I've read a one piece high school-based story once here on , that fic kindda inspired me to write one. I don't know where it is now, but you all can give credit to that fic for influencing me to write one of my own. I always have this idea on my head for so long. But I've never really gotten the guts of doing it. But well, what do you know, it just take one small push and there you go. Well anyway just to let you know first thing first, I will remind you that this fic is going to be:

1. Very different compared to the original One Piece setting and atmosphere since this takes place in the modern world so there will be no pirates-related stuff. But I will make some things related to the series like Nami owning an orange farm and Sanji working on a restaurant and many more.

2. This fic will contain some characters romance so the characters will be OOC, but I will stick to as close as possible to the original characters characteristics.

3. Some of these characters here are based on to the LATEST chapters of One Piece so to some people who are not very far, THIS WILL CONTAIN ORIGINAL SERIES SPOILERS.

4. This fic will loosely followed and based on ORIGINAL version.

Lastly, I would like to thank you all for taking the time to read. This is going to be one of my major project, so i'd appreciate if you would follow with me to the end of the story.

Disclaimer: I don't own One Piece, the related stuff or the characters they all belong to Eiichiro Oda.

One Piece: High School Edition

Arc 1: Introduction

Prologue: Childhood friends

Just a day, just an ordinary day. The sun shined on the wonderful sky illuminating the beautiful suburban house with shining ray, a sign of brand new day is starting. Along the beautiful view of the suburbs a lonely girl is walking on the sidewalk. She's wearing a short sleeve white shirt and a blue skirt, followed by a blue tie and a sleeveless black sweater. The Mary Jane black shoes and long white socks that reached up to ankle gave the enough information to let people know that she's a student of Grand Line High, one of the best school around followed by Karakura High. The girl looked like she's about 17 or 18, her orange hair shined beautifully towards the sun's shining ray adding up her beauty look. She lifted her head up, but instead of possessing a look of beauty, morning grumpy and hint of sleepiness was on her face. She muttered something on her breath while passing down more residences.

Just then she immediately turned her direction to enter a residence on her right, the house seems to be a typical garage owned 2 stories tall house. She walked towards the mailbox that says "Monkey D." and pull out a pair of keys inside it. She then made her way towards the door and used the keys to enter the humble home. She took off her black Mary Jane shoes and made her way down the hallway. She entered the living room to find an old man sleeping on his black shirt and boxer on the couch; he seemed to be so comfortable especially with that bubble coming out of his nose. The orange haired woman made a sort-of-disgusted look just before she walked up the staircase. Reaching to the second floor the girl walked inside the first room on the right quietly. The room was dark; the morning sun hasn't shined this room with its glorious shining ray yet. She tiptoed her way inside the room towards the bed near the window. She looked down on the bed to see a sleeping boy, from what can be seen through small rays of light the boy had short black hair and a scar underneath his left eye. The girl watched the boy sleeping so peacefully on his bed, she somehow felt touched and tingly for just looking at the innocent boy's sleeping face. She sat down on his bed right next to his sleeping face and just watched him. She smiled and put her hand on his hair twirling and playing with his short black hair. This made her happy for some reason, by just looking at the boy's sleeping face she felt very happy. Just then out of nowhere and unexpectedly the door of the room burst open.


The orange hair girl turned her head around the door to meet the same old man who was sleeping on the couch earlier.

"Oh Nami I didn't know you're here," he said to the girl. He looked at her position and how close she is to the boy named Luffy. "Am I interrupting something? Is this a bad time?"

Nami immediately got off the bed hoping that the old man won't get the wrong idea. A hint of blush crawled on her face but she kept that hidden to prevent the old man to see it. "No, of course not! I was just going to wake him up anyway!" she quickly said. "Wake up Luffy!" She then tug on the blanket and pull it off the bed dragging Luffy along onto the floor.

Luffy fell off his bed and slammed his head hard on the wooden floor face first. He immediately woke up with a scream of pain and a bump on his forehead. He rubbed it off for a better feeling then looked around his room. He then noticed the two people who eyed him with a scowl.

"Ohayo Nami! Ohayo Jii-chan!" he greeted them happily. "Why am I on the floor?"

Nami sighed deeply and then gave him a hard look. "Get dressed Luffy or else we're going to be late for school."

Luffy looked at Nami with a puzzled expression. "We have school today?"

Nami slapped herself on her forehead just before she picked Luffy up by the collar. "Listen, you imbecile! I'm not going to be late on my first day of school just only to wait for you!" she half yelled at Luffy. She threw him on the bed. "Now get dressed and come down for breakfast." With her last comment she walked pass Luffy's grandpa by the door and stormed down the stairs.

Luffy's grandpa just watched the girl passed him by and then turned to laugh at his grandson. "She sure has turned to a fine woman huh?" he asked Luffy.

"Huh?" Luffy asked him confused. "What do you mean?"

"Why the last time I remember you kids were still playing by the sandbox," explained Luffy's grandpa. "And then next thing you know you guys end up as a couple."

"Ehhh!!!" Luffy was shocked at hearing that. "Jii-chan she's my friend, we were friends since we're kids I would never pull on something like that on Nami."

Luffy's grandpa laughed out loud at the boy. "But she sure did pull something on you while you were asleep."

"You sure you're not seeing things?" Luffy scowled at him. "You are getting old."

Luffy's grandpa immediately stopped laughing then looked at his grandson with a face full of anger. Luffy quickly covered his mouth up just realizing what he said had angered his grandpa.



Nami cracked open on another egg and feed it to the heated up frying pan. While letting it sizzled, Nami ran to the toaster and pull out the toasted bread and place it on the plate full of ham and bacon. She then ran back to the pan to flip up the egg, just then she heard Luffy' grandpa yelling something about being old and a heavy noise that sounds like a punch. She sighed at Luffy and his stupidity for saying something so rude. Not long after the yelling Luffy's grandpa came down the stairs to join Nami in the kitchen.

"That boy sure doesn't know his manners," he grumbled.

"Well maybe if you guys stop fighting to each other so much he wouldn't say that in the first place," Nami commented.

Luffy's grandpa laughed out loud once more while helping himself up on a doughnut left on the counter. "You sure know me pretty well Nami-san. So how's you mother going? Business doing well?"

"Oh she's great, just great," said Nami. She put the egg on a plate and cracked open on another. "Business going o.k. too. It's a good thing she finally quit the police force and work on the orange farm. I just don't quite feel comfortable for her working as a cop."

"Hey your mother was a great cop," Luffy's grandpa exclaimed. "I was proud to have her working with us, that's how Luffy and I met you."

"Speaking of work," said Nami. "Garp-ossan, have you ever thought of retiring yet?"

Garp took the last bite on the doughnut just before he spoke again. "Nami, retiring sucks! I don't want to live the rest of my life doing nothing all day. I want to live an exciting life."

Nami sighed again. She knew he'll say something like that, but she wanted him to know what he's putting on the line here. "But you do know that you're putting your life in danger right," she said. She then put Luffy's plate full of food on the coffee table. "And you may put others around you on danger as well," she stopped for a while. "Like Luffy."

Garp laughed out loud again. Nami find this to be quite irritating, she's being serious but he didn't take it serious at all. "Who the hell would want to hurt or kidnap an idiot like Luffy?" he asked.


Nami and Garp turned around to the kitchen threshold to find Luffy finally dressed in his black uniform. "Who's an idiot Jii-chan?" he asked again.

Garp got up from his seat as quick as an eagle and easily scooped Luffy up by his collar. "Don't talk to your grandfather like that Luffy!!" he yelled at him.

"Wahhhhhh!! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Luffy nervously replied.

Nami break the two men apart before things started to become violent. She looked pretty angry. "Luffy!" She threw him to the coffee table. "Eat your breakfast!"

Luffy flew from Nami's hand and landed just below the coffee table. A scent of fried eggs and bacon fully got Luffy straight up from the tables with a mouthful of Niagara drools. "Itadakimasu!" he happily exclaimed. He then began to eat uncontrollably even without sitting down.

"And Garp-ossan," Nami turned to Garp. "Don't you have a job to go to?"

Garp hit his forehead remembered what needs to be done. "Oh yeah almost forgot," he said. He rubbed the back of his head. "Ha ha thanks for reminding me Nami. I'll be going now!" He turned around to get out of the kitchen, but soon stop when he heard a foot tapping noise. He turned around to see Nami tapping her foot and hands crossed. "What?" he asked her. She said nothing. He then looked down at what he's wearing. "Oh crap! I forgot to change!" He then zipped his way to his room. Nami sighed at his little stupidity.

"OK Luffy," said Nami. She then turned to face Luffy. "Hurry up and finish your breakfast so we can…"

The plate is empty. "YOU'RE FINISHED ALREADY!"

"Huh?" Luffy asked Nami. "I finished 5 minutes ago."

Nami slammed her fist on Luffy's head. "Then why didn't you tell me earlier you idiot! Now come on let's go or else we're…"

"Ok kids have a nice day at school," said Garp who is now fully dressed in his uniform and making his way to the garage door.


"Huh?" Garp asked Nami. "I'm already dressed 5 minutes ago!"

"You weren't even gone for that long!?" Nami half screamed at Garp. "Well whatever then, come on Luffy!" She dragged Luffy out of the kitchen and into the living room. She then picked up her school bag, which she left there earlier, while Luffy picked up his which was already there. Now both friends walked to the door, but Garp's hand blocked their path. Both youngsters turned to face their elder. He looked at them and smile.

"How about if I drop you kids off today?" he simply asked them.


The garage door slowly lifted itself up revealing a 3.2 TL White Acura car glooming under the shadow. The machine started, the car noise roamed inside the garage showing off its powerful horsepower. The driver fastened his seatbelt, and so as the passengers. Nami looked pretty nervous about it. Luffy was smiling like as if he's looking forward to this moment.

"Sit back, hang on tight and don't yell!" Garp warned the teens. "Or else you'll bite your tongue."

Garp stomped on the pedal; the rubber on the road began to screech as the Acura car flew out of the garage door. The car jumped straight into the road turning right with no brakes implied and soon enough, was lost in sight.