Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeell... this chappie concludes my story. Never meant for it to get so long, so sorry. I apologise if people do not like the ending. It's rather short, but I thought it was best to leave it at that and not get into their life after marriage. Or their wedding.

Chapter 19 – a happy ending

The guests were arriving faster than Mary would've liked. She prayed time would stop and allow her some more time to prepare herself, but her wish was not granted. Instead she wrung her hands while staring out at the window down at the entrance where carriages where dropping the guests off.

"Mary, please, you will ruin your looks!" Lizzie tried to calm Mary.

"They're already ruined! Oh sister! How many shall wonder how Frederic couldn't possibly fall for a misfit such as I!" Mary cried out, tears starting to fall in her desperation.

"There, there," Jane spoke up, her calm voice lulling Mary's nerves a bit. "My dear sister, when did you become so interested in what other people think you?"

"I do not!" Mary responded tiredly.

"Then do not let them worry you now," reasoned Jane calmly. "Frederic chose you. He wants you. His family approves of you. Is there anyone else whose approval you desperately need in order to calm down?"

"Oh Jane! How right you are! I wish I could be still, but I cannot! The mere thought of tonight worries me," Mary replied in worry. "I worry that I will act silly in the presence of so many influential people. I worry that mama, Lydia and Kitty will make fool of me! Alas, should I not do it myself first!" Mary stood still as Jane corrected her hair.

"There shall be one good thing coming from it then," laughed Lizzie and Mary looked at her questioningly. "My dear, I cannot say how many times people have commented on Jane's or mine family, speaking that it were a luck that were got out with a scratch," both Jane and Lizzie laughed.

"Yes," Jane smiled, "the damage they can do is primarily before an engagement. However, tonight we promise you people will commence you on how well and normal you are unlike your family," Jane giggled.

"How rude… in a way," Mary commented, but smiled, "I am glad, nonetheless! It makes it at least a bit bearable," she smiled at her sister.

A knock sounded and Lizzie called for enter.

"All guests have arrived, Mrs. Darcy," a maid informed and then politely left them again.

"Do not fear, dear sister. We're here to help," Lizzie promised and then hugged Mary and then Jane hugged her.

Outside the ballroom Mary and Lizzie met with Mr. Darcy and Frederic. Jane moved into the ballroom alone, leaving the last four to themselves. Mary and Frederic greeted each other hesitantly, though it was clear that they wanted more than just the light peck on the hand Frederic gave her. Lizzie and Mr. Darcy would accompany them into the ballroom as they were hosts, and so their engagement ball began.

Most of the night was spent away from Frederic, though both sent longing glances towards each other to mark their love and to make sure they knew where the other part was. Mary, who feared that she'd make a fool out of herself was pleased to see that Lizzie or Jane was always near if she landed in a group of people who were too much for her.

"I spoke to your mother just before," an elderly lady spoke up and Mary found herself having trouble at breathing. Even Lizzie seemed slightly anxious.

"Oh? Yes… my mother... glad you met her!" Mary forced out.

"She told me you play the piano and have always done so! And that you play too beautiful to describe! I must hear if someday! I insist!" Mary stared at the woman and nodded numbly before Lizzie dragged her along.

"Mother told her that?" Mary whispered shocked to Lizzie who nodded worried.

"Father told them to behave and speak of only good," Lizzie explained, "I had no idea they… well," Lizzie mumbled.

"I know I'm a good player, but no need to exaggerate," Mary muttered and Lizzie nodded. It was true. Mary had never received piano lessons and as such her playing was harsh and cold unlike one who knew how to put they're souls into the piece at the right time.

"Nevertheless, a nice consideration," Lizzie pointed out quietly.

Most people had heard of her talents and when Mary caught her mother's eyes at time she's send off a huge smile and Mary could not help but smile back. Exaggerating was certainly not the best option, but it was better than the alternative, and it seemed her family tried to behave; if only for one night. It made her happy to know that they tried.

"Come with me," a voice whispered and someone grasped her hand. Frederic led her quietly towards the exit and they hurried outside, laughing at themselves and their happiness.

"Where are you taking me?" Whispered Mary and Frederic turned and smiled her at her.

He halted by the lake where he made her sit down on a bench with him.

"I love you so much," he whispered and let his fingers caress her face. She smiled and leaned into his hand to show her own love. They embraced and he kissed her forehead. Mary smiled. They stayed wrapped in each others arms till the night, agreeing without words that their wedding should be moved forward.

The End

Sappy... oh well hope you enjoyed it!