For My Eyes Only

by Kitsune Bot

"You may now kiss the bride."

These six fateful words caused him the only hesitation he had felt during the entire ceremony. The sudden air of anticipation that swept over the hushed crowd was almost palpable. He found himself wondering, not for the first time, how many of the guests were in attendance if only for this rare opportunity.

'No,' he thought ruefully, 'they're here because they're happy for us.'

His eyes swept over the crowd and his mismatched gaze landed on one particular guest who did not seem too happy at the prospect of watching his former sensei kiss the new bride. The scowl on Naruto's face promised pain if Kakashi so much as thought about delivering anything but a chaste performance. Kakashi almost scoffed. 'As if we got to the altar without a bit of physical intimacy,' he quickly amended his thoughts, 'A lot of physical intimacy.'

Breaking his gaze from the over protective blonde he turned to face his blushing bride. Green eyes danced with mirth and one slim pink eyebrow was raised in a mocking manner that suggested that she was well aware of the internal conflict he was having and found the entire situation highly amusing.

Mind made up, he smirked and reached down for her veil while he brought two fingers up to the edge of his trademark mask. The thick tension magnified as the crowd moved as one, everyone on the edge of their seats with eyes wide as if they were afraid of missing even one detail of this monumentous occasion.

Kakashi teasingly tugged at the edge of the mask without actually removing it and wasn't surprised to hear a couple strangled gasps escape a few of the more impatient revelers. Almost shaking with suppressed laughter, he wrapped his free arm around his wife's waist and quickly stooped low enough to finish the ceremony with the traditional flare. In the same instant he ripped the mask from his delicate features he slipped under the veil and captured her lips with his own. He could almost feel the outrage and exasperation of the wedding guests and he could certainly hear a few indignant remarks about being cheated by a flimsy piece of opaque cloth.

Kakashi set Sakura down gently and smiled softly and she kissed him softly once more before replacing the black mask that managed to hide him from so many, but never from her. He tilted his head into the hand that rested on his cheek and chuckled at her words full of love and tenderness. "For my eyes only."


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