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As soon as the MALP rolled through the Stargate, vivid green fields could be seen as far as the eye can reach. The MALP moved slowly forward a few feet, before it stopped and the camera slowly made a 360o round. The view didn't change, the only thing disturbed the green prairie which prolonged until the horizon, was the Stargate.

In the control room, the old SG1 was gathering around the screen with General Hammond. Sam Carter studied the readings carefully, before she spoke up the first time since they dialed up the planet where maybe her fathers salvation lay.

"Sir, I have faint energy readings directly in front of the MALP. The reading is very faint, sir, it could be miles away, but there is certainly some sort of alien device." Her blue eyes shined with hope.

"SG-1 start to gear up, Walter alert SG-2 to gear up as well and inform the medics to get ready Jacob for the road." ordered Jack, before he turned toward Hammond. "Sir if you would accompany me in my office." Hammond narrowed his eyes, studying his ex-2IC for a moment. The whole room seemed to freeze as they waited with held back breath to see what would happen.

"You want to join them?" it was more a sentence then a question, but Jack nodded his confirmation anyway. "Good, bring all of them back, son."

"I will, sir."


Good thirty minutes later, Jack O'Neill stood on the Gate's ramp, facing his men. Sam hovered by Jacob's side, who was on a stretcher as the doctor ordered. Teal'c stood near like a silent guard, keeping an eye on all of them as he had always done. Daniel rattled something to Indiana, who searched covertly for an escape route or so Jack thought. His gaze wandered to Ferretti and his man – two of them were assigned to carry the stretcher. He adjusted his vest and cap. He looked up to the control room where Hammond stood like he did in times past. The Stargate started to spin, as the last lock enclosed the Stargate erupted to life. The General leaned forward to speak.

"You have a go. God speed." Their gaze met, chocolate brown eyes with crystal blue, before he giving his order.

"Okay, let's move out, campers."

When Jack stepped through the Gate, the now familiar endless green field and blue skies greeted him and his team. He glanced at Sam, who looked torn, between her obligation as a daughter and her job as a solder. She needed a distraction.

"Carter, take point. Teal'c, you are on our six. Daniel, Indy stay close to me or Ferretti all the time. Sundance, Philips stay close to the stretcher. Okay people move."

"Yes, sir." They chorused, he faintly heard Daniel mumbling something, 'about he was able to take care of himself', but Jack pretend he didn't hear him.

Jack noticed, not much later as they started their journey, that the ground seemed surprisingly even. He stored this information later and to mention it to Carter when the opportunity arises. They walked nearly an hour when Sam suddenly disappeared from before their eyes; seemingly the green field had swallowed her fully. Both he and Daniel started to sprint toward where they last saw Carter. Only when Jack was a foot away from the place he came to halt suddenly, seemingly from nothing an escarpment appeared. He had enough time to grab Daniel's arm before the younger archeologist went head down to the cleft. In the abyss, from the end of the hillside the green field continued to the horizon. The others arrived only seconds later, they stopped beside them. Daniel was still clutching Jack's jacket.

"Where is Sam?" Jacob's voice sounded faint but commanding. Jack glanced down, scanning the descent, while he reached for his radio.

"Carter, come in." only sizzle was the answer. He tried it to more times, before he turned to Teal'c who nodded his head in silent agreement and unload the rope he carried, Jack did the same. The others did the same. Jack pulled on his climbing gear, while T band the ropes. As Jack started to descend down he noted the surface was the same even as the ground upstairs. He was about half way down, when a smaller cave came to his view and inside he spotted Carter's sun blond hair. She laid on her side, she seemed unconscious. He clicked on his radio.

"I saw her. She is unconscious but otherwise she looks fine. I will be down in sec. O'Neill out."

Jack climbed in the cave and kneeled beside Sam's unmoving form. He placed his fingers on her neck to see if she had a pulse. He sighed in relief when he found one. He called out her name, and lightly squeezed her shoulder. She stirred and moaned out loud. Her baby blue eyes blinked, her gaze was slightly unfocused.

"Sir?" she called out.

"Hey, Carter napping while on duty?" he joked, which earned him a small smile.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes sir."

"Right." Jack made sure Sam wasn't injured anywhere before he reached for his radio to report to the others. "It's O'Neill. I have Carter awake and conscious, beside a small concussion she isn't injured."

"Thank God." He heard Daniel's voice through the radio.

"Sir." Sam called his attention back to her. He raised an eyebrow in questioning, while asking on his radio for them to wait a minuet. "Sir, behind you. There's an entrance." She reached for her machine watching the readings, a big smile formed on her face. "We found it." Jack felt an answering smile tugged on his own lips.

"We found an entrance. I think you should see this."


Daniel was the first down, his leg barley touched the ground, he moved to study the entrance, shortly after him, Indiana joined them too. After a good twenty minutes everybody was down, even Jacob. Thanks to Teal'c's superior strength. Jack stood by the cave's entrance watching the green land below. The cave's wall was smooth and even. The exterior wall looked to much like a pyramid for Jack's liking. He faintly heard Carter discussing with one of the SG-2's scientist how this place founders could create such a perfect optical illusion.

Sudden harsh voice brought him back to the present. He turned toward the source of the noise to see Daniel and Indy getting into another argument. He and Teal'c exchange an amused look before he strolled up to the two archaeologists.

"So can you open it?"

"No." Not yet."

"Cool, then I brings the C4."

"Jack!!" protested Daniel, while Indiana looked thoughtful.

"Okay, so than open it, you got a half an hour."

"Jack, it's not enough."

"Why? Tell me why I should wait."

"Look I think if we can translate it we can open the door." Jack tipped his head slightly, and looked at Indiana.

"It's a puzzle. I find a reference to it in Nord'ah's book."

"Doctor Jones, that's only a folk-tale, nothing else. There is no evidence this is anything more…" Daniel trailed off, when Indiana stepped up the entrance and placed his hand on the wall. He pressed his fingers in the small opening and with a screech the door opened up..

Lou stepped up behind him, his weapon trained at the corridor. The light flickered along the wall. When they were sure there was no immediate danger he studied his two archaeologists. Daniel looked angry and Indy looked smug, Jack looked from the one to the other and groaned, and glanced at Lou as he muttered. "What is it with archaeologist and touching everything?" Lou just grinned at him, he even saw amusement flicker on Jacob's tried features.

He looked down the tunnel, and the first time since he came up this far fetched idea he felt they were a step closer to saving Jacob's life.

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