DarkTaoAngel: My first Naruto fanfiction, and if you don't guess in the story, this is narrated by Naruto, spoken to Sasuke. Not really yaoi, but still. He's kinda comparing him to a star. I know, lame idea. But still, review anyway!

Tonight, as I watch the stars, I think of you. And as they fade, bringing a new day, and for that I live, knowing that when a new night comes, I will get to see the stars once more.

Every night I come here, to this exact spot. And every night I see your star, the most beautiful among all of the other plain, ordinary stars. I watch as it lingers there, in the same place each night. It truly is magnificent. But I have on question: why is it that your star doesn't smile like the others? No, really, I think your star would be much prettier if it smiled. Of course, you never smiled, so I don't really expect your star to, but still… I wish it did.

See, I told you I would keep my promise. I'm here, aren't I? You didn't think I would come, did you? I've been coming here a lot lately, just to watch your star. It looks really pretty from down here, but I bet it looks a lot better from where you are, right? I've been wondering something lately, can stars cry? I mean, I know they aren't really living, but still. I know if I was a star I'd be crying right now. I do that when I think of you.

How long has it been anyway? A week, or a year? Time seems to be going by really quickly now. But I always make sure I come to this spot every night. It makes it hard to go anywhere, being attached like that, but that's part of why I do it. I don't want to leave and never come back like you did.

So, how are you doing? It must be pretty lonely up there, in Heaven. You where betting you wouldn't go there for what you did, weren't you? Well, don't worry, I had no doubt in you. I never did.

Everything here is the same as when it was before you left. Except for you not being here, of course. But still, nothing's really changed. Everyone is still the same. Except for me. I don't know if I told you this yet, but it's pretty lonely here without you.

Wow, your star is really bright tonight. Sorry for saying so, but I really wish it wasn't there. It's awfully painful just seeing it, so close and bright. Besides, if it wasn't there, you'd be here. At least, that's what I heard. You get a star when you die.

Well, I should be leaving now. I've really got to stop crying every time I come here. I don't want you to see me cry. I'm sorry, I really am. I know you really don't care about what I'm saying now, but coming here means a lot to me. I hope it at least means something to you.

Every night I come here to see your star, but tonight is the first time I've ever seen it smile.