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Chapter 16

Tensai, tensai, tell me why

Love gives you wings to fly

"So how did you two get together?" Eiji persisted.

A dark crimson blush crept up her cheeks.


"Aishiteru, Shyoko."

She stared at Fuji, quite sure that he was simply joking.

When he didn't say anything else, she began to relax.

"You're not serious, right?" She asked, half-expecting to be laughed at for being gullible enough to ask.

But no such flippant reply came. Instead, his face was as serious as she had ever seen before, azure orbs piercing right through her. "It's true."

She was speechless for a moment, before she began backing away. "I'll wake up in the morning and find that it was all a dream, right?"

Fuji had a sudden brainwave. Since she persisted in doing this, he'd go along with her.

"If it was a dream, would it be a nightmare or a pleasant one?" He took a step closer to her.

She backed away until her back was against the wall. "This is a dream, right? What I say doesn't count because it's a dream…"

"Well?" He pressed.

She paused, and answered, a small blush making its way up her cheeks. "Pleasant dream."

He smiled, a genuine smile. Not wasting any more time with words, he caught her up in his arms and placed a soft kiss full on her lips.

"F-fuji! What are you doing?!"

"Convincing you it isn't a dream," He whispered huskily into her ear, before proceeding to kiss the living daylights out of her.

When he finally let her up for air, she had a half-dazed, half-wondering look on her face. This was all too surreal to actually happen.

"This is definitely not happening…"

He looked at her.

"Oh, but it is," A smirk was the only warning she got before his lips crashed down on hers again.

End flashback

"Uh… I don't think you really need to know…" Her flush was in full bloom now.

Eiji pouted. "Nya, Shyoko! Please?"

She looked around and spotted an ice-cream stand, much to her delight and immense relief. "Let's go buy some ice-cream!"

Eiji's face brightened instantly. "Nya, let's go!"

She thanked God fervently for Eiji's infinitely short attention span.


"Tomorrow's the finals. Aren't you nervous?" His lips curved into a playful smirk.

She looked at Fuji. "I'm about as nervous as you are."

She was getting pretty good at giving evasive answers - perhaps he was rubbing off on her a little. He smiled at the thought, quite liking the idea.

They came to an abrupt stop as Tezuka passed them. He frowned slightly, having heard their frivolous conversation. It was not good to make light of their opponents, especially not Rikkaidai.

"Yudan sezu ni ikou." He admonished them sternly, and went on his perfectly scheduled way.

They stared at his retreating back, before Shyoko broke out into a fit of giggles.

"Yudan – sezu – ni - ikou!" She gasped out in between chuckles, waggling a reproving finger at Fuji.

Her impersonation of Tezuka was so ridiculous that he soon joined her in near-hysterical laughter. It seemed that Tezuka's statement did not quite have the effect it was supposed to – maybe he was out of practice.


"Fuji!" She greeted him with a smile, and he responded by casually putting his arm around her.

She frowned. "What did I tell you about behaving decently in public?"

He gave her the most innocent smile he could muster. "Would you rather I kiss you?"

"Fuji!" Her voice was scandalized.

He laughed. "Just kidding, just kidding…"

They walked on, bantering lightly all the way to the courts.


"Best of one set match, Seigaku's Fuji to serve!"

Fuji bounced the ball once, twice and threw it up into the air. As his racquet strings met the ball with a solid thud, Kirihara smirked from over the other side of the net. This game was going to be so much fun…


"One game to love! Change courts!"

Shyoko clasped hands with Fuji, giving him a big smile which he returned. Neither of them were aware of the twin red orbs which tracked their every move, like a hunter tracking its prey…


"Kirihara to serve!"

The only sound was the swish of the ball through the air as he served it – right at Fuji.



Each ragged breath made her wince, and increased her determination to win.

"Fuji, avoid his shots. I'll take them from the other side."

"But you'll be leaving the rest of the court open." He pointed out, not willing to concede himself hurt yet.

She brushed him off. "Don't worry, I'll handle this. Just keep yourself safe."

The next time the ball came straight for Fuji, she was there, ready and waiting. She watched as Kirihara's self-satisfied smirk disappeared, to be replaced by a look of such fury that her insides quailed. Inui's comment came back to haunt her…

"…He plays violent tennis…"

She bit her lip, and vowed to finish this match no matter what.

But Kirihara had other ideas, it seemed.


It was his turn to serve, and that damned girl couldn't do anything about it. He stood, savouring the feel of such power for a moment, before his racquet came down to execute a perfect Knuckle Serve.

She barely had time to see the ball, much less avoid it. There was a moment of awful silence all over the courts as she slumped down, her tennis racquet clattering to the ground.

In a moment, Fuji was by her side. "Shyoko! Are you alright?"

She looked up fuzzily at him. "Yeah, I'm… alright…"

She struggled to her feet, swaying unsteadily for a moment before her head cleared thanks to the sharp pain in her abdomen.

"Maa, I'm sorry…" They looked up to see Kirihara standing by the net.

"It was an accident." The cruel satisfaction on his face, however, said otherwise.

Fuji stood up, eyes blazing cold fire. "If you ever do that again…"

"If I ever do that again…? Then what happens, pretty boy?" Kirihara sneered.

Shyoko put out her hand to stop Fuji. "Don't bother," She told him quietly.

"Let's just finish this game – and win."


The ball will be out by two millimetres… Inui pushed up his glasses, concentrating very hard on the game. The intensity of the match surprised even him, and he waited for the next serve with his pen poised over paper, ready to scribble any shred of data he could.

Inui winced slightly as the ball hit Shyoko, and he did a quick mental calculation.

There is a 75 percent chance that she will not be able to continue the game.

He observed, as Shyoko defied the odds, looking none the worse for the shot. But what was really interesting was the expression on Fuji's face. What was that phrase again? Like... ah, yes, like an avenging angel... Inui shuddered, and went back to his scribbling.

Ii data...


Fujiko? What's the matter, nya? Eiji was seriously worried. The last time Fuji had had that look on his face was when Yuuta got hurt... He shivered at the memory, and huddled closer to Ryoma to drive away the sense of impending doom.


You bastard, Kirihara... you HURT SHYOKO!!!

He returned the serve with all the strength he possessed, and there was a certain perverse satisfaction in seeing the shock on Kirihara's face as it flew right past him.

But Rikkaidai was not a renowned school for nothing. Kirihara and his partner soon realized that Shyoko was their only hope now. If they managed to break her, then they would win.


Seigaku was leading now, thanks to Fuji's logic-defying comeback.

"Match point, Kirihara to serve!"

"Go on, Shyoko…" She muttered, trying to focus on the game. "Just a little more… you can do it…"

The powerful serve came straight for her, and she concentrated all her energy on it – This is match point! After this it'll all be over… – and the sound of the ball hitting the racquet was like music to her ears.

She saw dimly, through a red haze of pain, the ball bouncing, and the sudden gloom on the opponents' faces, and she realized they must have won. But she couldn't find the energy to smile, she was just so tired, and it was so painful…

Fuji's smile crumbled away as he saw her collapse, as if in slow motion, to the ground. His world was spinning, tilting crazily on its axis... People were shouting and yelling, but he didn't care, it didn't matter, nothing mattered except...



"Nya, I wonder – " Eiji was quickly shushed by Oishi, who cast a meaningful glance to the right. Fuji was sitting there, his eyes open yet strangely calm. Fuji was not, in that respect, normal. Others would have been pacing, or even wringing their hands, but he merely sat there and stared. And stared.

And stared.

Momoshiro started to feel just the tiniest bit uncomfortable.

"Fuji-sempai?" He ventured. Maybe burgers might help to comfort his sempai…

Fuji seemed not to hear him, his thumb unconsciously tracing concentric circles on his pants leg.

"Fuj – " He stopped as ice blue eyes turned to look at him.


"N-nothing…" Momoshiro suddenly wished that there was something more substantial than mere air between him and Fuji-sempai. Thankfully, he was only spared another glance before Fuji turned back to his contemplation of only God knew what.

The sound of the door opening jolted them all out of their thoughts. Fuji immediately sprang to attention, but his unspoken question was answered before he could voice it.

"It's just a little internal bleeding. Give her some time to rest, and she'll be alright."

His smile could have split a ten-foot giant right down the middle.


By mutual consent, they stepped back to let Fuji in first. He was by her side in two strides.

"Shyoko!" He enveloped her in a tight hug, holding her close as if he would never let her go. "You gave us such a scare, fainting on the court like that."

She smiled at the note of reprimand in his voice, and replied laughingly, "I did it on purpose, of course."

But he did notice that two slender arms had tightened around him, and he smiled into her hair.

"If you're done being sarcastic, perhaps – " He was cut off by the extremely noisy entrance of the rest of the team into the room. Shyoko immediately let go of him, and he acquiesced to her unspoken reprove – We're in public, Fuji!

But Eiji did not have big, dilated pupils for no reason. He caught their movement almost immediately.


There was a pink flush on her cheeks as Eiji started going on about how they had been caught red-handed, until Tezuka sent him on laps around the hospital on account of all the noise pollution he was creating.


Today was the prize-giving ceremony, which had been postponed due to the champions being a little… indisposed at the original time.

"And the winners, Fuji Syuusuke and Darika Shyoko of Seigaku!" They mounted the podium to the hearty applause of their teammates. With one hand each, they grasped the trophy and lifted it high.

"To the Nationals!"

So softly, that only Fuji could hear, she added, "And beyond…"

Their free hands intertwined in between them, and he gave her hand a slight squeeze. They were Seigaku's Halcyon Pair, after all, and they would last - to the very end.

And every end is simply the dawn of a new beginning…


Thus endeth the saga of "Tensai, Tensai , Tell Me Why".

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