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Mary Bennet was not handsome like her sisters. Jane was always considered the most beautiful of the five sisters with her long blond hair and blue eyes and noted by all to be gentle and caring. Elizabeth had her beautiful brown hair and brown eyes, and where Jane was caring and gentle Elizabeth was intelligent and daring and possessed a keen intellect.

Then there was Kitty and Lydia. Lydia was by far the wildest girl ever to behold. But she, too, had her beauty. She had her blond curly hair and always chipper mood. Kitty was just the same, just with dark hair!

And then there was Mary. Mary were the older than Kitty and Lydia, but younger than Jane and Elizabeth. She did not have curly hair like the rest of her beloved sisters. Her hair was plain and flat and where her sisters reached the colours of rich brown or golden blond hers was black and boring. Her eyes, too, were black and her clothes were usually the same.

But looks had never bothered her a great deal. She had never felt the need to impress anyone, except when it came to her skill at a piano-forte, which she generously prided herself with being good at. And Jane and Elizabeth had each other to confide in just as Lydia and Kitty had each other as well Mary was usually left alone to content herself with books. She did not mind, for she could not understand the talks of officers or the intern intimacy between Jane and Lizzie.

It had been like that for so many years that in the end it seemed, upon looking at the family, that there were only four girls and not five!

However, ignoring Mary was not so easy anymore. Jane had married Mr. Bingley, a pretty sort of gentleman. Just as Jane had Lizzie married too. It was with Mr. Bingley's best friend, Mr. Darcy, who, at first sight, seemed uncommonly proud and stiff.

Lydia, of course, had married before all else. She had eloped with Mr. Wickham, a man who Mary did not like much, for he did not seem honest. Also, there were a certain apprehension between the eldest couple and the before mentioned man. Mary had heard whispers, but Lydia, of course, was as always oblivious to it all.

And so there were only two left: Kitty and Mary. And though it was hard to ignore Mary now Mr. and Mrs. Bennet did do well nevertheless. For Kitty was as gossipy as Mrs. Bennet and the pair had found great comfort in each other, whereas Mr. Bennet only favoured Jane for her gentleness and Lizzie for her intelligence and Mary was overlooked; despite her being just as, or even slightly more, philosophical, reasonable and clever as Lizzie. For Lizzie rarely read anything of intelligence, she had merely a reasonable side that had affected Mr. Bennet early in her years and had lasted so on.

In her own chamber, which she had gotten because Kitty wished to move to a lighter room, Mary often let her fingers slide over the elegant piano-forte, which her mother had so graciously put in her room.

"Mary! Mary! I cannot be calm when you are making such noise! Will you not think of my poor nerves! Mr. Bennet! Mr. Bennet we must put the piano into Mary's room! She is the only one who plays on it anyway! And my nerves! Her music is so cruel to my poor nerves!"

And so, generously, the piano was moved to Mary's room, where she could play to herself undisturbed. And although, somewhere deep inside, it hurt knowing that no one of her acquaintances appreciated her music, she did not wither and let her pride be broken. They did not know how to appreciate real music!

As winter was drawing nearer Mrs. Bennet's joy was increasing. Much to everyone's delight. Usually her mood was always dull and sad in the winter and she always complained of how she longed for the sun and the happiness in brought with it.

But this winter was different. Mr. and Mrs. Darcy had extended invitations to the whole family to come and stay in London through the winter. Mrs. Bennet was looking so much forward to seeing the Darcy London house, for where she had already imprinted all details of Pemperley, and given the information proudly on to all she knew, she had yet to see the London estate.

"Mary! Mary have you seen my bonnet? The light green one?" Kitty asked as she barged into Mary's bedroom. Mary looked up slightly impatiently.

"It is not here!" She said, "Why should it be here? You're never in here and I'd certainly have no use for-"

"Oh be quiet! I must find it!" And Kitty ran off again, imitating the busyness of Mrs. Bennet. Mary sighed and laid her book into her trunk.

"Your father requests that you come down if you're done packing, Miss," Hill spoke from the doorway and startled Mary slightly. Mary replied politely and moved downwards. As much as she was looking forward to seeing London she was not looking forward to spending hours in a small carriage with Kitty. Always when Kitty was bored she'd nag on Mary in hopes of entertainment. Although Mary would not mind a pleasant intelligent conversation with her sisters she knew she could not get such from Kitty and she was also aware that Kitty just needed someone to make her laugh. Mary was not a person to degrade herself to be a joker.

The trip for London was as expected. Kitty tried to coach Mary into gossip or talk of other silly things, but Mary preferred a book and so Mrs. Bennet, although quiet willing, entered eager conversations of the approaching future stay at the Darcy Estate. Topics as balls, men, men in redcoats and balls and men were often discussed, but Mary forced herself to think of other things. Few times had she tried to start a conversation with her father, but he made no attempt to continue it.

The house was grand and Mary immediately felt like she could disappear from the rest of the party. Something, which she only would admit to herself, was quite preferable.

She leaned against the wall and closed her eyes; her eyes picking up sounds. But there were none. The Darcy Estate was big enough for all sounds to drown within and she had no fears of having to listen to the other's voices.

She did not mean to be rude, not at all! But she did need her space, and travelling with her entire family for hours had drained her completely and pressed on her personal space. Kitty, who was only half as bad as Lydia, could still mentally exhaust everyone around her with her silliness. While her father had the opportunity to sleep or read, or generally closed his ears for all silliness around him – he had been good at that since he married – Mary, however, was not as talented, especially not when Kitty sat beside her, pushing her and teasing her.

And then they reached the house. Oh lord how Mary had never seen anything more agreeable. And she had not even looked at the house properly, but it was the thought of getting away that impressed her.

She had been polite upon greeting Mr and Mrs Darcy. Mr. Darcy seemed as proud as ever, but knowing Lizzie to be sensible and never to marry a man evil Mary was forced to let go of any evil ideas and reconsider him entirely.

Mrs. Darcy was still the same Lizzie as always, although, Mary noted, slightly more humble.

"Please, do come in," Lizzie had asked and led the way inside. The Bingleys had already arrived and Mary stayed to greet all before she informed that she was exhausted and had to lie down.

"Exhausted?! Whatever for? What have you done? You have done nothing at all, you never do anything. Exhausted! How silly!" Mrs. Bennet had exclaimed, but Lizzie seemed more overbearing and let Mary go to her new room while staying at the Darcy's through the winter.

And so Mary had gone to her room to find comfort and peace and had been pleased to realise that all sounds were blocked and she could be, for once in her life, undisturbed.

Where Mary was not one to take naps she needed it dearly and soon sleep took over her.

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