Sands of Time
By: Neko-Chibi-Faithkitty

By: Neko-Chibi-Faithkitty

Summery: Yami discovers that an evil wizard is destroying the souls of the people of Egypt. Fearing that this vile creature is seeking the power of the Shadow Realms, he follows him back to a land with as much magical history as Egypt. There he discovers that this new threat doesn't want the Pharaoh's ancient power…he wants the Spirit's very life.

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Author's Note: This is just a note to tell you that I'm abandoning this story… PSYCH! Sorry that was mean of me. I'm sorry this has taken beyond a long time. No, I'm not going to just abandon it, however, I have had a lot of people ask me if they can finish it. I don't mind if you write your own versions of it, but just be sure and tell people where to find the first half of the story, and you might also tell them which chapter your story starts in or they may end up very confused as I continue to (wince) slowly update. Also, I just wanted to give you guys a heads up. In this chapter I again attempt to use Japanese. Now, I have to beg forgiveness because it has been a VERY long time since I even attempted to conquer the Japanese language, and I cheated and used a translator for some of the more complex sentences, so if I botched it, I apologize in advance. If you know the correct phrases I would love to know so I can correct any mistakes I may have made. Also, I use a very old word for torches in this chapter. I understand that the word has changed in meaning since Shakespeare used it, but I wanted the feel it gave the phrasing. Please, let's all pretend we're sort of mature (I say sort of because I have to admit the phraseology can be funny) but I don't want to hear any ugly complaints because the English language has changed over the last three hundred years. Finally, I'm not putting review replies at the end of this chapter because two years' worth of reviews is a lot of reviews. But even without the replies, thank you to everyone who did review, and I'll try to start replying again next chapter, provided I can get it up in a more timely manner… Like in less than two years… I'm going to go hide from the rotten fruit now… ENJOY!

Chapter 26: Bitter Fruit

Marik frowned at his oldest friends. "Yugi," he said slowly, "I know we were planning to wait until the students could be moved, but do we still have time to wait?"

"No." The proud spirit sighed. "This wizard has attacked too many innocents already. You need full access to the Shadows if we are truly going to fight for our people."

The tall Medji nodded. "Will you be alright?" He asked Jou and Honda.

The brunette nodded, glancing at his friend. "Yeah." Jou agreed. "My Flame swordsman grabbed me from da station. I still got my gun on me." He smiled with a small thumbs up.

"Thank you." Yami smiled sadly as he stood. "Be careful, and don't hesitate to go for your decks." He glanced at his general. "I've already found a safe place."

Marik licked his lips nervously. "I trust you." He said softly gesturing for the more powerful duelist to lead the way.

Yami glanced one last time at his perfectly mortal friends before he strode quickly from the hospital wing with his general precisely two steps behind. "Where are we going?" Marik asked once they were out of earshot.

The Pharaoh smiled tiredly. "One good thing about their magic is that it's convenient. They have a room here that is always exactly what you need, as long as you know what you need."

"We could go to the Shadows." The Medji offered quietly.

"No." Yami vetoed. He paused to study the taller blonde. "Marik, your soul is much more intact than either ours or the thief's, but it is still broken. You aren't the proper reincarnation that your sister or Shada or even Seto is. You may not remember Khemet, but the memories are there, and they are very damning."

"I know." Marik growled in frustration. "But-"

"But I don't want the Shadows to be able to force your hand a second time." He said firmly. "Marik, you are important to us, to both of us. It would destroy my akhu light if anything were to hurt you, even your own memories."

"Hai, Kunshu-sama. Yes, my lord." Marik smiled sadly. "Demo, daro omoidasumasu. But, I will remember."

Yami nodded. "Hai.Yes." He agreed in the same tongue before switching back to English. "But we can make the memories less potent." The ancient spirit easily led the way through the corridors of the ancient castle until they stood before a large painting of a wizard using his wand to conduct several dancing trolls in tutus. "This should be it." He smiled reassuringly. "Let's just hope the room's not occupied at the moment."

The violet eyed blonde watched as his Pharaoh strode to the end of the hallway, closed his eyes, and marched back the way they had come. When he reached the bend in the corridor he turned and marched right back to his starting point. Then, he turned and started back again.

"Yami?" Marik spoke curiously.

Yami smiled, and as he passed Marik a third time, the wall across from the painting began to shift molding itself into a door. At his Medji's startled cry he came back quickly and the dark door opened just enough for the two of them to slip through. Marik blinked as the forbidding door thundered closed behind them, bolts and locks falling into place to keep it closed.

The darkness was fractured by the sputtering fagots that lined the walls and illuminated the great stone pillars that supported the room. Two soft yet simple beds stood in the center side by side. The first was perfectly normal, but shackles lay tauntingly at each corner of the second bed, making the tall Medji glance nervously to his Pharaoh. "Just a precaution." Yami promised. "I'll not use them unless I must."

Marik nodded and continued his examination of the room. On a small cart lay bandages and other surgical implements that he desperately did not want to think about.

"I'm sorry I won't be able to give you anything for the pain." The ancient spirit apologized. "But I did study some medicine in college. I can at least make it less painful for you than it was for Crawford."

Again Marik nodded. Let's just get this over with." He said hoarsely. "Before one of us comes to our senses." Yami nodded, moving to the cart as the violet eyed man lay down on the second bed. "Yugi?" He said, suddenly afraid.

For a moment crimson eyes bled into amethyst. "Don't worry." The light soul said sadly. "We won't leave you, no matter what."


Ryou blinked as he stumbled the last few broken steps to the Dark God's resting place. "Wha-?" The young man started, but stopped when he noticed the awkward bundle he carried. Glancing around the dark passage he clutched the bundle tighter and turned back toward the faint light of the entrance. "This had better not be what I think it is." He muttered to his sleeping yami. Careful to step only where the layers of dust were disturbed, he followed the dark spirit's footsteps back until he had enough light to see what he held. Gently he set the bundle down in the dust and pulled the thin sting holding the fabric closed. "Please do not let this be the Karakuri Ningyo. I just got permission to display them…"

The dark fabric fell away revealing three frighteningly lifelike dolls. "Definitely not the Karakuri Ningyo." He frowned down at his yami's gift. One by one he held the delicate figures up to the dim light trying to decide if he knew any of them. He frowned when he recognized a familiar shade of red hair. "Oh dear." He frowned. "I am sorry, Mr. Weasley. I'd ask you what happened, but you're a doll and I don't want to take you into the Shadows. That would be asking for trouble." His chocolate eyes wandered to the other two dolls. "I don't suppose you know who these two are?" Bill's glass eyes seemed to widen when Ryou turned his doll to face the other two. "Yes, then…"

He thought quietly for a moment. Then he mentally prodded at the darker half of his soul. /What? / The theif snapped tiredly.

/Sorry. / Ryou winced. /Who are they? / He asked softly.

/Trespassers. / Bakura snarled. /The dark one was on the camera from the townhouse. /

/The town house?/ The light asked. /What happened at the town house? /

Ryou felt the dark soul shy away from a stray thought before he answered. /The fools attacked the Pharaoh's bride. / He growled. /I can't protect you while I'm sleeping, I can't destroy them until the Pharaoh deals with them, and the redhead can keep you company. /

The almost albino considered the reply for a moment before he glanced back to the entrance of the hidden tomb. /Babura, please tell me we aren't where I think we are… /

/The ghosts will protect you while I rest. / the thief thought with lazy satisfaction. /Not even the Pharaoh can touch you here. /

Ryou glanced back down at the three dolls. "The good news is that I don't think he killed your bodies." He told them. "The bad news is I have no idea how to get us out of here."

A sudden tugging on his soul made Ryou blink. Then he smiled sadly. "Gomen, yami. Sorry, yami. Paro wa ore o hitsuyouda to omoimasu. I think the Pharaoh needs me." He ducked into his soul room, using it as a bridge to the Shadows to reach Yugi.

The three dolls seemed to shrink back from the infuriated thief who abruptly sat facing them, a snarl on his lips. "Baka! Idiot!" He growled furiously.


The castle exploded into Darkness, every light swiftly choked out as the living shadows consumed the corridors and rooms, swallowing the daylight that should have filled the ancient fortress. Students and professors alike shrank in fear as the oppressive dark reached them. Then the voices started… Women and children pleaded for their lives; men cursed and railed, threatening their captors. Each voice was cut off sharply in cries of agony that ended in inhuman that seemed to take monstrous form in the Dark.

Finally, and an old man's voice rose in praise. "Us-f au aa sent em ren-f pui Zorc! Mighty is he exceedingly and great of terror in his name that is Zorc! Untet-f henti he hem ren-f en Necrophades! He endureth forever and everlasting is his name of Necrophades! Anet hra-k suten suteniu neb nebu heq hequ oet taui em xat Atlantis! Homage to the king of kings, lord of lords prince of princes possessor of earth from the womb of Atlantis! Heq-nef taui! He rules all lands!" Suddenly the old man's voice died in a shriek of pain and hate that went on and on, unceasing in its agony.

McGonagall listened in horror unable to do more than fruitlessly cover her ears as her first year students did the same, her wand forgotten in one hand. Tears of stress and pain trailed down the children's faces as the anguish echoed in their souls. Then the Darkness was gone, replaced by a soft, warm, soothing light that chased it back through the corridors to the chamber it had emanated from.

A small innocent voice seemed to grow in the light, it's words foreign and unintelligible as the old man's had been, but filled with comfort as the old man's had been filled with a lust for power. "Nuk S-Sebeq Uaau sepsep Kekui. I am the Chosen One who lighteth the Darkness." A second voice joined the first, just as light, just as warm. "I-na er sepsep Kekiu sut het sep sun. I have come to lighten the Darkness, it is lightened doubly." Finally a third voice joined the chorus, its gentle tones shy and full of hope. "Sesep-na Kekiu sexer-na asemi tua-na amu Kekiu. I have lightened the Darkness, I have overthrown the destroyers, I have adored those who are in the Darkness." Together the three brilliant shades intoned the final chants of the prayer, the darkness fleeing in their wake. "Se-aha-na aakebi, amennu hrau-sen, bakai-sen. I have made to stand those who weep, who hid their faces, who had sunk down. Maa-sen ua ar ten… They looked upon me then… Nuk Akhu! I am Light!" As the last syllable died, so too did the Darkness, fading away like the memory of a night terror of dream-born monster, loosing it's power in the light of day.

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Inside the Room of Requirement Yugi watched as Marik lay still on the cot, his hands and feet bound to the bed. The flesh around his left eye was red and feverish from the abuse of removing his own eye and replacing it with the Millennium Item. The lean Japanese man glanced mournfully at the discarded violet organ that his yami had severed and removed. Blinking back tears he began chanting another Egyptian prayer soothing Marik's sleep. Even without all three hikari joining together the prayer was still potent against the Shadows the hid in the Medji's soul.

"Ikimashita ka? He went through with it?"

The smallest Item Holder turned to his lone priestess."Hai. Yes." He nodded. "Me ga ataeru koto ga
dekiru riten o shitteita
. He knew the advantage the Eye could give us."

"Hai Paro. Yes my Pharaoh." Ishizu inclined her head in acceptance. She moved to the table and picked up a thick roll of gauze. Silently and methodically she began to bandage the wound around the golden eye. "Mana to hanashita. I spoke to Mana." She said after a moment. "Anzu no kizu wa, gendai no maho ni yotte tsukura reta. Anzu's wounds were made by modern magic. Gendai maho wa karera o iyasu hitsuyo ga arimasu. Modern magic must heal them. Mahoutsukai kara chiryo o ukete kudasi. Seek a cure from the wizards.Mitsuketaru Shadow
Realm de Anzu-chan ni sore ateru
. When you find it, give it to her in the Shadow Realm. Iyatsu hitsuyo. This should heal her."

"Shikashi, mahoutsukai wa, chiryo-ho o shirimasen. But, the wizards don't know the cure." He frowned.

"Shojo o chiryo suru. Treat the symptoms." She told him firmly. "Ototo o tori, Yugi-sama no hanayome to onaji heya ni kare o oku. Take my brother and put in him in the room with your bride. Dekirudakehayaku Anzu-chan
to ototo no sewa o shimasu
. I will take care of them both as soon as I can. Haka ni kansuru chokurei o setsumei no tame ni, Ejiputo no hanashi o. I need to talk to the Egyptian government to explain your sudden edict concerning the tombs."

"So desu. True." He agreed. "Arigatou, Ishizu. Thank you Ishizu."

Then she was gone.

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AN: The Egyptian in this chapter is straight from the Book of the Dead. The only thing I changed was the names so that it would fit in the story better. I hope you all liked! Also, I apologize for any grammar/spelling mistakes. I posted this almost as soon as I finished typing and I didn't go over it as thoroughly as I would have liked to since it's been so very long since I updated. Sorry if it's a bit short, but it's better than nothing, ne? Again, I am still working on it, and thank you to the reviewers who mentions Season 0 of Yu-Gi-Oh. You have no idea how long I looked for that season, and seeing it for the first time gave me a bit of inspiration to start writing again. ;)

P.S. A ginormous humongous incredible thank you to the reviewer who corrected my Japanese. Like I said, I haven't ued what little I know in years and unfortunately I know more words than I do grammar. In fact, I have been told on more than ne occasion that my Japanese grammar sucks. :'( Lol. I'm afraid I'm too used to English where I can embellish to my heart's content and pronouns are perfectly acceptale. So, thank you, and if anyone sees any other mistakes please let me know so I can fix them asap! ;)