Bingo Book: Profile of Dangerous Personal

Name: Uzumaki Naruto

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Height: 4'11"

Eye color: blue; red? (unconfirmed)

Blood type: B

Hair color: blond

Weight: 115 lb (last known)

Country: Fire

Village: Konoha of the hidden leaf

Occupation: Hunter-Nin

Code-Name: Hunter X

Personality: NA

Description: Extremely skilled and dangerous individual. Has been known to take down

a team of jounin.

Recommendation: Kill on sight if not allied with Konoha

Record: 33 C class kills 14 A rank missions completed

17 B class kills 7 B rank missions completed

4 A class kills 2 C rank missions completed

S rank missions (classified)

Ninja profile:

Taijutsu: excellent

Ninjutsu: excellent

Genjutsu: average

Traps: good

Weapons: good

Blood Limit: NA

Family Jutsu: NA

Miscellaneous: Often sighted with Mitarashi Anko (see page 194 for profile). Loyalty towards village is questionable, due to a number of unconfirmed reports of his speaking of his hatred towards his village. Shows complete devotion towards the Third Hokage of Konoha, Sarutobi (see page 297 for profile). Rumored to have developed a number of forbidden jutsus, but has yet to be confirmed. Never seen in public without his Hunter-Nin mask; Hunter-Nin mask has a distinguishing X shaped mark.