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Also, remember these are simply fun drabbles, Tony and Jen looked so cute in the new season, I just had to play with them for a bit. I think you can guess who's POV this one is. ;)


Devil Horns

I love Abby's parties. Especially the costume ones. I mean, where else would I get to see so many hot girls all in one place, all devil horns and cat tails? She knows just how to pick her friends. Gibbs is here somewhere, hidden away in his normal clothes. I still can't believe he came as himself to a Halloween party! Only Gibbs could be so boring. Probie's here too, following Abby around, trying to be subtle. His Sherlock Holmes look really doesn't match her Vampyre. Ziva walks past, the military uniform she's wearing fits snugly to her body, and I can't help but wonder what things she could do with that stick. Looking around, I'm not the only one to wonder it would seem.

Only Abby would invite the entirety of NCIS as well as her "outside" friends. Behind the make-up it's hard to tell whether I work with these people or not. There's a nice brunette cat prowling around that I hope I'll see at work on Monday.

Someone else is coming in to join the fun; I wonder who it is this time. A red-head, well that's more Gibbs's taste than mine, but the crowd by the door moves and I'm given a perfect view of the new addition to the party. One look and I know I'll be following her all night. The red hair I just dismissed; it's falling in light curls down her back, the blood red dress pulls tight in all the right places, the deep "v" at the back reveals a trail of ivory skin my hand's are aching to touch. I know I'm staring, but I don't care, because the short dress ends just after her perfect ass, and then the longest legs I've ever seen begin, ending in a pair of impossibly high red heels. She begins turning and I slide my eyes back up, taking in the full extent of creamy thighs and pert breasts.

No one can say I don't appreciate the full assets of any woman. It's not just about body to me, although I won't lie, that helps. A lot. I continue my journey back up, her hands stretch out to hand a black coat to some guy at the front and then…I know that smile.

Oh my God. I was lusting after my Boss! Oh no, not my boss, that's Gibbs and that doesn't bare thinking about, but the Director. Can I get fired just for thoughts? She keeps turning, and I realise I've still not turned away. What's wrong with me? Bright eyes meet mine, and I'm lost. She gives another smile, I'm certain it's bigger now that it's directed at me, and I don't care that she's my boss. Or that I've always had the impression that she was Gibbs's and that I was to keep far away. Because it's not him that she's smiling at. Not him that she's moving towards, her hips swaying to the music with each step.

Damn Ducky! Did Dr Frankenstein have to pick now to accost her? Couldn't he have waited until the next party? I watch her talking to him, her face alight with conversation as she greets her old friend, and I'm drawn to her hair again. It's been so long since I've seen it that length. I'm not sure which style I prefer.

God, I must have drunk more of Abby's surprise punch than I thought. I shouldn't be thinking about preferences in the Director. I should be looking at that brunette sitting just feet away from me, but I can't help it. Jenny intrigues me. Ever since Gibbs's short retirement to Mexico, I've found out more about her, and is it so wrong of me, a man, to want to know more about other aspects of her too? Especially when she turns up wearing something like that. It's true, most of the guests will go home too drunk to remember what the illustrious Jennifer Sheppard wore to the party; she arrived just late enough that some won't even remember she was there. I will. And if I'm lucky, when I walk over there she'll let me sweep her into a dance. Because this Satan wants to feel his she-devil up close.


Tony's mind is soooo fun to write, I was giggling so much. Anyway, this is the first of 7 drabbles spanning a year, so let me know what you think, and happy halloween!!!