AN: So I've decided to use "For My Eyes Only" as my catch-all Kakashi/Sakura one-shot pile. I can't put a number on how often this will be updated or how many chapters it will be but when it strikes my fancy I'll post my Kakashi/Sakura drabbles here! Hope you enjoy!

Silk Against Skin

by Kitsune Bot

It was the slow drag of dark silk against pale skin that entranced her every time. Her greedy eyes devoured the stark contrast between fabric and flesh as she peeled the mask away inch by inch to reveal the strong cut of his jaw and full sensual lips pulled into a self-satisfied smirk. But then her bold mouth dared to follow the path forged by her fingers and the smirk was replaced with something else entirely. She watched the bob and dip of his adams apple at eye level as he took a shuddering breath and fought to control himself. Her fingers found their way to his lips so she could read his words before he spoke them but all he could manage was, "Sakura . . ." before trailing off for lack of cohesive thoughts. She had heard his intentions though and knew instinctively what he wanted.

Before now it had all been vaguely unreal or, at least, they had convinced themselves their thoughts and feelings to be the stuff of fantasy. She had been too young and naive and uncertain he could love her while he was old and jaded and uncertain he should love her.

But he did.

And she knew.

"Kakashi," her voice was a desperate prayer that hung in the heavy air between them like a promise of redemption, "please," emeralds clashed against ruby and onyx, "kiss me." Her fingers fluttered and clenched like little birds at her side but she didn't take notice.

His breath against her fingertips was hot and erratic and she instantly missed the sensation when he reached up and gently moved her hand away from his face. He turned his head and pressed his burning lips against her hammering pulse and his smirk returned at full force. "No," her protest wiped the expression away, "like this." Her lips were on his; it was the slow drag of silk against skin that entranced him every time.