When i began writing I said i'd never post a chapter just for the sake of putting out a notice, but I guess not everyone can keep their own word all the time.

I suppose this is quite over-due, but i am afraid the circumstances just hit the point where I doubt i'll be able to continue soon enough with any of my stories. Before today it was because I ahd other engagement to attend to, such as school work and family. Unfortunately, I just received news that I have apparently lost every single byte of data on both my harddrives, which mean of course, that I have lost every single file to which I have any writing on, including all my notes.

I am offically on hiatus until I can gather my thought's and put everything back down onto paper, or file so to speak, or atleast until I get my computer back and am able to see for certain if i've lost everything, or the company I was forced to send the computer to has tried to take a bit more money then they are entitled. The original problem with the computer was a bit of trouble with the ramslot's, or so i assumed, but I won't get into that, my apologies to everyone who was waiting for an update on Intertwined, An Alternate path, or Veneficus, but i will be unable to update for atleast a few more weeks.

Not the best start to the new year, but it's a start, and i'll try and make a finish( for one of my stories) by the end.

Once again, my apologies,


P.S I have something I was working on a few month's ago which was on my laptop, thankfully, i'll be uploading it within a few days, so, look forward to it, or not.