Guess ive left you all waiting enough, eh? guess ive been a bit on the lazy side ever since school started. heck, im tired, but i own it to you who love this story. all keep in mind im trying to connect all of this at the top of my head, and thinking what ill write this very moment. well, lets hope for the best!

BlondeKitsune: and i was all like "woah" and hes all "dude" and-

Ravenhair69: naruto, will you SHUT UP! damn, im not THAT interested in your day.

BlondeKitsune: ... you yelled at me...

Ravenhair69: yea, well, get over it.

BlondeKitsune: your not suspose to yell at me. Your suspose to watch over me, and love me, and kill anyone who looks at me in a fuckable wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Ravenhair69: first, stop whining! second, except for the last one, those things dont really matter.

BlondeKitsune: then sex must not matter to you!

Ravenhair69:... fine. whatever. whine and bitch and complain. whatever.

BlondeKitsune: yay! sasuke-bastard is my bitch now!

Ravenhair69: ey, dont get it twisted!

BlondeKitsune: what, you wanna go?!

Ravenhair69: no need, since id kick your sorry ass anyway!

BlondeKitsune: WHAT?!

Ravenhair69: you heard me, you dead last idiot!

BlondeKitsune: why i-

IchaLover has logged on to Konoha Chat1

IchaLover: yo

BlondeKitsune: oi, kakashi, plz tell sasuke-bastard that he'd get his ass kicked by me!

IchaLover: i could, but then i would have to lie alittle...

BlondeKitsune: hey!

Ravenhair69: idiot

BlondeKitsune: bastard!!

IchaLover: you two stop bitching.

BlondeKitsune: im not bitching!

Ravenhair69: stop whining

BlondeKitsune: shut the hell up! everyones against me!!!!

IchaLover: clam down brat. i need to talk to both of you anyway...

BlondeKitsune: ... for what?

IchaLover: its about you two and sex.

BlondeKitsune: what??? nooooooooo!!!! not the talk!!!!!!!!!

IchaLover: i was hoping to catch you two before iruka had a chance to get to yo-

StudentSlave has logged on to Konoha Chat1.

IchaLover: damn.

StudentSlave: NARUTO ARE YOU HERE?!!!!

IchaLover: the caps...

StudentSlave: opps

Ravenhair69: wow, looks like you and naruto do have some of the same "idiotic" traits, huh?

BlondeKitsune: bastard!

StudentSlave: naruto, we must talk about your sssssssssssssssee... seeeeeeee... you ssssssssss. damn it, i cant say it. i just cant!

IchaLover: how you and sasuke fuck till you drop.

StudentSlave: kakashi!! watch your mouth!

BlondeKitsune: so embarrising...

Ravenhair69: hm.

IchaLover: anyway, we need to know details.

BlondeKitsune: what?!

StudentSlave: yes. even though its hard to admit, you two are doing... doing...

IchaLover: each other?

StudentSlave: IT! So we must know details about the... experience...

Ravenhair69: well, first i have him do alittle strip tease for me, going slow and making sure to show off his-

BlondeKitsune: WOAH! thats enough! why do you two what to know?!

IchaLover: because as the two of us mostly watch over you as parental units, we are looking out for your best interest

BlondeKitsune: and that means you must know the details of our sex life?

IchaLover: yep.

Ravenhair69: and i thought kakashi was a pervert before...

IchaLover: hey!

BlondeKitsune: true

StudentSlave: anyway! its important that you use l-lube

BlondeKitsune: well, thats not a problem, since sasuke just brought me some lube yesterday. i came in a gift basket from sasuke! it had all this stuff-

Ravenhair69: wait, hold on! i didnt buy you squat!

BlondeKitsune: huh?

Ravenhair69: i didnt buy you a damn thing! who the hell is sending my bitch lube!

BlondeKitsune: sasuke!

StudentSlave: hey!

IchaLover: good question

BlondeKitsune: you mean you didnt send me a gift basket filled with lube, dirty movies, a book of sexual positions, condoms, naked pictues without the head shown, a lock of your black hair that looks like yours, multi-colored dildos, 3 sizes of butt plugs, sexy lingerie, and Edible thongs?

Ravenhair69: ... sweats

IchaLover: ... blinks

StudentSlave: ... faints

IchaLover: looks like he fainted at his computer.

BlondeKitsune: whats wrong?

Ravenhair69: ... i never sent you any of that stuff...

BlondeKitsune: ... WHA?!

IchaLover: why did you think he brought it?


IchaLover: ... what the fuck? they make that?


Ravenhair69: how many times must i tell you to take off your fucking caps!!!

BlondeKitsune: opps ...meh.

Ravenhair69: what an idiot...

IchaLover: yep...

StudentSlave: my pure... na...rut..o... noooooooooooooooo!!!! why, god, WHY?!!!!!!

IchaLover: calm down babe, its not that bad...

StudentSlave: ... so... cold... can... see... light... grandma? is that you? and it that... sparky? my dead ... dog... im coming...

BlondeKitsune: nooo! dont die! ill never have sex again!!

Ravenhair69: the hell you wont!!!

BlondeKitsune: sasuke! hes about to die!

Ravenhair69: better him then me! dead from blue balls!

BlondeKitsune: whatever teme, i must go and keep him alive!

BlondeKitsune has logged off of konohachat1

IchaLover: what a couple of over dramatic's.

Ravenhair69: seriously

IchaLover: anyway, are you or are you not taking advantage of naruto good nature and abusing him and having him in every which way?

Ravenhair69: well of course

IchaLover: thats my boy!

Ravenhair69: hmmm.. i wonder who sent naruto all that stuff... i may have someone going for narutos heart. it could be narutos last boyfriend...

IchaLover: really? you think

Ravenhair69: its possable. and to think, naruto asked me not to kill him. well, THAT was a big mistake!

IchaLover: now sasuke, you have no idea if it was him or not

Ravenhair69: well, i could kill him anyway. just for the heck of it, you know?

IchaLover: no, you couldnt. naruto would be mad at you

Ravenhair69: meh. one night of hot sex, and he'll forget about it.

UNKNOWNUSER0: do you reeeeeeeeally think you could kill me? and who could forget about me?

IchaLover: wha? whos that?

UNKNOWNUSER0: i think you two know.

Ravenhair69: so its you.

IchaLover: yo.

UNKNOWNUSER0: hello kakashi. sasuke

Ravenhair69: let me tell you this here and now that your not winning back naruto, and your little presents wont work, since me and naruto are always and forever together.

UNKNOWNUSER0: ... how corny. and thats crap too. naruto wants me. you've just infected his mind with your stupid ideas of "love" and "trust" and thst crap. relationships are all about a good fuck. thats it, and once i get naurto back, ill give him the fuck of his life.

Ravenhair69: but you forget one thing: dead men cant fuck, now can they?

UNKNOWNUSER0: i aint dead yet.

IchaLover: boys, boys, lets calm down

UNKNOWNUSER0: kakashi, im not hear to talk to you. when sasuke left to be with orochimaru, i stepped in and was there for him.

Ravenhair69: only to fuck! there was nothing else to the relationship!!

UNKNOWNUSER0: so. like you cared

Ravenhair69: im back now, aint i?

UNKNOWNUSER0: yes, and when you came back, you told naruto your feelings, and naruto fell for your trap of the heart. but i will bust naruto from that trap and bring him back home. were he belongs. with me and only me.

Ravenhair69: it is not wrong to have emotions and let the other see you at your weakness. it only means you have a strong relationship, and could depend on each other. i could tell naruto any of my secrets and he would only care for me more, and the same for him. i may call him an idiot, but i love that stupid son of a bitch, and if you think your going to take him from me, ill torture you until pigs can fly high in the sky!!!!

UNKNOWNUSER0: ... huh? i wasnt paying attention. i was listening to music on my computer. anyway, ill see you soon. too bad you may not be quick enough to see me. hahaha!!!

UNKNOWNUSER0 has logged off of konohachat1

Ravenhair69: grrrrrrrrrr.

IchaLover: wow. thats very un-uchiha like of you, sasuke

Ravenhair69: yea, and if you tell naruto ANY of what was said today, ill kill you. and thats no joke.

IchaLover: okay, okay, chill out. i have no wishes to tell naruto.

Ravenhair69: whatever. later

Ravenhair69 has logged out of konohachat1

IchaLover: hmmm. i gather u heared that ikura?

StudentSlave: ...yes...

IchaLover: good, now i dont have to bother telling you about it. now do you any doubts about sasuke?

StudentSlave: no. i think sasuke will be with nartuo till the end... or until sasuke slips up and trys to make naruto choose between him and ramen. that fight could lean in the ramens favor.

IchaLover: yep. its like me and my books.

StudentSlave: i wanted to talk to you about that-

IchaLover: you see, if you EVER had to me choose, i think i would have to choose my books, since they've been there since i was a teen. everything i need are in those books. wait, did you want to say something iku-chan?

StudentSlave: errr... nope. not a thing

IchaLover: good. ill be over in a few minutes so we can pick up from this morning. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!

StudentSlave: ... im scared...

meh. since im in a bit of a groove this weekend, ill try typing more of it. i felt this chapter could be better, but meh, i jusst wanted to get this out so i dont drop any readers. MUHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!! lol