Chapter one

A petite blond sat looking out the back door while the rain poured done all around the outside of the building.

"Hey B, What's up?" A brown haired girl walked up. Faith it's what you would call a girly girl. Her whole closet consists of nothing but black. She wears her hair with dreadlocks at times and cares a tattoo of pointy thorns all the way around her upper right arm.

Buffy turned to her friend and smiled. "Hey Faith, and not much. Just watching the rain fall." Then she turned around at continued to watch the rain.

"Did you hear about the new guy?"

"What new guy?"

Faith sat down next to her on the chair. "The one that was just hired about a half an hour ago."

"I didn't know they needed to hire anybody"

"Well they did and he is a total hottie. I mean the man gives new meaning to tall dark and handsome. And the body on that man was screaming to be touched. I just what to 'do it like they do on the discovery channel' if you know what I mean." Faith poked Buffy in the arm. "Cheer up B. In a few short months you and I will be out of here."

"I know it's not that."

"Are you tying to tell me you don't want to move away from this place?"

"It's not that it's just that I lived here most of my life. I know everybody. I have all my friends here."

"B you really need to get out more." With that said she got up and headed for the stairs. "I'm late for work."

Buffy laughed at her friend of eleven years. Ever since Buffy has been here Faith was here. They are in all the same classes and when they hit the age of sixteen they started working at the same diner down the street as waitresses. They were as close as biological sisters. Neither would let the other get hurt. Faith watched over Buffy like Buffy had never been use to.

"Buffy?" a small little voice called out.

"In here Emily."

A little girl around the age of five or six walked into the room holding a stuffed dog in her arms. She wore blue jean overalls and a pink short sleeve shirt. Her brown hair was pulled back in picky tails. Buffy smiled at the little girl in front of her. When she has to leave in a few months she knows that she would miss her just as much as Faith. Getting off her chair, Buffy walked up to the girl and lifted her up in her arms.

"Hello little one. Are you scared of the storm?"

Emily nodes her head and then lays it on Buffy's shoulder. Buffy was here when Emily first came. Emily was only three months old. Buffy spent her nights and days helping with feedings and diapers. When Emily grow older, she became more comfortable with Buffy. She started to see Buffy as her family.

Walking back to her chair, Buffy sat back down with the girl on her lap.

"Would you like for me to tell you a story?"


"Ok" Buffy looks up to think of with story to tell the little girl. Then she looks back down at Emily and smiles. "Once upon a timeā€¦"

Later that night Buffy helped get Emily to bed then left to go to work. Buffy walked the ten minutes down the street to the dinner that she and Faith worked at. When she got there the place was busy as it always is on a Friday night. Nobody ever wants to cook on the last work day of the week.

Buffy went around to the back of the diner and clocked in and grabbed her pay check from the past weeks work. She placed the check after checking the cost into her bag that she brought. Going to her locker she changed into her uniform then washed her hands and headed up front.

"B you got my tables, which are 1,2,3,4, and 5. Table one is done eating so will probably leave soon. Table two both are getting low on tea. Table three has nobody. Table four hasn't got their food yet. Here is want they need. And table five has a group all on separate bills. That I believe is it so I'm out of here." Faith then handed over the ordering pad to Buffy and started to the back to change and clock out.


"Ya B?"

"Can you keep an eye on Emily until I get back? She doesn't like the storm."

"Sure thing B see ya later."

Turning Buffy started her Friday night out.

An hour after Buffy started her shift a group of six walked into the diner. The group walked and sat at one of Buffy's bigger tables in the corner. Buffy noticed that the group was all boys but one girl with red hair. She eyed the males closely. There were two blonds and three brown haired. Out of all the guys she partially liked one of them just from the looks.

Buffy grabbed her pad and walked over to the group. Smiling she said, "Hi my name is Buffy and I'll be your waitress this evening. Will this be on one check or separate?"

The man that Buffy was eyeing was the one to answer. "One"

Buffy noticed that this man was more then handsome, he was a god. He had short spiky brown hair. Brown eyes like chocolate. And a well build body. 'Keep dreaming Buffy. Nobody will want you.'

"Ok what can I get you all to drink?"

Everybody gave their request to drink and Buffy left to get them. When she left the table all the guys eyed her retreating form.

"Wow I would love to get a piece of that." The bleach blond said.

"Spike" Willow said as she snuggled closer to her boyfriend Oz.

"Well Willow she is fine" Xander said.

"I'll have to agree with them on this one Will." Doyle said in his Irish absence. "What about you Angel? What do you think of Buffy?"

Angel had never taken his eyes off of the blonde goddess since she left the table. When a sharp pain hit is arm he turned to see everybody looking at him. "What?"

"You think she's hot?"


"The waitress"

Angel smiled a sly smile then looked back at Buffy were she was finishing their drinks. "She's an Angel"

During the stay of the group Buffy couldn't help but steel glances at the Brown haired and eyed one. Some times she would look and could have sworn that he was looking at her.

'Get real Buffy there is probably a girlfriend at home waiting of him.'

"Can I get anyone anything else?" a round of no's came in chorus from the group.

Buffy pulled the pad out from her apron and tore the slip for the table off. Placing it face down on the table in the middle she grabbed finished dishes from the table. "Have a good night" Then she took one last look at the man that would haunter her dreams tonight then turned and walked into the kitchen.

From the darkened area she watched as the group got up from their table and walked to the exit. Mr. tall, dark and handsome paid their bill and then headed out. But before he left he took one last look towards the kitchen then turned and walked out.

'Get over him Buffy you'll never see him again.'

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