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Chapter 15

Greg continued to cry in the trunk of Aaron's car. There wasn't much he could do. He was stuck there for some time and who knew how long he had until Aaron finished the job. No, he couldn't think like that, he had to plan an escape…but how? Maybe if he could kick the seat open, he could try to run Aaron off the road. It was worth a shot. Without hesitating, Greg tried to bring his bound hands around him so they were in front. It hurt, trying to stretch like that, but eventually, he did it. Then, Greg turned to where his legs were against the seat and he gave one strong kick. Success! The back seat was open and Aaron hadn't noticed it. Slowly, Greg crept into the back seat, making sure that Aaron couldn't see him. It took him a good couple of minutes to gather up all his courage to face Aaron, but he finally managed. I only have one shot at this, he thought and without another second to waste, Greg jumped into the front seat and tried to grab the wheel. "What the hell!" yelled Aaron.

Aaron tried to kick Greg off, but Greg had his grasp firmly on the steering wheel. "Get off!" yelled Aaron.

But Greg didn't budge. They continued to fight over the control of the car when they heard police sirens behind them. Quickly, Greg looked behind and saw the police squad and Brass leading the pack. Aaron seized the moment and pushed Greg off. But that didn't stop Greg. Greg got right back up and grabbed the wheel again, this time, steering the wheel off the road. Aaron tried to steer them back onto the road, but couldn't in time. The car started to go onto a ramp in a construction site and sent the car flying into Lake Mead. "Oh shi…" started Greg, but was cut off when the water burst through the front window.

The water was freezing cold. Greg looked over and saw Aaron lying unconscious at the wheel. Being the good citizen he was, Greg managed to pull Aaron out through the front and helped him swim to shore. Without the use of his hands, Greg had to rely on kicking his way to shore. As he reached the top of the water, he breathed in a refresh full gulp of air. Slowly but surely, he kicked himself and Aaron to the shore. As he pulled Aaron onto the sandy beach, he began to perform on CPR. After about three rounds, Aaron gasped for breath. "Are you alright?" asked Greg.

Aaron quickly got up and wrapped his hands around Greg's throat. I take that as a no, thought Greg. As he struggled for air, he saw Brass and the SWAT team come up behind Aaron. "Aaron James, release Greg and put your hands in the air," yelled Brass with his gun raised.

But Aaron didn't let go. He kept his firm grip on Greg's neck. Everything became blurry to Greg. Then, he felt Aaron release him, but it wasn't by free will. Someone and tackled Aaron off of him. As he coughed and gasped for breath, Greg looked over and saw Warrick on top of Aaron. "I got him!" he yelled.

Two SWAT members came over and cuffed Aaron. Grissom and the rest of the team came over. "Greg, are you alright?" asked Grissom.

Greg slowly nods. Quickly, Brass comes over with a pair of keys. "You may want these. I found them in Aaron's jean pocket."

"Thanks Brass," says Catherine as she takes the keys from him. Quickly, she removes Greg's handcuffs as two paramedics came over with a blanket and draped it over Greg's cold shoulders. "You may want to stand back, we need to do a routine check on him," says one of the paramedics to Catherine and Grissom.

"I'm fine, really," says Greg as they start to check over him. He has always hated doctors and hospitals. They made you feel like you were dying even if you weren't. As soon as they finished checking over him, they walked away and the team took their places. "Glad to see you're back in one piece, Greg," says Warrick.

"Glad to be back, Rick," replies Greg. As everyone smiles and celebrates Greg's return, Greg watches Brass and the police take Aaron away. He knew that Aaron wasn't getting out anytime soon, but he had a feeling like it wasn't over. Catherine noticed Greg's fear and crouched down next to him. "Don't worry Greggo; he can't do anything to you now."

Greg looks at her and smiles. "Thanks Cath."

Catherine smiles and returns to the group. Finally, Greg gets up and goes to celebrate with the group. "Hey, why don't we go get something to eat, I'm buying!" yells Catherine.

"I'm up for some free food, I could use it," replies Greg. Everyone agrees and head off into their cars. Greg rides with Nick and Warrick as Sara and Catherine ride with Grissom. As Nick and Warrick joked in the front, Greg leant against the seat and smiled, happy to be back with his friends.

The court was over and Aaron was taken to his jail cell again. Everyone knew that Aaron was going to be convicted, but his attorney demanded a fair trial. Nick and Warrick didn't see the point of it, but Greg didn't care. He was happy that Aaron was going to jail for 15 years without bail. Hopefully he'll forget about the ordeal and leave him alone when he got out. Probably not; he wouldn't forget the person that killed his brother. Good thing he didn't have one so he wouldn't do what Aaron did. As Greg sat down in the break room with his cup of Blue Hawaiian coffee, he turned on his CD player and listened to Coldplay blasting his headphones. He didn't even notice dozing off until Grissom shook him awake. "Greg, get up!"

Greg wakes up and takes off his headphones. "Sorry Griss. What's up?"

"You're working with Nick and Catherine on a 419 in the desert."

"Cool. Let me just go get my stuff," says Greg as he heads out.

"You know, you've been through a lot lately, so if you don't want to work today, then you don't have to."

"Nah, it's okay. Work helps me get my mind of things."

Grissom gives him the are-you-sure-look. "I'll be fine!"

Greg walks out of the break room and heads to the locker room as Grissom smiles and heads to his office. After getting his kit and badge, he gets into his Denali and heads to the crime scene. As he pulls up, he spots Nick and Catherine already examining the body. "It's great to be back at work," Greg says to himself as he grabs his kit and heads over to Catherine and Nick.

The End

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