1naru-chan13: yo

sasuke: ANOTHER STORY what. The. Hell. Is. Wrong. With. You.

naru-chan13: Can't pronounce it so...

sasuke: I'm not saying it -.-

naru-chan13: Fine... PLAN B!


neji: naru-chan13 doesn't own anything. Fate is a cruel mistress

sasuke: why would you WILLINGLY do that

:naruto walks in, in a bikini:

naruto: Neji-kun come on. I thought we were going to the beach?

sasuke: O.O oh HELL no.

:sasuke grabs naruto and runs away with, neji following close by:

naruto: Wahh! GARRA!

:sasuke and neji trip and garra walks in, helps naruto up and leaves with her to get ice cream .:

naru-chan13: SUGAR HIGH!

Naruto, we all knew him. The trouble making kid. The twelve year old prankster. The most surprising knucklehead ninja. The brat that put his life in danger more then any other. The demon brat. Kyubii's vessel. The future Hokage. Hated by most and, kept close by others.

Our favorite little ninja, dead. Yes dead and, not only that but, by those 'others' spoken so fondly about before. Killed by his closest of friends. Not physically but emotionally they had destroyed him. Never did any of them look underneath the underneath and, even if they did, they would push the thought aside.

Our little Naruto is the happiest person on Earth. He's too stupid to be sad, give him a cup ramen and he's happy. There are two things wrong there. One, Naruto is, or rather was far from happy and two, he is a she.

Yes, Naruto is a girl. What would you expect? A village obsessed with hating a single being to comfort themselves with a tragedy and using her as a way to vent their anger for every other little thing. Getting demoted, blame Naruto, dog dies, blame Naruto, bad weather, blame Naruto. They already hated her, the last thing she needs is to get raped.

And now, sitting atop the Hokage monument was an empty shell. Our little Naruto. The entire week everyone was mean to her. The villagers, she knew and expected them. Her friends, to some extent she figured but not like this. Running away whenever she came by, whispering about her when they knew she would hear, and of corse who could forget just two hours ago, at the ramen stand. HER sanctuary, of all places. AND they told her to meet them there.

The things they said. The same as what the villagers always said. Idiot, brat. Not so bad but, it just got worse. Dumb ass, weakling, dead last. Nothing she never heard before. Then the gloves came off. Worthless, waste of space, demon. That was it. She lost sight of everything.

So she did what she always did when confronted with a problem like this. She pulled up the ever breaking mask and ran. Sad. She passed Kakashi-sensei as she ran. Hell, she bumped into him. And what does he do. Shrugs it off and keeps walking. AND none of them even knew she was a girl! The ones closest to her never say her falling. But the villagers did. They always did. And they were always there to add salt to the wound. Tonight no different.

It was as if they had planned it. There they were, lining up on the side of the street. Screaming, cursing, throwing whatever they could get their hands on. Even with everything happening, the loudest thing that night was the laughing. It was always the laughing.

No one showed up to help. They rarely did. Tonight. I knew no one would come. They did too. The villagers got more bold and started to give chase. I ran to the one place I loved best. The only place where I truly could love Konoha. The top of the Hokage memorial. Funny, I tripped as soon as I made it to the top. I could feel kunai digging into my skin. Yeah, some ninjas were helping them again.

I don't know what provoked me to go out today. I should have known better. I guess I just got cocky. Well, about an hour now and the villagers are leaving, planning what they'll do to me next time. I smile. Yeah, I don't know why but it feels weird. I know it will be great. The biggest surprise ever. I am the most surprising ninja for a reason. What's the surprise?

There won't be a next time. They don't know but, I had a special mission just recently. I killed Ochimaru. Yes I KILLED Ochimaru. I was hard and I was half dead when I got back. Even found a way to get rid of the cursed seals on Sasuke and Anko. Only Tsunade knows. She was going to announce it later. She was going to show up at the ramen stand and tell everyone. Surprise, surprise.

I'm starting to get dizzy. I start to crawl to the Yodome's head. Probably a funny sight to see a seventeen year old crawl. Anyway, I make it and I'm still smiling. I look on and I get really sad. My beautiful illusion of Konoha has been tainted. I feel my genjutsu slip but I don't care. I just want to sleep. Sleep and know I don't have to worry anymore. Never again.

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