Dead Sam Walking Chapter 2: The Conclusion

Danny dropped to his knees over Sam's lifeless body.

Danny: NO O O! (Starts to cry hysterically)
Mr. Lancer: Moments like this could cause severe emotional scaring in children.

Tucker: (Points at Danny) Like that?

Mr. Lancer: Yes… like that.

Danny: O Sam, why did you have to go? (Sobs) Now who will let me copy their math homework? (Sobs some more)

Mr. Lancer: You copy Ms. Manson's homework? Anyway we need to get her to my office, call the paramedics and think up a story.

Tucker: Got it! (Salutes him.) (Sees Danny still crying on Sam) Oh come on Danny, that's not Sam. It's just her lifeless corpse.

Danny: (Wipes eyes) That didn't help at all.

The teens and teacher then dragged Sam's corpse to Mr. Lancer's classroom, which thankfully was empty. They sat Sam at her desk.

Danny: Shouldn't we say a few words in Sam's honor?

Tucker and Mr. Lancer: Na.

All of a sudden a strange moaning sound filled the room. Sam's mouth cracked open as if to say something. Then she jumped up.

Sam: BOO!

Tucker screamed, Danny jumped into his arms, and Mr. Lancer fainted.

Sam: (Bursts into laughter) Ahh, hahahaha! I finally got you guys! It took me years but I finally scared you two! (Laughs some more)

Tucker: (angry) Why did you wait so long to tell us?

Sam: I was having too much fun to stop.

Danny: But you didn't have a heartbeat.

Sam then pulled down the top of her dress to reveal she was wearing a sort of metal shirt underneath it.

Sam: The "Fool Your Friends into thinking you don't have a Pulse Shirt" sponsored by Mulch's Minion. I got on the Internet.

Tucker: Wait how long have you been planning this.

Sam: A couple of months. The principal was in on it.

Danny: So that's why we were picked.

That was when Dash walked in and saw that Sam had neglected to pull her dress back up, this he interpreted as something just plain stupid.

Dash: MANSON'S A ROBOT! AHH! (Runs away)

Tucker: Shouldn't Mr. Lancer have gotten up by now?

Danny: I don't think he's breathing!

Sam: Well if anyone asks say you've never heard of me and I'm going to be on the next flight to Ecuador. Bye! (Runs away)

Danny and Tucker looked at Lancer's body to make sure he wasn't just unconscious before running out the door.


Several minutes passed before the apparently lifeless body of Mr. Lancer let out what some say might have been a last breath but in reality it had been something else entirely.

A laugh.

The End

I would like to thank ange4u185 for the first line of the story. I would also like to thank ChaosGhostBoy for making me mention his World of Warcraft character Mulch's Minion in this.