Ok this is my story that I have been working on for a little bit. Please give a lot of constuctive criticsm so I can make this story better as I go along. Any ideas that you want to give will be greatly apperciated. I don't own Teen Titans or any other DC characters.

Plasumus shot out another arm of disgusting goo towards the Titans as they were all jumping and dodging the globs of slime and just all things disgusting. They were really starting to get tired of fighting him again and again, Robin was going to have to ask the prison system how hard it was to keep one man asleep. Once Cyborg came up from his roll he shot out his sonic cannon into the belly of the beast hoping to knock out the man inside. Starfire rained down starbolt after starbolt trying to distract the behemoth while Robin threw a multitude of freeze discs. When Plasumus became a block of ice Beast Boy turned into a T-Rex and crushed him into a hundred pieces. Though they knew that it wouldn't stop him, it did weaken him.

"Raven now!" yelled Robin

Raven rose to meet the giant face to face, yelled out her famous mantra, and sent out her soul-self to make the man inside experience his worst fears. The hope was to make him so scared that he would just succumb to unconsciousness and revert to his human form. Thankfully this hope was not in vain and he soon fell asleep.

"Wooh-hoo Raven!" yelled Beast Boy.

"Glorious," chimed in Starfire.

"Booyah!" added Cyborg.

"Good job Raven," said Robin

"'Good job Raven?' That's all you can say? That was a great job Raven; you totally took him out by yourself."

Raven had to lift her hood up to cover up the blush that was blooming on her face.

"It was nothing. Can we please go now?"

Beast Boy started but before he could finish a dozen reporters came up to them spouting off questions at a mile a minute.

"Titans it's good to have you back, how was Tokyo?" asked one reporter that finally got through to them.

"Tokyo was fine and we did accomplish the mission that we set out to do," said Robin. Since Robin decided to be the self appointed leader when they first started out the Titans gladly let him handle these kinds of questions most of the time, though they did stay around for moral support.

"What was your mission, namely what criminal were you after?"

"We were trying to stop a villain named Brushogun. He was Tokyo's first great supervillian and had the power to bring ink together into shapes and animate them."

"Uhhh…," started Beast Boy but Raven stopped him.

"He means that he made them move," she whispered.


"Pardon me, but I thought that Brushogun was just a myth. An urban myth created to help scare children to act right. Similar to the boogey man we use for our children." inquired one reporter

"Unforntuely he was real and the leader of the task force there used him to make his department look good. He would have Brushogun create great and terrible criminals and monsters and then tell him how to defeat them to keep himself looking good."

"Did anything else new happen?" Asked one tabloid reporter.

"Yeah, the two lovebirds finally got together and they won't stop making out all over the tower." Beast Boy said

This caused the reporters to laugh and scribble down their notes. Also some money could be seen exchanging hands. Apparently everyone saw it coming, but it was just a question of when.

After this was said Starfire let out a nervous giggle, while Robin had a furious blush and fixed Beast Boy with a stern gaze. Cyborg just guffawed at all this; this was definitely more entertaining than any video game that he ever played. Maybe Plasmus breaking out of jail wasn't a bad thing after all.

"Eh, heh, heh," chuckled Beast Boy. He was about to make a dash for it when he felt something grab his ear. That something was Raven's hand and she was dragging him to the T-Car.

"We are going to have a long talk about tact soon," Raven said in a forced monotone.

"You idiot!" yelled Robin. "We weren't ready to tell the public about us yet."

"What?" yelled back Beast Boy. "It's not like people weren't expecting it. Hell, the only two who seemed surprised by it were you and Star."

"You still shouldn't have told them. God, we just wanted a little privacy. I should have known better than to trust you to know not to say anything."

"Yeah I guess you always did have a problem with trusting me." Beast Boys said a little too cryptically for Robin's taste.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Robin.

"Nothing, just forget I said anything." Beast Boy replied and a blind man could see he wanted the subject dropped.

"Ok." Robin wanted to press the subject but decided that it would have been better to wait until everyone had calmed down some.

As Beast Boy walked to his room, Robin and Starfire decided to spend some alone time. Cyborg thought that was code for sticking their tongues down each others throats but he decided to rib on Robin later. When it was only guys around, or just no Starfire.

With that thought he decided to make a four meat and cheese sandwich. Nothing's better than meat, meat, and more meat as far as Cyborg was concerned. While he was doing this he noticed Raven was a little distressed while she was waiting for her tea to boil.

"Hey you ok Rave?" Cyborg asked with concern in his voice.

"Huh? Yeah everything's fine," Raven said obviously broken out of a deep train of thought. At Cyborg's raised eyebrow she decided to come clean.

"It's just that I sensed from Beast Boy a deep resentment when he was talking about trust. I'm a little worried that it might come back later as a problem."

"Yeah I kinda got a feeling when he said that too. He and Robin have seemed a little tense lately. Ever since the Brotherhood fiasco."

"I'm not sure it started with that." Raven said with concern in her voice. "From what my empathy sensed this goes back further than just a few months."

"Really? It's only seemed tense to me since we got home." Cyborg said with skepticism in his voice.

"Trust me, this goes back for at least a year or two. Nobody has that much animosity from just one incident, this has been building for a while."
"Wonder what caused it," Cyborg pondered.

"I don't know, but I hope it gets resolved." Raven said with evident worry.

"Yeah, and the two lovebirds finally got together and they won't stop making out all over the tower." Beast Boy said over the television

"Puddin, what are you watchin?" said an attractive lady wearing a jester's uniform.

"Oh, nothing darling, just watching a little T.V. Say have you ever been to Jump," said a very white skinned man with green hair.

"Sure haven't why do you ask?" inquired the harlequin woman.

"Well pack your bags Harl we're going to go visit old bird boy and his gang." replied the purple suited man.

"Ok Mr. J," replied Harley.

As she started to get ready the Joker started a maniacal chuckle filled with malice and anticipation.