Goblins, ghouls, mummies, and candy, because who doesn't love Halloween?

For the first time since she was eleven, Aletha Freeman-Black would be celebrating it.

Just in a different way than I expected. She was stationed at the door of the hotel room they had rented, in a small town in northern New England, awaiting the rest of the group. Then again, who expects to be hiding in America with your husband, your best friend, you best friend's husband, and your four kids, only one of whom is actually your flesh and blood?

Considering who I'm friends with...I should have.

A small orange blur came bouncing down the hall, impacting her legs with a giggle. Aletha smiled down at her four-year-old daughter, stumbling exaggeratedly and clutching her heart.

"Oh heavens, a living pumpkin! It's running around, and it's so scary!"

Meghan Lily Black giggled again and lifted the pumpkin-stem shaped hat off her head. "I'm not a pumpkin, Mama Letha! I'm a Meghan!"

Letha smiled and knelt down, fixing her daughter's slightly cockeyed and very plush pumpkin costume. "You are indeed, little Pearl-girl."

There was a fake howl and two more blurs came shooting down the hall and began chasing each other around in circles. A pale-blond vampire stopped in front of her and grinned, showing off his fangs

"Look at my fangs, Letha! Aren't they cool?" Draco Black asked. He had his hair slicked back, a red vest, black pants, and a cape. He looked the image of the American movie vampire.

Gertrude Granger-Lupin, known to all as Danger, strode in and fixed Draco's cape. "You look great, little fox."

He grinned wider.

A large black, shaggy dog bounded in and transformed into Aletha's husband in time to catch a black-haired werewolf as he skidded into the room.

Harry Potter mock-growled, showing off his mouthful of sharp teeth and shaking his brown furry costume like a real dog would.

"Got to love his choice of costumes," Sirius Black said, smirking.

"I'm a Moony!" Harry said proudly.

Remus Lupin walked in at that moment, saw what his Pack-son was, and shook his head. He turned to Sirius. "You picked that."

"Mr. Padfoot denies any involvement in the choosing of Harry's costume."

"Mr. Moony thinks Mr. Padfoot is lying."

"Mr. Padfoot thinks Mr. Moony can think whatever he wants, as long as he doesn't act on it."

"Mr. Moony thinks we're thinking too much."

"Mr. Padfoot concurs, and wonders why Mr. Moony has a cat on his head."

Hermione Granger giggled, sitting on her Pack-father's shoulders. Her black cat ears stood out against her bushy hair, as did her furry costume, and her tail swished.

Both women rolled their eyes at their husbands and grabbed the kids' jackets and their goody bags.

"Who's ready to go trick-or-treating?" Aletha asked, to be answered with cheers. Together all four adults herded three seven-year-olds and an excited four-year-old pumpkin out the door.

"Whoof," Danger said, falling onto an armchair after the kids had been washed up, changed, and put to bed. "No wonder we never did that before."

Sirius shook his head as much as he could from where it was in his wife's lap. "Who would have thought the kids could go on that long?"

"What're you talking about, Padfoot?" Remus asked, looking at his friend in disbelief, "You were the one that tried to convince us we should go out again after the kids were asleep!"

Sirius tried to look innocent and failed, and the night ended as most nights with the Pack did. With laughter.

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