A.N: Just a little idea that came to me in the shower...


He stumbled into the TARDIS, clutching his sides as blood came gushing out onto the metal grating below. The door slammed on the cannons firing at him, his ship indignantly complaining of the beating she was taking.

"Come on old girl!" He gently coaxed her, somehow managing to send her spinning into the vortex.

That was when he felt the first twinges of regeneration.

Looking down at the floor and the glistening red trail behind him, he wasn't surprised. Then again, it was rather a shame. Rose had liked this body… As a matter of fact he had liked this body.

A wave of pain shot through him.

Bloody hell, it's going quite a bit faster than usual! He thought desperately. Hopefully he'd like the next him… And more importantly, hopefully Rose would like the next him.

He felt it beginning to creep through him, and an idea suddenly hit him:

Think Ginger, Remember Rose, think ginger, Remember Rose think ginger, A mantra he kept repeating over and over again, as he surrendered to the golden wave that enveloped him. It burnt, searing through him.

And then he knew nothing.


The Doctor couldn't have said how much time had passed when he returned to the land of the living. It could have been days or maybe just a few hours. The general ache told him that it had been more than a few minutes. Still, the time hadn't been wasted. He knew for certainty now his emotions about Rose hadn't changed.

Groaning, in a voice slightly higher than the ones his predecessors had been lucky enough to have, he stumbled to his feet, noting that his now ruined beloved pinstripe suit and coat were hanging rather loosely. Slowly he lumbered down the corridor to his room. The full mirror there was probably be the best way to find out what the new him was, and he had to admit he was excited.

Nerves tingling, he pushed open the door. Walking over to the mirror, he closed his eyes, hoping that he was directly in front of it when he opened them. Taking a deep breath he opened his eyes.

Well, at least he was ginger.

Lots of ginger hair.

Rather long.

And curly.

That wasn't what worried him.

It was the breasts.

And the fact his reproductive organs were now on the inside.

"OH BUGGER!" S/he shouted, in a voice an octave higher than it should have been, "When I said ginger, I didn't mean bloody Gerri Hallewai!"

The TARDIS shuddered slightly, as she cracked herself up laughing, the sound reverberating around the Doctor's skull.

"Oh shut up." S/he muttered as his/her ship nearly fell theoretically sideways.

In a huff, s/he turned off towards the Wardrobe.