This might be a 3-5 chapter fic. Tis a Halloween special since I was blaring halloween inspired music at 6 AM this morning. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Seekerbusters

Thundercracker held on tight to the photon cannon. His hands slipped only slightly on its white glistening body, its barrel faced Starscream's chest, and every so often, if Thundercracker twitched, it would nudge the seeker. Starscream glared at his fellow seeker's perplexed look, before demanding again.

"Shoot me." Thundercracker stalled once again, looking at the cannon, then at Starscream.


"Just do it!" Another pause, another stall. Thundercracker hesitated, his intakes beginning to churn ever faster in order to keep up with his emotions. Starscream snarled, and after a moment, grabbed a hold of the cannon's trigger, Thundercracker's hand included, and forced him to pull the trigger. There was a loud explosion as the shot nailed Starscream through the chest. Thundercracker could see the seeker's wings detatch from the rest of him as their holding mechanism was released, and they shattered into pieces like glass. Debris flew about him, and Starscream dropped to the ground, with the photon cannon.

"What was that?" Thundercracker heard Megatron's voice somewhere distant, and he froze, looking at Starscream's withered body as it turned an ashen gray, a gigantic hole revealed the back of the wall where his chest should of been. His intakes spun even faster and he grew slightly dizzy.

"Explosion in Southern Sector. Fourth Apartment." Soundwave's metallic expression showed no signs of emotion or shock as it echoed down the hall. Then came the footsteps. Thundercracker looked at the cannon, and then at Starscream, before he panicked. He threw his arm towards the ceiling and fired a hole large enough for him to escape through, before he launched into the sky. He had no idea where he was going, but he needed to be somewhere else all of a sudden, as if Megatron had threatened his life for a mission. If anyone had known what had just occured, he could hear shouts of treason and murder. A few of the Decepticons already felt he was betraying the Decepticons by questioning the cause.

Thundercracker landed on the desert shores of Oregon, and looked out at the evening sunset. He glanced out at the ocean, and then took off into the air again. He wouldn't of cared twice if Starscream died, but it was the fact he was there, at the scene of the crime, and many people would be called a fool if they dared assume Starscream hated his life enough to commit suicide. He didn't do it. Thundercracker had killed him.

"If there's something strange..."

"In the neighborhood..."

"Who ya gonna call?"

"GHOSTBUSTERS!" Jazz and Bluestreak took a hold of each other's hands and whipped around the red boombox as its speakers blared a theme song that was known all too well to the inhabitants of the planet. Blaster rocked from side to side with the beat while the two Transformers 'broke it down', as he put it, on the rec room's floor.

"It's only superstitions though, Red Alert. It's honestly nothing to be afraid of." The door hissed open and Spike's voice was heard. Blaster's scanners flipped towards the door and saw three forms that belonged to Spike, Bumblebee, and Red Alert. He chuckled at the obvious size differences, and continued jamming.

"Yeah, I don't think it would affect us Transformers anyway." Bumblebee pointed towards Red Alert, who looked at the both of them curiously, but even Spike could see there was a noticable amount of paranoia in the Autobot's optics. Jazz and Bluestreak slid across the floor laughing as the song ended.

"Come to join the Halloween party?" Jazz gestured towards the three. Red Alert shook his head abruptly and left, bolting down the hall a little faster than one would expect of a robot his size. Bumblebee laughed.

"Guess he's taking Halloween a little too seriously." Spike nodded.

"I use to. When I was younger, Dad always tried to scare me with all the ghost stories." Bluestreak's wings twitched slightly.

"We just finished watching Ghostbusters. It was really good, but it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be..."

"Well, if you want to watch a scary movie, I've got a who---"

"---No, that's fine." Blue interrupted Spike. Jazz raised an optic ridge at him and smiled, looking at Spike.

"Blue here's a scaredy cat every so often, as you humans seem to call it."

"I am not, I just get...I dunno, I get surprised." Bluestreak's wings twitched as he attempted to defend himself. "Yes, I get surprised. Doesn't everyone get surprised, I mean that's the whole point is to get surprised right? I remember when Prowl got surprised once because you..." Jazz and Bumblebee's optics met in a knowing expression that Bluestreak was going to attempt to defend himself by his usual babble, and the four stepped out of the room and down the hall, leaving Blaster to his own devices.

"...Do you think we can get someone other then me surpris--Ah!" Bluestreak leapt into the air, and Bumblebee pulled Spike aside as the familiar ring of Teletran-1's alarm went off, causing the Datsun to yelp loudly. Jazz caught his friend by the wing, and steadied him. Sideswipe and Sunstreaker burst down the hall past them, shouting and laughing.

"Let's go scare some Decepticons, Bluestreak!" Sideswipe yelled. Bluestreak mouthed a 'No, thanks' and shook his head, slowly being lead by Jazz with Bumblebee and Spike into the main bridge of the Ark.

"Seems a bit strange, Prime. The seekers always travel in pairs of three, why in the world would Thundercracker be on his own?" Prowl stated, looking at the image onscreen. Thundercracker had been spotted landing on the outskirts of a city, judging from the skyline in the background, and was taking interest in the river that seemed to moat itself around the city. The two turned as Sideswipe and Sunstreaker burst in, transforming. Prowl stared at them, while Prime couldn't help but release a small chuckle.

The brothers were decorated with graffiti, but it was done so with extra special care, meaning Sunstreaker had probably surrendered to his usual artistic talents. The both of them had stylized bats and black cats on their arms and legs, and they had outlined the Autobot insignia, so that the one on Sideswipe was decorated as a vampire, and Sunstreaker's was made to look like a pumpkin. Around their optics, they had Egyptian-like makeup that outlined the blue, and it then stretched down to their cheeks, until it disappeared under their chins. Sideswipe had an extra set of stripes that resembled a cat's whiskers. Sunstreaker had decorated his ear panels so that they resembled what the humans had called "candy corn".

"Seekerbusters Brothers, at your service!" Sideswipe shouted, giving Prowl and Prime a fake salute. Prowl shook his head and and was relieved to see the other few Autobots enter without a stylized entrance.

"What's with the scat, cat?" Jazz waved to Prowl, his hand securely on Bluestreak's wing, who was still shivering slightly from the alarm's rude entrance. Prowl continued shaking his head, muttering something about needing to escape this planet's terminology. He looked up at the group, trying to divert his eyes from the twins that everyone seemed to be commenting on.

"We've spotted Thundercracker on the outskirts of a city called Garibaldi." He reported. Sideswipe raised his hand like a four year old child. Prowl sighed and pointed at him.

"When you say a specific seeker's name, you're pretty much telling us he's alone. Seekers never travel alone!"

"So he's a decoy. We're supposed to fall for him while we get ambushed or Megatron does whatever he's trying to do this time." Sunstreaker replied.

"Which is take over the universe." Sideswipe piped up.

"Exactly." The two brothers gave a thumbs up. Prowl looked at them.

"Decoy or not, we're responsible for any Decepticon activity. I want you two to check the perimeter of the city, and ensure that there are no other Decepticons, by land, sea, or air. Bluestreak." Prowl acknowledged the Datsun in the back, and the Autobot jumped slightly. "You, Jazz, and Bumblebee take care of Thundercracker. If he is with the other two seekers, at least we'll have an equal advantage." He looked at the five Autobots. "Report to the bridge as soon as you spot anything suspicious." Prime nodded towards them.

"Good luck, Autobots. Roll out!" He shouted, then turned to Prowl and looked up at the display screen, where Thundercracker had taken a liking to a shaded spot beneath a multi-colored tree. Prowl could sense there was something wrong with the seeker, but until they had a confirmation that it was not an act or ambush, there was no telling what he was up to.