Title: Haze

Author: TaintedWolf

Rating: G

Genre: Romance

Pairings or Characters: Mori/Haruhi

Warnings: The characters are older, and in college.

Author's Note: My first fanfic in 2 months ;; I don't know whether that was a good thing or a bad thing...anyways, I was inspired by my sleepiness. XD

Disclaimer: I don't own Ouran High School Host Club.

Happy Halloween! (Remember to floss, guys!)

She wasn't really sure if she was awake or sleeping anymore.

She was drifting between that hazy state of consciousness and unconsciousness, where her eyes were only open to mere slits, making everything around her appear hazy and bright. Sticky fluid clung to her eyelids, cementing them together and forcing them closed as she fought to keep awake.

Her term paper was in front of her, she guessed, by the feel of paper beneath her fingertips. Her ear brushed against a pen, long forgotten in the midst of her losing battle to stay awake.

Her head rested gently on her desktop, dry lips parted slightly, a clear line of saliva escaping from her mouth and pooling on the wooden surface.

She felt a tap on her shoulder, and she managed to make a half-grunt, half-questioning noise in the back of her throat. To be honest, she was proud to accomplish it.


"This is getting ridiculous."

She felt her head being lifted, her pen moving away from her ear if the harsh scraping sound against the desk was any indication, as she made a protesting noise.

"…zuh 'erm paper-"

"-is not going to be finished while you're in this condition. Go to bed, Haruhi."

"M'comfy," she argued feebly, already feeling the owner of the voice lifting her up with strong arms. Her eyes clenched shut as her mouth drew into an angry line. She didn't want to move, damnit!

She let out a small, squeaking sound as her head connected with a warm chest, her brain automatically registering the words 'warm' and 'soft'. She was sure she let out a happy murmur, her hand clenching the soft shirt under her fingertips, bunching the fabric up as her grip tightened.

She didn't even register the wind tickling her ear as she was being moved, her comfy pillow rising and falling rhythmically as the owner of the insistent voice—was he still talking??—breathed in and out.

She felt a hand place itself on the small of her back, making its way past her college sweatshirt—she wasn't going anywhere today, so why make the effort to look perfect?—to find skin underneath.

"Cold," she protested weakly, feeling her pillow shake as the owner of the chest laughed.

"Won't be for long," the voice affirmed, "I'm putting you to bed."

"Duh," she grumbled, "…and move that hand."

She felt the owner of the voice grunt as she was hoisted into the air again; her eyes opened to slits as she just managed to make out dark eyes before she was laying horizontally, her jeans being pulled away, along with her socks.

She let out a contented sigh as she was enveloped in covers, the fabric rubbing against her bare skin and warming it quickly.

She felt a body climb in next to her, the heat radiating off it like a furnace. She snuggled up to it happily, an arm rising to wrap around her waist firmly.

"Night," she whispered.


"Love you."

"Love you too."

Takashi smiled.

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