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I remember when I first talked to Edward. He was in three of the same clubs with me, so I saw him at least three times a week. The first time I talked to him, though, was at a Scholar Bowl meeting. We weren't on the same team, but the Varsity and Jr. Varsity teams met at the same time, mostly because the majority of our questions were close enough, and anything they didn't know, we taught them.

Except Edward was a different case. He always knew every answer. He couldn't always make it to the buzzer first, but whenever he hit it he was right. Unfortunately, I couldn't say the same thing about myself. One day I was sitting alone after practice trying to figure out an answer that on of my teammates had quizzed me on. I thought I was the only one left, but apparently, I wasn't. I had nearly given up, my head in my arms in near-defeat, when I sensed someone looking over my shoulder. Before I even opened my eyes, he said cockily, "That's easy, you must be a total idiot."

I sat up and gave him 'the look'; the look of 'that-was-not-the-right-thing-to-say'. He grabbed my paper and slapped it down next to me, taking a seat. He scratched something onto the paper and slipped it back to me.

Now I'm not stupid, okay? I'm actually pretty smart. I'm tied at the top of my class. But this kid, this… Edward Elric, was amazing. He was… abnormal. I looked down at the paper and then back him.

"Are you serious?" I gaped, making the words out somehow, "it's so… obvious! God, I'm such an idiot!"

He laughed, "Yeah, you are. Anyone could have gotten that."

I put my heads back down into my arms, "yeah, anyone but me…"

There was a bit of silence before he spoke again. "So, you're on the Varsity team?"

I raised my head, "Yeah. I'm usually on top of my game, but today…"

He finally smiled at me, "Well, I know how that is. Sometimes you're just braindead, huh?"

"Yeah," I replied, "you're really smart, though, and I've never seen you mess up before. I think I'm gonna recommend you for Varsity, unless, you know, you don't want to."

"Really?" He grinned, "aw that'd be awesome! You'd really do that for me? You don't even know me."

"Yeah, the team would be ecstatic to add a member as smart as you, and I'm sure you could use more of a challenge anyhow. You're definitely smart enough to get off the JV team."

"Hell yes I am!" He grinned excitedly. "Thanks…uh…" he gave me an embarrassed look, "…what's your name? Sorry, I don't know."

"I'm Roy Mustang," I said, smiling at him, "you?"

"Edward," he smiled, but then quickly added, "Elric."

"How old are you, Edward?" His name felt weird coming from my mouth for some reason. "You a sophomore?"

"Freshman," he said, smiling real big for some reason.

"You look kinda small, though," I teased, a smile playing on my lips. I took my fingers and made a real small distance between them, holding them up in comparison to him.

"Who are you calling small, you stupid bastard?" He growled, "I'm gonna—"he was interrupted by a melodic song from his pocket. "Agh… my phone."

He dug his hand in to said pocket and retrieved a cell phone, flipping it open and putting it to his ear as he turned from Roy. Roy smiled contently, feeling as if the insult he had given had been forgotten, and therefore, he had won.

"Yes dad, I know that it's late… I told you I had practice." He took the phone from his ear and winced. After a few seconds he put it back, "Look, we went overtime and I was helping someone with a problem, and then I had to talk to a senior about being put on the Varsity team." He paused for a minute, "Yes, I do have time for Scholar Bowl. The only other things I'm in are Mathletes and Photography! …I'll be home at the same time, this was just one instance. Aren't you even proud that I'm smart enough to be on the Varsity team as a Freshman? …I know it's not a sport, but I don't want to be in a sport!" There was a bit of silence from him and then he sighed, "Look, I'll be home in twenty minutes, okay? Bye." He groaned once more, turned around, and gave me a look. "I really hate my foster dad… a lot."

"That's unfortunate." I smiled at him.

"Well, I'm gonna go, I better start walking now or I'll never get home in twenty minutes." He grabbed his backpack off the ground and turned around, "See you later, Roy."

"Yeah." I smiled after him until he left the room, and only then did I realize that I could have offered him a ride. I shrugged and grabbed my stuff leaving the room. Adding Edward to the team would definitely be interesting.


The team was definitely happy to add Edward to the team, because they had actually been discussing him for the past week anyway. The last step had been to ask me, the team captain, and since I had come up with it myself, the deal was basically done.

After he was added to the team, we were now talking all the time, because he realized I was in clubs with him other than Scholar Bowl. I don't think I really realized I was falling for him until the day I learned about his foster dad. On that day, I had gotten to school extra early to start filling in my college applications. I wandered out of the guidance office, early by what must have been one and a half hours, hoping to find one familiar face. There were, at most, about twenty people wandering through the school, teachers included. I decided to get some breakfast and so I headed for the cafeteria. That's when I saw Edward.

He was sort of hunched over and limping, but I simply thought he was doing this because he was tired and dragging his feet. I picked up my speed and caught up to him. When I reached him, I tapped him on the shoulder and at the touch he flinched and smacked my finger away. He turned around and then I noticed there was something wrong. He had a bruise right under his right eye and his cheeks were tear-stained. I was speechless, all I could get out was, "…Edward?"

He stopped walking and slowly turned to me, looking like he was ready to cry, or yell at me, I couldn't decide which. "What… what happened?"

He looked at me and then turned away from me and started walking away. "I… I tripped, I'm fine."

Raising an eyebrow, I could tell he was lying, "Really, you tripped? It sure doesn't look like it."

"Why don't you screw off, Roy?" His voice cracked as he tried to shout. "I don't need you hounding me about whether or not I tripped, I'm fine. Why don't you leave me alone?"

"Because I know you're lying. What really happened? Did you get in a fight with someone; did someone hit you or something?"

"I'm not lying about anything!" He whipped around, "Why do you even think that?"

"Because, Edward," I said calmly, trying to keep him quiet, "I can tell you've been crying. Your eyes are bloodshot, there are dried tears on your face, and you look like you're about to cry." I took a daring step towards him. "You aren't fine. What happened to you?"

He looked at me for a moment and the bit his bottom lip and looked away. "What do you care? No one's ever cared before."

Putting my hands on his shoulders, I gave him my warmest smile, "Tell me, I want to help you. Look, I can make sure you are fine and then your teacher won't send you to the nurse. All you have to do is tell me what's wrong. Now tell me."

He hung his head and murmured, "Er… alright… But not here." I released him and smiled, a signal for him to lead the way. He turned around and led me into an empty classroom. He shut the door and locked it. "Look, you have to promise me that before I tell you any of this that you won't tell anyone. You can't tell a teacher, a friend, or your parents or anything. It's a secret."

"Okay, okay," I assured him, "Lips definitely sealed."

"This bruise is from… from my foster dad."

"What?" I stood up from the table I was sitting on. "That's ridiculous, I'm gonna—"

"NO!" He snapped, "Lips sealed, remember? You can't tell anyone."

"But… why?" I asked, "I can't understand why you would wanna stay. Why don't you get out of there?"

"It's because I like it here," he said, voice barely audible. "It started about a month after I moved here, when school started. I joined some clubs and he got mad because he said I needed to get home earlier to do my homework and be with him. Then he started accusing me of smoking pot and having sex, which I'm obviously not doing. He eventually got so dependent on all these things he was making up that he started letting out all his anger from me and from work all out of me. Sometimes I won't even do anything and he'll do something."

"But that still doesn't explain why you're still here…"

"I had considered leaving," He continued, hardly noticing my comment, "I had planned to tell child services, but then… then we became friends." He flushed, "You see, before I knew you, I didn't really have any good friends. You're the best I've got. I don't want to leave again," he said, his voice cracking, his eyes welling up with tears, "I've been in so many homes since I was ten. I miss my brother. The stupid foster agency took me away from him and I only get to call him every so often because my father doesn't like him so much. I don't want to have to move away and try to make new friends again because honestly, I don't think I'm going to find someone like you."

"Edward…" I murmured sympathetically.

"Please don't tell anyone," He said, a tear rolling down his cheek, "I don't want to leave again, please." He grabbed my shirtfront and cried into my chest. I eventually put my arms around him and let him cry.

I realized right then how cute he really was, how great he really was. "I don't want you to leave either, Edward." Reluctantly, I added, "your secret is safe with me."


After that day I don't think there was a time—other than during class time—when he wasn't by my side. Constantly he found me in the hallway and grabbed my arm, not letting go until I (forcibly) walked him to class. He ate lunch with me every day, so eventually it was just he and I. He even started coming to my house. At first it was rare. He would come maybe once a month. Then it started to be once a week. Soon he'd be at my house at least twice a week, enjoying dinner with my family, who surprisingly loved him. As promised, I told no one about his bruises. I convinced my mother that Edward was involved in soccer so he had bruises from getting hit all the time.

I'm not quite sure when we actually became a couple. He had been clinging to me so much that a few of my friends had even assumed that we were dating. He even grabbed my arm when we walked so one day I just leaned down and kissed him. When he didn't push away I figured he didn't care. That might have been it. One day I heard him talking to someone about it and he talked about us dating so I assumed we were. Now, three years later, the promise still stands. Edward still lives in town, going to the same high school that we went to together. Of course, now I'm in college, living on my own. The moment I moved in he was there. He had helped me move in and then he was over there every night for the next week. Now he comes over at least three times a week, usually including every weekend. I don't mind at all. I'll do anything to get him out of that house.

Over the years, I've really developed some strong feelings for him, otherwise why would I still be going out with him? I mean, I'm a college student; I should be with older women…

…but I'm not. I think I might even love Edward. He's amazing. At first I might have fallen for him simply because I felt pity for him, but as much as I've been around him, I've discovered how beautiful, interesting, and simply fantastic he is. There isn't a moment where I don't want to be around him. Edward comes over and cooks for me and complains about how school is boring, how he wishes I were there. He talks about how lucky I am to be in college.

Oh yeah, we've never had sex. Edward is still a virgin. The first time when we had come close to, he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me off of him. He told me, "No. I'm not going to, not until I get out of High School and out of my foster dad's custody." That was all. He never told me why, but I assumed it was because of his father, because he didn't want him to hit him anymore. I don't know, but like I respect his wish for me not to tell about his dad, I keep my hands to myself when it comes to sex.

I'm really very happy with Edward, and that's why when he came home that night, I had to do something. I had to get him from that home. Too bad it was too late.


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