The Naruto Before Christmas

Chapter 12

All the citizens were laid about the ground near the fountain. They were too sad to go back home, so they decided to just sleep where they were. Not a one heard the news announcement that was in the pool.

"Good news folks!" the announcer proclaimed. "Santa Claus, the one and only has finally been spotted! Old Saint Nick seems to be traveling at supersonic speeds. He's setting things right and bringing joy and cheer wherever he goes. Yes folks, Kris Kringle has pulled it out of the bag to deliver Christmas to the kids all over the world."

The citizens just snored away, when suddenly they were awakening by the sound of a car horn. They all woke up to see the guillotine gate opening and the mayor's car coming. But what really got them was the sight of two certain people on the car.

La la la la la la la!
La la la la la la la!

"They're alive?"


Jack's okay!
And Naruto's okay!
They're all right! Let's shout!
Make a fuss, scream it out!
The kings are back, everyone scream!
In our town of Halloween…

Jack and Naruto made their way up the steps to the entrance of the town hall as they turned to the crowd.

"It's great to be home!" Jack shouted in delight.

But that's when the funniest thing happened. Snow started to slowly fall. The entire town looked up in amazement, just in time to see the outline of a sled being pulled by what looked like five reindeer. The man who was driving it waved his hand.

"Ho ho ho!" he shouted. "Happy Halloween!"

"Merry Christmas!" both the kings shouted back.

Whereas for the town, they were still amazed at the snow.


What's this? What's this?
I've haven't got a clue!
What's this?
Why it's completely new!
What's this?
Must be a Christmas thing.
What's this?
It's really very strange.

Naruto looked around in amazement. Who knew things would turn out like this? And man, did Sandy bring an ever good present! Naruto sighed as he looked at the time on the clock tower. Sure it only told months, but it's a Halloween Town thing. You wouldn't understand. He looked around him to see that all the citizens were taking this quite well. The vampires were playing hockey with a severed head, the behemoth and the lake creature were making snow angels, a snowball was heading straight for his face, the- wait, what? Once Naruto wiped the snow off of his face, he turned to see the three kids already found the number 1 use of snow, a snowball fight.

Naruto sighed as he turned to Hinata who was looking at a snowflake she caught in her hand. He then went up to her.


"Yes Naruto-kun?"

"…I just wanted to say thanks. You know, for trying to help save Sandy."

"B-but, I didn't s-save him."

"Yeah, but you still tried. You wanted to help. I just wanted to thank you for that."

Then to Hinata's surprise, Naruto pulled out a bouquet of white roses and handed them to her.

"Merry Christmas Hinata-chan."

Hinata was silent, but had the happiest expression on her face. Her face was as red as red roses could be.

"Th-thank you Naruto-kun."

Then her eyes closed as she fell to the ground, fainted. Naruto however was as clueless as ever. He thought she just passed out from the cold. So why not bring her home? It's nippy, but doesn't snow there. He lifted her onto his back, grabbed the roses, and went through the gate.

Later on, Naruto was passing the spiral hill with Hinata soundly sleeping on her back. He was a few yards off to go to the same cemetery that he and Jack went through earlier to go home. He then stopped and looked to his right. There, the hill had been covered in snow and icicles were hanging. But on top was Sally, sitting by her lonesome as she began again to pluck leaves from a forget-me-not. He then saw someone also coming and smiled as he got out the recording devices again. He watched and recorded as Jack arrived singing.


My dearest friend, if you don't mind,
I'd like to join you by your side.
Where we can gaze into the stars,

At this, Sally joined in to finish as they came closer together on the hill until they were hand in hand.

And sit together,
Now and forever.
For it is plain, as anyone can see.
We're simply meant to be.

Naruto smiled as he turned the devices off and made the blood pumpkin on a crypt door. He opened it and started to descend with only one thought in mind.
Note to self: claim bet winnings from werewolf.

Merry Christmas Naruto.

In a dark, unknown place, the image rippled from the water as the figure known as Pensrap sighed.

"Well what do you know? He actually did it."

"Now do you still have doubt?"

Pensrap turned to see Sai La standing behind him as the dark portal he used evaporated.

"…While it's true I'm impressed," Pensrap said with a firm voice, "that doesn't mean I'm completely convinced. He is still young, and won't fully understand the whole responsibility. … Besides, he'll have too much fun in wiping people's memories."

"So? I did as well, heck I still do! We were all like him at one point or another Pensrap. But we've learned and improved as we continued. And thus, so shall Naruto. We just need to be patient, that's all."

"… Fine. … So, when shall you take him?"

"Not now, I know that much. But I plan to take him during the third year of his trip with that ero-sennin. That way he'll be fresh and ready for when he comes back. Simple as that."

"So I take it you've already got all seven worlds set up?"

"Yep! Each and every last one of them! I've got the teachers set, the timelines done, everything is in place. I'm ready to go at any time really. Ooh, I can't wait!" he finished with a hop. "And soon enough, Naruto Uzamaki will become one of the most powerful beings in existence!"

He then turned to the chessboard to see the King Kyuubi chess piece toppled over.

"I hope you're ready kid. Cause the real game has yet to begin."

The End

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Well, there ya go. It's done. But rest assured the sequel is coming! In fact, below is what the trailer would be like! Now take note, all world suggestions have now arrived to a close. No more suggestions are to be sent at this time. (I only got two anyway. Oh! Before I forget, sorry Fallen Angel, but I can't use FMA. I just don't know where I would put him.) So look forward and be ready for plenty of crossovers!

In the meantime, for those of you who are Sonic the Hedgehog fans, I'll be making a Christmas story next year in there! It'll be A Sonic Christmas Carol! Starring Eggman!


(The scene is pitch black. Suddenly white words come and go in flashes on the screen as their voices speak them.)

"Chaos control!"

"Space colony Ark?"

"I'm the world's ultimate life form."

"Dimension Arm!"

"This match is mine Ginta."

"The Chess Pieces."

"The diamond in the rough."

"You only get three wishes!"

"No, seriously, when do I get a hat like that?"

"Long shay shay, euhnicy. Snip snip."

"Time's up Jack."

"The Kraken!"

"See without sight."

"He's senile, and a sage. I like it!"

"He's going into the Avatar State!"

"So… my name's Sora."

"You must realize darkness isn't all it's cracked up to be."

"You make a great other."

"I'm the only Pumpkin Prince!"

"Where is Jack?"

"It's payback time brat!"

"He's ready."

The Training of Dimensions

Friendship knows no bounds.