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Roy Mustang walked into his office an hour late. As he opened the door and stepped in he covered his head with his hands. When nothing happened he slowly lowered his arms. Surprised he walked out of the room and looked down the hall then walked back in. He looked out of the room again and saw a solider walking down the hall.

"Excuse me," the young man stopped and looked at his superior officer, "Is this my office?"

The young man looked confused, "I believe so sir."

"Thank you," he saluted and walked back in the office. The handsome colonel slowly walked to his desk and sat down. He leaned his chin on his hand and studied his subject. Just then Havoc walked in with the daily paperwork.


"Yes sir."

"I'm in the correct office correct?"

"Correct sir."

"Then why is-"

"She's been like that since 7," the blonde handed the colonel his paperwork and sat down at his own desk.

"Is that-?"

"Yeah that's her alright."

They both studied the blonde solider who sat at her desk. A pen in her right hand and her head resting on her left arm. She was fast asleep.

"Should we wake her up?" asked Havoc.

"Do you want to die?" Neither of the men had even started their paperwork, "I would rather not have a bullet in my head thank you."

"Where's the Lieutenant Colonel when you need him?" Havoc sighed.

"She'd kill you for that too." He couldn't take his onyx eyes off of her. He would never in a million years think that this was possible.

About 10 after 8 Fuery, Falman, and Breda walked in talking.


They stopped dead in their tracks when they saw the sleeping figure at her desk. They slowly sat at their desks and didn't say a word.

"Wow," Breda finally said.

"She must really be tired," Fuery added.

"I think we should write this down," Havoc started writing, "What's the date?"

"December 10th," Falman whispered.

After about a half an hour talking and watching her Mustang finally decided they should start work just in case she woke up and saw them watching her.

"I think today is a first for everything," Havoc whispered to Falman.

"What do you mean?"

"The Colonel just told us to work," he then looked over to the sleeping solider, "and Riza Hawkeye is asleep at work."

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