from the girl, "That was Ukyo... sorry about all this"

"COME BACK HERE, YOU JACKASSES, COME BACK!" a little girl, barely in her seventh year, screamed out, as she frantically chased after the little pigtailed boy.

"Bye Ucchan, bye bye!" Ranma waved, munching on an okonomiyaki. His father ran as fast as he could with the vender cart Ranma was sitting upon, surprised to find the girl behind them so fast.

Ukyo chocked her gasps down, determined to catch up with her new fiancé. Firming herself, locking into a mindset of 'all or nothing', Ukyo pushed herself to move faster...

…and tripped.

At the sound of the loud crack, Genma stopped, and turned to look behind them. Ranma double-blinked, wondering if Ukyo was okay.

The three Tendous stared at the Saotome's in disbelief.

"You mean to tell us, you ran off with the girls dowry after making a marriage pact with her father, to which this Ukyo tried to catch you, tripped, fell, and broke her neck, now she haunts you in some twisted belief that she's still to be married to you?"

Ranma scratched the back of his head nervously, while fidgeting under Nabiki's blanched stare, "Ah, that's about the gist of it."

"This is probably the most screwed up thing I've ever heard!" Akane stated, "How could you just leave that poor girl behind like that!"

"Well, I was six at the time, and Pops told me that it wasn't a good idea to carry a corpse around," Ranma chuckled, "Well, I know better, now."

"Well, this shouldn't pose too much a problem, should it?" Soun insisted.

"WHAT? You're STILL not thinking of marrying one of us to him, are you?" Akane screeched. A teacup flew off the table, and crashed into the wall.

"Uh, careful with the 'm' word," Ranma warned.

Nabiki stared forward, stunned in realization, "No..."

Akane tilted her head, before a smirk appeared on her face, "Well, at least your marriage should be exciting!"

"Hey! The deal was for ANY of us to marry him!"

One of the light bulbs from the ceiling light unscrewed itself, and crashed onto the table.

"But you accepted, remember?" Akane pointed out, "Face it, Sis, you out witted yourself on this!"


"Oh, don't worry, my dear," the Tendou Patriarch attempted to console his middle daughter, "once Ukyo's spirit is at rest, I'm pretty sure your marriage will be fine."

The table flipped over, flattening Soun.

"That he had coming," Nabiki stated, before getting up, "I think I feel a little ill. I'm going to my room."

"Wait," Ranma pleaded, before standing up, and following the girl.

Nabiki turned from where she was ascending the stairs, and favored Ranma with her most arctic glare, "This is all YOUR fault, Saotome."

"Well, yeah, but-"

"But NOTHING!" Nabiki met Ranma at the foot of the stairs, getting insultingly close within his personal space, "If I have to suffer the temper tantrum of a dead brat, so help me, Saotome, your life will NEVER know joy!" With that, she stomped up the stairway, in no way wanting to further being in the vicinity of the pigtailed boy.

Ranma sighed, rolling his eyes to the sky, "Thanks, Ucchan, thanks a lot."

"I love Ranchan' was slowly spelled out in black scrawl on the wall behind Ranma.


What? What I do now?


Funny, I seem to lack the sexual satisfaction that comes with screwing a seventeen year old girl more than once.

You perverted jerk

Oh, grow a hormone or two, the lack of estrogen in your system can't be healthy. And I did Ukyo this year, not you.

And why does Akane get away, scott free?

Well, I could shoot her in the head again if that would make you happy...

Gotta admit, I'm not completely happy with the outcome, but at least I'm still with Ranma-honey.

You and Nabiki with Ranma, I don't think that's proper

Will you change out of that, Sis? That bloody nightgown is more than a little unsettling.

Happy Halloween.