More than just a number

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I don't really know anything about the Doctors family or anything I just made it all up.


She walked slowly down the dry dusty path wondering how far she could get before getting found out. Apparently not that far as behind her she could hear the shuffling of the guard's feet and swords.

"Your getting worse at this" The leader scoffed. She turned to see they were right; she hadn't got that far and could still see the palace and the white villas. "Come on" he grunted grabbing her wrist and pulling her along, his gloves were hard and made from a animal with very hard scales much like a alligator's but still much harder, these animal skins were every where on the guards and were a brownie green colour which blended in with the brown and green foliage that covered this planet.

"Well, well, well tried to escape again did you" the King laughed when they got back to the place.

"What would you like us to do you Majesty" one of the guards sneered.

"Same punishment as always" the King said dismissively. The girl winced and shut her eyes she remembered the last time they caught her, her back was red for days. "Only this time make sure she knows not to escape again." The girl opened her eyes wide she knew what was going to happen, it had happened to her friend she was old and wanted to get away and die in peace but they caught her and was punished in front of all the slaves as an example of what would happen.

One guard grabbed her arm and pulled her trough a hidden door then down some dark steps. Once they reached the bottom he pushed her into an even darker room. She looked around trying to see then suddenly she let out a scream in surprise as long thin whip came crashing down on her back, then again and again. She bit her lip so they wouldn't have the satisfaction of hearing her scream. After a while her head felt dizzy and she felt her body become weak. 'Please' she thought 'Please someone please help. Tresoli' Then her eyes closed and she fell into a warm state of unconsciousness.


"So where are we going" Rose asked dangling her over the side of the railings.

"The hot and sunny planet of Tresoli" The Doctor smiled proudly.

"And why" she asked again.

"Why not" he replied still smiling.

"Huh where are we going" called the American who had only just woke up.

"Tresoli" The Doctor called.

"Good I've always wanted to go there, I need a good vacation." Jack replied.

"We're not going for a vacation someone needs our help." The Doctor replied. Jack sighed and finished eating the toast he had.

"How do you know someone needs our help?" Rose asked.

"Don't know, just have this feeling." He replied pulling some leavers and pushing some buttons. "I don't think you want that Jacket or those jeans." He said looking at Rose.

"Why not?" She asked.

"Because Tresoli means 3 suns and that is what the planet has, 3 suns." Jack told her trying to suppress a giggle.

"Oh shut up your all horrible" she moaned walking out to change.

A short while later after Rose had changed into some shorts and discarded her jacket the TARDIS column stopped moving signalising they had arrived. Rose and Jack both raced to the door trying to open it first while the Doctor just laughed soon Jack won and pushed open the door.

"Wow There really is 3 suns" Rose exclaimed looking around noticing the suns, one was rising, one was setting, and one was high in the sky.

"Come on we've got to go there." The Doctor said pointing at the great white palace. Rose looked at him with confusion.

'Don't we usually end up getting dragged into places like that' Rose thought.

"We've got to get rooms; this place is the universes best holiday resort, three suns great way to get a good tan." Said Jack.


The small girl's eyes fluttered open. That had really hurt, she brought her hand to her back and felt that her uniform had been ripped and she could feel small cuts all along her back, she put her hands down to pull herself up and noticed a torch had been lit and below the torch was a chair with a new uniform sitting underneath. She pulled off her old uniform and placed it on the chair, then slowly wiggled in to her new uniform, the fabric was thick and itchy; the colours were no better, bright green polo top and muddy brown skirt that came to her knees, and on the back of the top and the front left corner of her skirt were the haunting numbers 36. That was her name, 36 that was what made her want to run away more than anything, no one was interested her name, just her number.

"36" a guard called "you have guests to help."

That's all they did be slaves for the king then when a guest came to stay they were slaves to them. She walked up the stairs and pushed open the top door blinking and rubbing her Alice blue eyes from the sudden burst of light.

"These are your charges for the week" the King boomed. "Make sure they are well looked after" She slowly steeped forward and took the keys from the king

he looked at her and she could see in his face what would happen if she messed up, unfortunately for him so did Jack and the Doctor.

"Please follow me" she said not looking up and walking past the Doctor, Rose and Jack.

"What's your name then?" Rose asked her.

"36" she replied looking at the floor.

"Seriously what's your name" Rose asked again.

"36. Miss, here I have no name here only a number, I hope you don't mind me asking but what are all your names, it's just not many people ask names and I was wondering." She asked stopping and turning around.

"Well I'm the Doctor this is Rose and this is Jack" The Doctor said pointing out everyone. "Anyway were not many people and I do want to know your name. No one should have a number for a name, and I don't feel like saying 36 all the time like a bingo reader." He smiled at her and tried to make eye contact only to see the top of her head.

She looked at the Doctor and their blue eyes met. "Clio" she replied looking up at the Doctor.

"Clio" he whispered trying to remember where he had heard that name before.



Hope you like it.

Tresoli Is Italian for three suns

Clio was the greek muse of heroic poetry and History