Chapter 4: This Is Halloween

Thundercracker was scary. There was no doubting that. Out of all the seekers, he was probably pretty scary, and could be rated for a pretty scary score, like most horror movies are. Skywarp wasn't as scary. He was one of those kid-rated movies. He had a cruel sense of humor, there was no doubt about that, but when it came to trying to scare any of the Autobots, he just couldn't do it without having Thundercracker by his side.

But then there was Starscream. Starscream was one of those haunted houses that you could be 30 and still have your hair fall out from screaming so much. Half the time Bluestreak thought that's why he stuck with Starscream. He honestly could make the stars scream if he wanted. Bluestreak was sure of it. More than sure. So obviously sure that that was why he stood there, shivering like crazy, his wings twitching more than needed, his optics bright with surprise as Starscream's optics stared back at him menacingly. All of a sudden, Thundercracker felt like an old friend, very much so. In fact, he felt like his best friend at the moment as he lunged behind the seeker, holding tight onto his wings, peeking from underneath them.

"What's the matter? I thought you weren't afraid of any ghosts." Starscream stepped towards the two and Bluestreak seemed to cringe even further behind Thundercracker. Unbeknownst to him however, Thundercracker was experiencing his own sort of fear. He was much more stable than the Autobot behind him, but nonetheless, if he were like him, he could rest assured that his wings would of just fell off. He wouldn't be surprised if his paint melted off from the pressure of his intakes spinning so fast. But he was made of a bit more hard stuff than Bluestreak, yet it didn't stop him from stepping back, taking the Autobot with him. "Isn't that what you told your fellow Autobot in the Ark earlier?" Bluestreak whipped around and screamed, diving under Thundercracker's wing and clinging to his front as Starscream appeared out of nowhere from behind him.

"You're dead." Thundercracker noted as he for some reason held tight to Bluestreak.

"Yes, yes I am. What a wonderful night to be dead on, no?" Starscream's laughter split the night like a sharp knife to skin. It was sharp and swift, and it made a few birds scatter from the trees nearby. There was a crackle from Bluestreak's radio. Someone was trying to contact him, but he couldn't make out the speakers, nor could he reply. "Here, let me help you, Autobot." Starscream hissed. Bluestreak cringed as the seeker reached towards him and placed a hand on---through---his wing. Bluestreak's optics brightened considerably, and the moon seemed to smile wickedly as his scream pierced the night.

"Starscream, stop it!" Thundercracker snarled, breaking his gaze on the ghost. He swiped at the seeker, but his hand swept right through without a scratch. Starscream laughed and wiggled his fingers through Bluestreak's wing, who emitted another scream. He made it a personal note that if he lived, he never wanted to feel a ghost in him again. He'd heard the tales of possessed dolls and people when poltergeists tried to harm someone. The feeling of Starscream's hand in his wing, on the sensitive part nonetheless, was horrifying. It felt like someone had stuck it in a freezer and it had instantly suffered from frostbite. It burned cold, and seeing that it was alive whenever Starscream moved it didn't help matters either. It was like a human finding they had a spider in their hair that was moving all the time.

"'re going to wake up the dead with that mouth of yours, Autobot." Starscream removed his hand from the wing and put it to the Datsun's mouth, who shut up and froze immediately. Thundercracker's expression darkened.

"Suggestive phrase." He muttered towards the seeker. Starscream grinned, his metal teeth shining in the moonlight.

"What? You don't believe me?" He snickered. "Then scream, Bluestreak." He waved his hand in front of the Autobot, and Bluestreak just stared at it cautiously. For some reason, hearing the Decepticon say his name made the frostbite even worse as it lingered on his wing and lips. The seeker's optics brightened significantly and he snarled, getting in his face. "SCREAM!"

"Starscream!" Thundercracker shouted, but the Autobot had already released an ear-splitting cry. As if on cue, Starscream's laugh followed, and there was a loud squeaking noise, followed by what sounded like wings. Thundercracker placed his hand over Bluestreak's mouth, who tried to retreat but only succeeded in pushing himself back against the seeker. The noises became louder, until a black cloud extended over the horizon of trees. The ghost of Starscream cocked his head and smiled like a Cheshire Cat, before disappearing abruptly, his laughter filling the atmosphere and adding to the ambience of squeaks and flaps.

It was always said, in the many stories of the Earth and the many tales of the world, that there is always at least one time at which evil and good must connect to defend and save the worlds in which they inhabit. That there is one cause out of many that comes as a result of bonding together. If either Thundercracker or Bluestreak had believed in such superstition, neither of them could of possibly imagined that this was such the time. Their optics glowed brightly as the black cloud reached them, and then it broke apart abruptly as the thousands of bats screeched and began to dive at them. Bluestreak shouted and transformed, while Thundercracker took to the air. They sped towards the city, but the flock of bats surrounded them, and blinded them in darkness. The only light visible was the white sphere of the moon as it fluttered in and out of the bat's wings. Their screeching seemed to hiss words at them, and for a moment Thundercracker could of sworn in Cybertronian vows that they were talking to him.

"Come with usss...Come with usss..." They seemed to shriek. Thundercracker descended, but the flock of bats prevented his sensors from calculating the proper altitude depth . Instead, he continued to descend until he could make out the headlights of Bluestreak.

"Are they talking to you too?" Bluestreak shouted from inbetween the screeches. Thundercracker turned on his emergency fog lights, and with a loud screech, the bats careened away, desperate to reach the darkness. If Bluestreak could distinctly make out that they were talking, it meant Starscream was attempting to scare them. It was an illusion.

"High beams!" He shouted down towards the Autobot. Bluestreak switched his headlights, and there was another cacophony of squeals as bats veered out of the way. They continued to fly around the two, keeping them in suggested darkness, leaving only a few feet open in front of them, which was occupied by the lights. It seemed like forever that they drove, and Thundercracker began to wonder if the bats, illusion or not, were leading them in a wide circle around the city, rather than towards it. He glanced around, before performing a barrel roll and launching himself into the air. As expected, the bats followed him. If anyone had been watching from the skyscrapers, they most likely would of seen a jet spurting black smoke from the rear, that whipped out into a wide gown-like appearance as it continued to fly higher.

"BOO!" Starscream appeared on Bluestreak's hood, and the Datsun screamed, veering hard to the left. He flipped three times and landed on his side against a tree. Transforming, he groaned and sat up, his doorwings slightly crumpled from the rolls. Starscream cackled, and soared into the air towards Thundercracker. Bats flew about Bluestreak before following the ghost seeker.

Thundercracker barrel rolled again, diving. The bats continued to follow him. He had read somewhere that they were blind, but that didn't seem to apply here. They were using sonar as he did when he was in heavy fog or rain, but nonetheless, they were born with it. No six hour lessons there. He dived, and emerged from a cloud, the bats on his tail. All of a sudden his turbines froze, and a hard shiver racked his body. Starscream pierced through his armor and emerged on top of him, his hands on his wings. "Hello, murderer." He leaned close and whispered to the Decepticon. Thundercracker's optics brightened, and he fell into a vertical drop. Starscream laughed and leaped off of him, hovering in the air momentarily before disappearing.

"Thundercracker!" Bluestreak shouted, and ran with a slight limp towards him. "Transform! Transform!" He yelled towards the sky. The seeker barely heard him, Starscream's words echoing through his sensors. He shook and transformed, but was still out of it when he collided with the ground, Bluestreak reaching him only fast enough to catch his wing. The two hit the soil, kicking up dust. "Thundercracker!" He shouted.

"Bluestreak!" The Datsun stopped and turned around, then shield his optics as a blast of light hit him. "Calm down! We've got him!" Another voice shouted as another set of headlights appeared from behind him. He looked out at the voice.

"...What?" The two vehicles transformed, revealing the twins in their Halloween attire. They raced forward, Sideswipe grabbing Bluestreak, while Sunstreaker drew his gun and kept its barrel faced at Thundercracker. "Don't! He's hurt!"

"He's hurt? Look at you, Blue!" Sides looked him over, and forced him to sit down. "He tore you apart!" Bluestreak struggled. "N-No! Starscream did this! He's dead! He's a ghost! He attacked me and Thundercracker! He---He made Thundercracker kill him!" Sunstreaker looked at Bluestreak skeptically, then at Thundercracker, who lay on the ground offline, one wing seriously damaged from breaking the fall.

"Are you mad, Blue? We just saw him divebomb you!" There was a sound of sirens and the gunning of engines as two more vehicles sped across the desert. Jazz's headlights shone bright beside of Ratchet's sirens as they arrived. Ratchet transformed and made his way to Bluestreak.

"Jazz contacted me as soon as the twins did." He took a look at the Datsun and sat him down, checking him over.

"Dive---no, no, no! He didn't! I tried...I tried to catch him! Starscream must of hit him, you have to watch out for Starscream!" He shouted as Ratchet tried to hold him down. Sides and Sunny exchanged looks with Jazz and Ratchet.

"I think the full moon's messin' with your sensors, my friend." Jazz piped, sitting next to the shaken Autobot. "Spike said this might happen with some of us sensitive ones."

"No, nono!" Bluestreak continued to shake his head, trying to explain.

"Bluestreak, you need to shut down. I can't access the ports when you're awake."

"No!" He tried to push away from Ratchet. Ratchet and Jazz held him. "You have to help Thundercracker!"

"You've gone mad, Blue!" Sides exclaimed, kneeling next to him.

"Bluestreak, shut down. Don't make me force you, slaggit!" Ratchet glared at Bluestreak as their optics met. The Datsun shook his head and tried to pull away.

"N-No! Thundercracker! Starscream's going to---" His optics dimmed abruptly and he slumped forwards, Ratchet's hand in a small hatch on his side. Sunstreaker frowned, looking at his body.

"I swear, we saw Thundercracker attack him." Sideswipe shook his head. Jazz watched him, then glanced over at Thundercracker.

"We'll take him back to base, see if we can get anything from him."

"What about Bluestreak?" Sunstreaker questioned.

"I'll keep him offline until tomorrow morning. The sooner this cursed human holiday passes, the better off he'll be." Ratchet muttered, standing. Sunstreaker shook his head.

"So much for that halloween party..."

"There's always next year, bro." The two twins helped lift Bluestreak and Thundercracker into Ratchet's back as the medic transformed, before the three transformed and together, they drove home.