Here I am again. With another max ride song fic. The song is " The Kids Aren't All Right" by the Offspring. So here I go. It's from Fang's POV. And he is reminiscing about a song.

Fragile lives

I sat in my one room apartment. I could barely pay the rent with my wages. I was a radio host. I'm 18 now. It's been 3 years since the flock disbanded. Earlier, I heard a song on the station. I don't know the title. But I know the lyrics. It seems to relate to me greatly.

When we were young our future was so bright!

The old neighborhood was so alive!

And every kid on the whole damn street,

Was gonna make it big and not be beat.

Well, the flock were young. And we were happy. Sort of. We were defiantly alive. More alive than anyone has ever been. We wanted to take down the school. That was big to us.

Now the neighborhoods cracked and torn.

The kids are grown up but their lives are worn

How can one little street,

Swallow so many lives!!

We split apart. Iggy and Nudge had left to get married. Angel had died in the storm on the school. Gazzy disappeared shortly afterwards. Max and I traveled together for a while. But one day I woke up and she was gone. In her place was a note. It's on my nightstand. Oh well whatever.

Chances blown!

Nothings free!

Longing for what used to be!

Still it's hard

Hard to see

Fragile lives, Shattered Dreams.

Well, chances blown is a start. We blew our chance to kill Jeb. We almost had him. But he shot angel and then himself. Nothings free, the cost of the destruction of the school was angel dieing and the flock separating. I want what I used to have. Max.

My life is fragile because I can barely stand to live now. Shattered dreams. Max. I wanted to be more then friends with her. Yet another blown chance. And the rest of the song is unknown to me. I lie on the bed for another minute. Then I get up. And walk out on to the street. I head towards the church where the flock stayed the first time we were in New York. I walk in. there in the first row, is a person. The only one in the church. Her head is bowed, as in some silent prayer to God. Longing for something.

"Max?" I whisper quietly.

The head shot up. The woman whirled around. It was Max.

"F-Fang?" She stuttered. "Is it you?"

" Yes, its me." I say

In a rush, she runs at me and hugs me. She grabs my hand, turns it into a fist and puts it on top of hers. We smile. And hug again.

Back at the apartment…..

The note:


I can't explain in word why I have to leave. I just do. I have to find the others. But I might fail. I love you. In 3 years, meet me at the church where we stayed that time in New York.


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