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Chapter 4

Naruto and the cubs settled into Tsunade's plan quite easily. They had been there for 2½ months now. The cubs furs had grown in sufficiently within the first 2 weeks as well as opening their eyes. The elder cub had deep red fur, almost Sharingan Red, with black tips on his ears and tails but the gloves on his paws were white. The younger cub was a fiery red in colour with white tips on ears and tails, while his gloves were black. Naruto had named them Daisuke and Keiichi (elder, younger). The first couple of days were awkward for Naruto, although he had the kitsune instincts his human reasoning sometimes interfered. He had needed a lot of help from Kyuubi during this time. After a while he just stayed in fox form and followed only his instincts. Since the cubs required his body heat for the first few weeks, Naruto had to rely on his Kage Bunshin's to help him out since he had no mate or pack. So his clones spent most of their time running errands, getting food and stuff or taking his place while he went to relieve himself. If he needed to see Tsunade he sent a Sexy no Jutsu clone (clothed) to see her, as they had managed to rope the Kazekage Gaara into covering for him and saying that Naruto was staying in Sand, until further notice. They (Tsunade and co.) realized that the village elders would eventually get edgy if the demon was out of the village too long, even if they couldn't wait to be rid of him, she just hoped it was long enough for the cubs to be without their mother and be watched by others.

Naruto had spent most of the first month in the room Tsunade provided him and the cubs. At the tail end of it, he worked up the courage to stay in Tsunade's office, and started his training. It was on his fifth day that Sasuke had returned from his mission. Sasuke's report had been going ok, and when Sasuke had turned to leave, Daisuke had let out a whelping noise to tell his mother he was hungry, Keiichi soon joined Daisuke in whelping. Sasuke turned back to Tsunade to enquire about the sounds. So she picked up a blanket that was under her table and put the cubs on it, wrapping it around them so their multiple tails weren't visible, and showed Sasuke. She told him that Naruto had saved them after finding their parents dead. He continued to ask her why she was looking after them and where was 'the dobe' then. She answered that Naruto was called on a special mission to Suna until further notice, so she was responsible for the cubs, until he got back. Seeming to take this information as truth, Sasuke turned again to leave. Naruto, keeping his ears on Sasuke's footsteps, didn't come out from under Godaime's desk until he was a safe distance away. He picked up the cubs by the scruff of their necks and carried them out of the room.

Tsunade followed a few minutes later, finding Naruto feeding the twins. He was in his halfway state. Keiichi was in his mother's arms, drinking from a bottle, while Daisuke was wrapped in his mother's tails, what Tsunade found hilarious was the sight of a bushy foxes tail holding a baby bottle. She wondered what else Naruto could do with his tails, except sweep the floors as his walked.

The second month had continued on much the same as the first. They'd had a couple of close calls of Naruto getting caught/ seen by different people.

As the cubs got older they started moving around more, and got into mischief with their games, Keiichi being the more troublesome. He liked to jump on the shelves and knock all the scrolls off, so they would have to be sorted and placed back on the shelves, while Daisuke preferred to just pounce on Tsunade's feet or Naruto's tails.

Meanwhile, Naruto's training was starting to bear fruit. Naruto's merge with Kyuubi had increased his IQ, but Naruto being Naruto he just didn't use it. SO when they had started the training Tsunade was shocked to find that Naruto was now a competent reader, and his mental capacity was quite large for a 'dobe'.

By the time 2½months had past the cubs had started taking solids and had started to play with some of the human toys that Tsunade or a disguised Naruto had brought for them.

Tsunade had been getting hassled from the elders about the Kyuubi Vessel's prolonged absence. It was decided that Naruto would go to Suna, then he and the Kazekage would return to Konoha, so he could report in and keep the village elders faces on straight.

It was argued that they should get someone other than Tsunade to look after the twins. Tsunade had said to leave them with Kakashi, and Naruto's answer was one of shock and anger. Kakashi may be a good ninja, but Naruto didn't think he would be competent to look after two-hanyou kitsune. Tsunade's next idea was Sasuke, as he was their Sire. Naruto snorted at that idea. Tsunade then mentioned Jiraiya, Naruto shuddered, thinking of his Ero-sennin using his cubs to help his information gathering. Naruto then asked if Iruka would be able to do it. Godaime's reply, was a howl of laughter, and said that he had managed with Naruto, hadn't he. So they had Kakashi round up and bring Iruka the Hokage's Office.

Tsunade explained the situation to Iruka, while Naruto hid under her desk. He knows Iruka, the man was very mild mannered, but shock or anger him and he could eat you alive, hence the hiding, Iruka was in for a big shock without being told about Sasuke's involvement. If he was told that he was likely to hunt Sasuke down and make him take responsibility for his kids, but Naruto, no matter how good the idea sounded, didn't think Sasuke would that it well. Kakashi was leaning against one of the walls reading one of his Icha Icha books.

Tsunade started by telling Iruka that this was a special mission, but it was still a babysitting mission. When Iruka asked who's kids he was watching Kakashi jumped in and announced that they were Naruto's. The ANBU and the Hokage's secretary were all started by the loud "What?!" resounding in the halls. Naruto cowered under the table, knowing it was only going to get worse.

Godaime glared at Kakashi. Iruka had calmed a little. Tsunade had promised to keep Sasuke's name out of the conversation, but Kakashi hadn't. She then continued to explain that with them being Naruto's kids, they had inherited some Kyuubi traits. Iruka had stayed calm at this, only raising his eyebrow slightly.

Tsunade then told him that the twins were currently stuck in fox form as they are to younger to change, Iruka had made a small gagging sound as his breath caught in his throat.

Tsunade continued again, this time outlining his babysitting mission. When Tsunade stopped speaking Naruto thought Iruka was calm, and he would be ok to come out of hiding. Boy was he wrong.

Naruto padded around the desk and into Iruka's sight, and shimmered back into his normal form. The silence hung in the air for a few moments before Iruka took a few steps toward the young man, then suddenly hit him across the back of the head. Iruka proceeded to lecture Naruto on various topics, ranging from sex to parenthood and 'how could you of kept this from me?'.

With a sitter now appointed they just had to notify Gaara, and send Naruto on his way to Sand.

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