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Sorry guys, I know a lot of you are gonna be pissed at me for doing this. I'm putting "Tergiversate" on an unknown time span hiatus. I don't have the inspiration to write more, but I didn't have much to begin with for this. I feel really bad, seeing as how I have the rest of it planned, I just can't bring myself to write more. Sorry! Dx

In a pitiful attempt at making you happy, here is a preview of my next multi-chapter fanfic, "Una Luna Roja" (won't be released until I'm done typing it):

After ten minutes of beating, Ichigo had had enough of the torture. He got it enough at home, for reasons just as ridiculous as the villagers and his hair color. They hadn't been totally wrong in saying that they hadn't seen him before, as he was usually only out occasionally, and that was at late times in the night.

Once he was sure that the mob had left, he slowly cracked an eye open towards the glowing moon. He didn't know if it was blood in his eye, or if the moon really was trying its hardest to mirror the color of his blood. The orange haired teen slowly brought himself to the nearest wall before ripping his shredded shirt off. That was difficult though. His elbow was shattered, and he had lost the feeling in his legs.