"Now you have to do it," said a seventeen-year-old girl with shoulder length, reddish hair. In this hair she had clipped two fake cat ears, which bobbed every time she moved her head. Black face paint covered the tip of her nose, whiskers traced out across both cheeks. Black gloves adorned each hand, disguised to look like cat paws.

"Do I have to?" The other girl scrunched her paint-free nose at her companion. The redhead placed a hand on her hip, and the sleeveless bodice accompanied with black tights. A fake tail could be seen vaguely weaving behind her legs. Her face creased into a scowl.

"We had a deal." The previous girl sighed, pulling her golden blonde hair from its twin buns. The tresses fell to her butt, brushing gently against the bunny tail attached to the back of her identical bodice, in white. Her hands reached up and placed the headband on her head, the pair of attached bunny ears perfectly erect on her head.

"It was a joke at the time, Kairi." The blonde whined. The newly dubbed Kairi remained unaffected as she handed over the white paw gloves with a self-satisfied smile on her face.

"Well, Usagi, now it's a reality. I'll get our shoes, the boys will be here soon." Usagi watched the redhead's silhouette disappear through the doorway, black tail swaying with each step. Her slender hands slipped in each glove, still studying her reflection in the mirror. 'He's just going to laugh at me in this.'

A brunette girl bounced from the bathroom to her left, coming over to share half the mirror space. Usagi looked her friend Selphie over with a bit of envy. Her costume consisted of a normal, non-revealing ninja outfit. She smiled and said, "Usagi, your stalkers are all going to die of nosebleeds."

"Thanks for the warning." Usagi rolled her eyes at the laughing brunette. "I'll just walk in behind Kairi and they can attack her first. Then I'll slip by unnoticed and hide in the bathroom for the rest of the night."

"Aw, Usagi. Don't worry, Riku can protect you." Selphie grinned, nudging her friend in the ribs. The cynical look on the blonde's face only darkened as she adjusted her ears.

"I doubt it. He'll be too busy staring at Kairi, too." They both flinched, eyes darting in opposite direction toward the walls. In the silence, Kairi's mutters drifted from the other room as she searched out their shoes. Selphie reached over and grabbed Usagi's hand, squeezing it tightly.

"Usagi, Kairi and Sora are together now." Before the teal-eyed girl could continue, Usagi said, "Which leaves me as the leftovers. You don't have to cheer me up, Selphie. Just enjoy your night."

"I found them," Kairi announced triumphantly, returning to the room with black and white high-heeled boots in her hands. The blonde accepted her white pair silently, turning her head slightly so Kairi couldn't read her expression. The redhead had a bad habit of it, and she at least didn't want to spoil her night.

It's not that Usagi didn't love Halloween. She may venture far enough to declare her favorite holiday for all the candy and costumes. Even the ridiculous costumes her and Kairi dared each other to wear didn't bother her too much. It was just...

The blonde finished buckling her boots and stood, sending one last glance at the mirror when she heard the doorbell echo through the house. Her stomach fluttered briefly, and plummeted to her feet. Still, she followed the two cheerfully chattering girls downstairs, and hovered near the bottom while they crossed the room to answer the door.

Kairi chose to open it, and the blonde knew Sora stood immediately on the other side, for she flung herself into a hug and half disappeared from the doorway. As the brunette boy followed her inside, she noticed his pirate costume and offered a grin to return his own. In that moment, however, he looked down and finally registered what the redhead beside him was wearing. His face burned such a deep red that she had to choke back a laugh.

Selphie's laugh drew her back to the door, and the source of her amusement stood out easily. Tidus strode in, or more like waddled, dressed up perfectly to resemble their school's principal. He shifted the pillow stuffed under his coat and grinned at the girl beside him, obviously satisfied with her reaction.

Usagi forgot her mirth completely as the final member to their party walked in the door. He brushed stray strands of his silver hair from his eyes, fake fangs poking from his mouth as he sighed at the sight before him. She knew he didn't want to come. She wished now she hadn't begged him to.

"I'm glad you talked him into it." The blonde turned her head toward the smiling Sora, and couldn't help but smile back. Sora had that effect. "He's been sorta depressed, you know? Ever since..."

Usagi lightly touched his arm. None of them liked to talk about the past, about their travels, about...the keyblade. He shook his head before the bright smile returned. The blue-eyed girl shooed him back to Kairi, giggling at the red that immediately covered his cheeks.

Her gaze subconsciously turned back to Riku, only to find his aquamarine eyes almost boring a hole through her. The heat splashed over her like a bucket of water, but when she blinked a few times, he was looking at Kairi. Just as she expected he would, with that same expression of care.

"We're going to be late," Selphie proclaimed, looping her arm with Tidus and dragging him out the door. Sora followed the example, though taking Kairi's arm a bit more gently than the zealous brunette girl, and followed. This left Usagi to turn her nervous blue eyes back to Riku, cheeks still aflame, and wait for him to do something.

He looked slightly tense himself, so saving him the mortification of walking arm in arm with her, she tugged the cape of his outfit gently and started their walk out the door. The blonde closed and locked the door behind her, and ambled alongside Riku in silence, decent length behind Kairi and the others.

"You look good," he stated, after a long stretch of silence. The color in her cheeks, previously dimmed to near nothing, returned with a vengeance. To her further embarrassment, her mouth dropped open unceremoniously, and he laughed at her reaction.

"Um, you too," Usagi muttered, wishing she could simply melt into the ground and evaporate to nothing. The group ahead had stopped and turned, startled by the sound of Riku's laughter.

"We better not let them fall too far behind. They might just slip off into the night together," Selphie teased from her spot in the lead, winking at the flustered blonde playfully. They continued, Usagi turning her head and looking out into nothing, refusing to meet anyone's eyes.

'He did compliment me,' her mind gently prodded. She cut her eyes to the right to glance at him. He stared nonchalantly at the back of Sora's head as he walked, but his eyes jumped suddenly to the lighted up gym just ahead. Usagi turned to look too, blue eyes held to the brightly lit neon sign, declaring 'Happy Halloween!' in large orange letters.

'Well Wakka certainly went all out. Who knew he was into the dance committee stuff?' The blonde grinned to herself at the thought of her tall, orange-headed friend. As they all approached the gym, he waved them toward the front door, past the line of people buying tickets.

"Right on time, the music just started, ya?" He grinned at them and led them inside. All the bleachers had been pushed into the wall, leaving a wide, wooden floored area. The walls had been covered in black paper, so the whole room looked like night. Halloween decorations hung everywhere, and loud music blared from the speakers all around the room.

Selphie immediately led Tidus toward the dance floor, but it didn't take the couple long to figure out they would have to remove his pillow to dance properly. As the song changed, Kairi and Sora joined the two, leaving Usagi standing beside Riku, alone, her hands twitching nervously.

"What's wrong?" Usagi jumped slightly, her widened eyes falling on Riku again. He elaborated, "Your hands are twitching. You do that when you're nervous. What's wrong?"

"Oh nothing," the blonde lied, turning her head to watch her friends dance and dreading the night ahead.


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